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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, August 2, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAUE FOUR We take this opportunity to thank the students who have been here all summer for their patronage and to invite those here for the second summer term to make use of our services. SUITS of Mohair, Etc., Dry Cleaned for n LADIES' FURNISHINGS ALWAYS The Studio Students Viewed by 3,000,000 Prefer Many Sec Valuable Collection in Jefferson Memorial Lecturer: "And now, gentlemen, I wish to tax your memory." Worth $500,000 DEACON'S 165 MARKET ST. Village New York City" ST. LOUIS. Although more thnn two years hnvc elapsed since Col. Chnrles A. Lindbergh completed his transatlantic hop from New York to Paris, 3,000,000 persons have viewed his various collections, according to secretary of the Jefferson Memorial here where the trophies of "Llndy" valued at $500,000 are on exhibition. Visitors still are everyday viewing the colonel's prizes. In 1927 1,500,000 persons visited the Memorial and an equal number viewed the trophies since then. Depending on the weather, it is said average totals from the week-da- y 750 to 1,000. On Sundays and holidays the attendance is from 6,000 to 10,000. Many persons have returned time after time to see the trophies. School bodies from high schools in Iowa, Missouri and Illinois have also seen the trophies. Delegates to conventions which are held here always visit the Memorial on their visits. In the visitors book are signao, tures of people from Shanghai, Moscow, Paris, London, Berlin, Canal Zone and Czechoslovakia. Also In the book appear signatures of persons from almost every state in the Union. Among the most noted is the name of Orville Wright, one of the fathers of aviation. ALL MAKES Typewriters for Rent STANDARD WEST SHORT ST. Opp. Courthouse r Phone 1792 University Shoe Shop Our Work and Prices Always Keep Us Busy M. A. MANGIONE Cor. HIGH and LIME & CO. Member of the audience: "Good Heavens, has Itcome to that!" Campus Massaged With Beauty Cream Says Kernel Scribe the arboretum garden and will cooperate with the University on Its i completion. , "Monkey Hollow," has been drained, cleaned, and partially filled by orders of Dean F. Paul Anderson. Next to "Monkey Hollow" the $10,-0greenhouse, to be used for heating and ventilating experiments, is complete. Across from the Administration at the corner of Upper and Scott streets the $300,000 Education building is raising its nose to hide forever the no man's land of cans and ordors. Two men's dormitories will be completed by the opening of school In September. Out on the University farm near the stock judging pavilion the $100,000 dairy products manufacturing building is taking shape. This building should be completed before the first of next year. The Men's gymnasium has been provided with separate open- - R. W. SMOCK Shoes for the Entire Watch Your Watch Careful Watch and Clock Repairing that he could "Yes, his idea was beat the train to the crossing." "Did he get across?" "Well, yes, he will as soon as the monument maker has finished." Family W. MAIN STREET Work caUed for and delivered PHONE 7638 157 S. LIME Summer Students Look Your Best Come to Us for Your We While on Your Vacation will greatly appreciate the comfort made possible by a Perfect Permanent Wave Taylor Tire Co. $5.00 Shampoo and Finger Wave Included SILVERTOWN TIRES and TUBES Shampoo and Marcel Complete Tire, Battery and Brake Service $1.25 ROAD SERVICE Nell Osborne Beauty Shop 346 E. Main St. Phone Ashland 3931 Fourth Floor, Embry & Co. Phone Ashland 7725 Always at Your Service Let Us Clean Your LINEN SUITS 2- 3- PIECE SUITS - PIECE 2 or Washed 75c Washed $1.00 SUITS Dry Cleaned $1.00 SUITS CALL ASHLAND 210 Cropper's Laundry (Incorporated) HAIRCUT or BOB Serve to Satisfy 75c - 1550 You (Continued From Page One) Same Thing Father: "I hope you are not at the foot of the class." Jimmy: "No, father; I'm about at the ankle!" G. R. Kinney Co. 145 Phones Ashland 621 RECEIVE SPECIAL' ATTENTION lngs for each and every man who ty member of the Rotary club to No Good for Credit to see the Wildcat teams win. plain what has happened to the "Smith is a man who keeps his When the majority of us return place where the University stood word." to Lexington next fall we will need last June. "Never!" "Yes, no one will ever take it." Lindbergh Trophies Special Rates to Students for "CLEANERS THAT .SATISFY" 212 South Lime "Formerly of Greenwich Cleaned in the right way and well pressed BECKER Tropical Worsted, Palm Beach Cloth, WASH SUITS 146 N. UPPER Students Barber Shop J. T. SHUCK, Proprietor Maxwell and Lime Let Us Provide You With Give Us a Try Good, Wholesome Sweets The Lindy Barber Shop "' and Refreshing Cold Drinks. For Service OB HI Dandee Candy Shoppe WE MAKE 7 V S 1 Expert Bobbing by WESLEY OSBORNE WE SELL EVERYTHING 106 Walnut St. Just Around the Corner From Lime on Main Call for Appts. Phone Ashland 9138 ALSO CLEANING The With a Deposit of $2.00 We Will Lend You a Camera FILMS Agfa - Ansco The Film for Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy Days Your money will be refunded upon return of camera in same condition All Sizes for All Cameras and Kodaks SODA FOUNTAIN Cool and Refreshing Drinks Home Made SANDWICHES DIXIE ICE CREAM Incorporated LEXINGTON, KY. 104 E. Maxwell St. Prescriptions Carefully Compounded Shave Mint-Jule- p BRISK MACK DRUG CO. Phone Ashland 910 and PRESSING The New and Different Shavinc Cream as when loaned. Visit Our Separate Booth for Ladies For smart men who want a smart appearance and no smart with their shave. We Carry A Complete Line of DRUGS, SUNDRIES and Toilet Goods FREE DELIVERY SERVICE The Lafayette Hotel Takes this opportunity to thank the students and faculty of the University for their patronage during the past year, and extend to them a most cordial invitation to make the Lafayette off campus -- headquarters for the coming year.' It will be our pleasure to serve any one con- - nected with the University. ANTI SKEETER Keeps Mosquitos Away Electrical Supplies FANS CURLING IRONS TOASTERS HOT PLATES FLAT IRONS HEATING PADS LAMPS TRY NEW - MIX The Guaranteed Tooth Paste Cleans, Protects, Whitens LEN SHOUSE, Jr., Manager.