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Tim KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO ? cclioeTlIIeIcwsof'the rcalTulcrrBcnlto Mussolini. It appears that one' of the great problems regarding The Kentucky Kernel the future peace of the world lies In the dynamic figure of "II Ducc." The last Italian parliamentary elections removed the Inst vestige of popular, free government, leaving him In control of one of the recognized world powers. His convictions about nationalism and his belief In the necessity for large armed forces arc dogmas, nineteenth century In character, which caused the political upheaval In 1914. If his policy did not Involve the rest of the world, It would be a matter of little concern. But the ever- lncreaslng population which his nationalism demands must ultimately require Italy to expand her territory. And there Is little probability that the peace of the world would prevent the premier from employing his "defensive" forces to realize his ambitions. Cornell Dally Sun. The Kentucky Kernel is the official newspaper of the students and alumni of the University of Kentucky. Published every Friday throughout the college year by the student body of the Unlvcrsltv. MEMBER K. I. P. A. Subscription One Dollar and Fifty Cents a Year-F- ive Cents a Copy. Entered at Lexington Post-ofllns second class mall matter. SUMMEK SESSION MARGARET CUNDIFF Editor-in-Chi- -- 0 REPORTERS Hazel Baucom Pat Rankin C. D. Hughes LITERARY SECTION Percy H. Landrum I -- 0 BUSINESS MANAGER MARGARET CUNDIFF, Editor Roy H. Owsley Phones 6802 - University 74 Circulation Manager RUSSELL E. LUTES THE SMILE Sometimes I see on a mother's face A beautiful smile, And I think that surely It is divine. But then again The cynic smiles, And I behold The devil's handiwork. SUMMER SCHOOL There has been quite a bit of comment by the younger students attending the University on the drabness of the campus during the Summer Session. activities to speak No athletics, no of. Unbearable to many boys and girls who are used to the excitement and social life of the winter semesters. However, to n good number of the students constituting the summer enrollment, summer school Is a most welcome way to spend a vacation. Here Is a chance to get back Into college life for those who teach all winter. Also work may be taken on higher degrees, and consequently higher salaries may be commanded by those who receive them. And secretly, the very people who complain about going to classes In hot weather arc glad to get the opportunity to obtain extra credits toward ANON. THE POET He came as a song unbidden From afar, we knew not where. Somewhere his story was hidden But we were too vain to care. He moved In a world of beauty And with ears attuned he heard Notes of heavenly music In the song of a forest bird. The gray trees told him stories That we mortals could never know And we often wondered why he gazed So long at the sunset glow. A MENACE TO PEACE ' my: While the world in general was hopefully watching the attempts being made at Geneva to find a satisfactory basis for the reduction of armaments, a note of dissent was heard from Italy. King Victor Emanuel in his address at the opening of the twenty-eight- h Italian parliament said, "As attempts so far tried" to bring about disarmament "have had no success, it is the duty of the state from now on to take measures for defense to render the mother country powerful, and therefore respected." The King spoke these words, but the King like all others in Italy merely His life was a melody sublime But we were too dull to know it. We were of the earth and common clay Arid he was a deathless poet. VIRGIL LEON STURGILL. Music, Stage and Screen Here we are back after a short lapse Into obscurity last week. No, wo dldn t have n sunstroke, nor were we completely annihilated by the heat. The reason that there wasn't any column will have to remain a dark secret. We promise It won't happen again. Our campus is beginning to bring forth a lot of talent along the stage line. With the Stroller leading lady planning to follow the call of the boards; two Sigma Nus In Hollywood: two PI Kaps on the show boat and another Kentucky man actually taking a good part In a talking picture, things seem to be on the up and up for our side. Ben All Sunday For the picture coming to the Ben All Sunday, Fox Movietone "The Black Watch," starring mir nld fnvorlto. Mletor McLaclcn. we forgive him some of the terrible things he has d6ne lately, such as "Strong Boy." Unforgettable Is this homely man's role in "What Price Glory," and at last he Is getting back into form. Also David Tor-renwho was also given a bad part In "Strong Boy," has a chance to redeem himself In this picture. Unusual Myrna Loy has the best and most suitable characterization since "The Thief of Bagdad" and plays Yasmanl to perfection. Equally pleasing In their own parts are David Rollins, Roy D'Arcy, Cyril Chadwlck and Walter Long. Just forget the mediocrity of some past performances and see "The Black Watch." You will regain a high respect for McLaglen. Stage Stars In Strand Picture William Fox's talkie, "Pleasure Crazed," has a cast practically unknown to devotees of the movies, but well known to the stage. They are quite capable of taking the roles given them in preference to the old hands at the moving picture game, and show why actors are leaving on every train from the Great White Way, destined for Hollywood. Although the name and parts of the story speak against this picture (we never gave a hang what the idle rich idled about anyway) It is worth seeing for some excellent lines. There's a polo game and show. Current Attractions Ben All Pathe's "The Office Scandal," gives us a new respect Phyllis Haver. A story of the for newspaper ofllccs which pleases us Immediately. And you can't afford to miss Raymond Hatton. Soft voiced Bill Boyd Strand cuts a swathe as "The Flying Fool" with the aid of Marie Prevost, who Is about the only thing we don't like In the picture. Watch young Russell Gleason for a real REQUESTED TO OBEY RULES The fire department and traffic department of the city are making a survey of the campus, according to M. J. Crutcher, superintendent of buildings and grounds. Some satisfactory plan of traffic handling will soon be worked out, but at present students are requested to be particularly careful and observant of the parking rules of the Univer. sity. Barney Miller's Radio UN AIM TODAY-PHY- LLIS HAVER RAYMOND HATTON LESLIE FENTON THE SPORTSMAN'S STORE DISTRIBUTORS Reach, Wright & Ditson Athletic Equipment Fishing Tackle, Golf, Thermos Jugs, Auto Seat Covers, Dog Haberdashery, Cutlery, Knit Wear, Radios and Radio Equipment, Lockwood Outboard Motors Tennis Rackets Restrung by Experts Golf Clubs Repaired. 222 EAST MAIN ST. Phones Ashland 34003401 State Theatre Bldg. Lniversity Commons First Summer Term, wumtm MEAL 6:45 8:00 11:1512:45 5:00 630 Lunch Dinner BOYD MARIE PREVOST 1929 HOURS Breakfast TODAY-WILL- IAM in "THE FLYING HOURS SODA FOUNTAIN 9:00 A. M. 6:00 P.M. McVey Hall SUNDAY "PLEASURE CRAZED" THIRD FLOOR In EAT Sporting Goods 222 EAST MAIN ST. FOOL" Judge: Speeding, were you? Ten dollars fine. Collegiate: Sure thing. Can you change a twenty? Judge: Nope. Twenty dollars fine. Summer Students! Kentucky Sunday An Intriguing story is "The Gam biers," which comes to the Ken tucky Sunday. I will not reveal the piot, ior li is somcining new in uic way of talking pictures. H. B. Warner, formerly of the stage, has long been acc high In our rating since we saw him In "Silence." Again he scores in "The Gamblers," as well ns do George Fawcctt, who essays a new type of role, departing from the genial uncle character, and developing a hard-boile- d squint in tne corners of his eyes. Lois Wilson dresses the Ascend South Stairs to Commons "Office Scandal" A Talking Feature At The SUNDAY We Carry a Complete Line of FOUNTAIN "THE BLACK WATCH" METROPOLITAN PENS, PENCILS and SUPPLIES RESTAURANT Headquarters for University With The Leading Restaurant Books All Talking Melody Picture Open Day VICTOR McLAGLEN MYRNA LOY DAVID ROLLINS ROY D'ARCY and Night Campus Book Store ALWAYS YOU CAN FIND OR New Ford Plenty of space to park Best Ice Cream in town m Frozen - IN THE NIGHTIME Chrysler 4';' , ' IN THE DAYTIME RENT A WELCOME r AFTER THE DANCE STUDENTS McVEY HALL Health ' AFTER THE SHOW m We cater to the University Trade m Everything in fountain service Delicious, satisfying sandwiches With prompt and courteous service, besides No Deposit Required From ! Students i c o There's a world of health in ice cream and that is why you never tire of it. A great scientist once said, "We live not upon what we eat, but upon what we digest." Ice cream, in addition to being a food of great nutritional value, is one of the most easily digested. Our ice cream is the only brand made in this city undor the Heathized method of freezing in a atmosphere which insures greater purity and flavor. Eat our ice cream every day. It is easily the moat popular dish of all. ENJOY flavor-intensifyi- tiffin wjnN ICE M M E R C ng CREAM Made With Blue Grass Cream Ml I A L I i AT , The FREEZER EAST MAIN AT WALTON RENT-A-CA- R CO. 133 E. SHORT Phone 3145 As long as the Search Light is in the sky we are open