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[9] > Image [9] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1973-11-dec11.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-2- 3. DR. WARD PRESENTS DISTINGUISHED PROFESSOR LECTURE The Distinguished Professor Lecture by English Professor William S. Ward was presented Thursday. In the lecture, entitled "Laying Bricks and Squaring a Circle: Wordsworth aInd Two of His Literary Friends," Dr. Ward said, "there has been extensive examnin- ation of the major writers, but neglect of a whole circle of lesser figures, friends, literary essays, diaries, letters and personal reminiscences." The Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor has been elected yearly since 1944 by secret ballot of members of the faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences. It is the highest honor the faculty be- stows on its members. By custom, the professor selected is relieved of his teaching duties for a semester to engage in research. Tradi- tionally, he prepares a lecture exhibiting the result of his inquiry. Dr. Ward, Cynthiana native and Georgetown College graduate, has graduate degrees from Harvard and Duke Universities. lie has been a member of the English department since 1930, serving as chairman, 1951-64. He is the author of four books on English literature of the early 19th century and numerous other published literary studies. 4. EMPLOYEE BUS USE IS BEING ENCOURAGED Mass transportation rapidly is becoming an attractive and neces- sary mode of travel around, to and from the campus. Beginning Dec. 1, when the old Lexington Transit Corporation be- came Lexington-Fayette County Transit Authority, a new fleet of air- conditioned, blue and white, 45-passenger buses began operating not only on campus but throughout the city. Joe Burch, director of public safety, said the Uni4versity re- quested its buses be blue and white, and officials at LexTran. decided to order the same color scheme on all buses. Burch said traffic and parking problems around the campus neces- sitated better and cheaper modes of mass transportation. "We are now parking 1,500 cars a day at no charge, in lots around Commonwealth Stadium," he said. "The current energy crisis has increased. our efforts." As soon as the new authority is settled into a routine operation, Burch expects talks will begin on scheduling more city buses to bring University employees to the campus. The campus buses will continue without a charge, the sameroutinq- - three on the regular campus runs and three on a shuttle run from Comimon- wealth Stadium to the center of campus. The markings are: "Stadium Shuttle," "Student Center," "Complex," and "Shawneetown." "We will have a special bus, featuring a hydraulic lift for handi- capped persons, but it will take time for the necessary equipmrCnt to he installed," Burch said.