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8 > Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Trigg County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

'2' i AMERICAN RED CROSS, TRIGG COUNTY CHAPTER, (AmoricanNationa1 Rod Cross), 1 c/o Pollard Uhito, Cadiz. Foundod 1917. Chairman, Pollard hhito. Tolo- phono 102. Socrotary, John Doll Mason, Cadiz. Tcrms cxpirc Hovcmbor, g 1945. I V ' Mcmborship; 450. Qualifications, opcn to porsons intorcstod in tho Rod Cross and subscription of ono dollar or moro annually, _ Committoos; Sowing, Hrs. H. G. Wadlingtong nod Cross; Mfs. Alfred Cunningham; First gid, MaryGrintor Whito, all of Cadiz, ~ Purposo; Emorgoncy roliof in timo of disastor or catastrophe; sorvico . and aid for tho mon of tho U. S. Afmod Forces and thoir familics, .Norma1 Civic Activities; Coo*oration with Trirr Count` wolfaro andi _______ ___ __ ,___ _ ____ ___ __ ______________ &JL) Health Dopartnonts; civic and charitablo organizations. C Dof2nsoiActivitios; Engagod in'Sowing and Proparation of Surgical a P Drossings, Rod Cross nssistanco, _ _ Local Publications; Hono; A 1 P A I CADIZ MAGAZINE CLUB (Stato and National Dodoration of Uomons Clubs), g c/o Mrs. John M._Lowis, Cadiz. Foundod 1911. Prosidcnt, Mrs. G. P. U Q Thomas, Box 225, Cadiz. Tolophono 514U. bocrctary, Mrs. John U, Lowis, Q To1ophonc6U. Torms oxpiro hay, 1945. - J 5 Membership; 14. Qualifications, roprosontativc womon approvcd by E unanimous votc. _ { Committoas; Hono. 1 1 , Purposo; ~Cu1tural improvomont and to fostor groator sociability among _ tho mombors of tho club. - Normal Civic nctivitios; Boautification`of court houso yard, Dofonso Aytivitios; lono roportod. ; Local Publications; Nono. V FREE AUD ACCEPTED MASONS, CADIZ LCDGE}12l (Grand Lodgoof Kentucky F. E A. r.), Iasonio Hall, Cadiz. Foundcd 1841. lhstor, Josso R. ` ` Jatkins, Cadiz. Tclcphono; Bank 108. Soorotary, A. T. Banistor, Cadiz. 1 Tolophono 151. Tarms oxpiro Dcconqor, 1945. Q Momborship; 92. Qualifications opon to whito males of 21 years of ago and ovcr, aocoptablo to tho mombors. Committoos: Nono. m