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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, August 2, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

r m f Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE THREE twwuumwwmmtttffltttfflmtttffltfflit PPlflUAT n iMjMImULli i is P fAIIDQE uULl vUUliljt high ueyoni) eucmd THERE'S A REASON why patrons of our miniature golf course always return. The location of the course, away from the noise and dust of heavy traffic, coupled with the fact that our carpet greens are always in good con-ea: : : : : dition, make it the most popular in town. ALSO, TRY OUR NEW DRIVING RANGE st nmnmmmumramttmttwwmtwtttmmmwmwttmntwwtmtttwttm KAPPA DELTA PI MEETS There will be a meeting of Knppa Delta Pi', honorary education fraternity, in room 202 of the Education building, today at 4 p. m. All members arc urged to be present, as the meeting Is very Important. 1CHLER, FLORIST, lnc 417 E. Maxwell St. Phone Ashland 1419 "Leave your order with Miss Carrie Bean, our agent, at the Book-Stor- e or Post Office." W. W. STILL Films Kodaks 'en to4j fet 'em tomorrow 192 W. Short, Lexington Bring EXPERT TAILORING Just Across the Campus Dry Gleaning, Altering, Repairing and Pressing Suits Made to Order Gents Furnishings Give Us a trial 561 South Limestone Phone Clay 818 tory situations and one in which fined to a few set styles, and does sailors were shown to a not fit the wide variety of pictures. Tho rlnss sinrtrpsts Mint, a rftnrm In The Investigation also showed i advertising would benefit both the Motion pictures shown in Greeley, that advertising of pictures is con-- 1 theatre and the public. Colo., arc, as a rule, "finely portrayed and highly commendable," according to an investigation made 5 by a sociology class under the diW. O. Blnnewles rection of g the sociologyDr. department, at Colo-of MISS HAZEL BAUCOM, m Phone Ashland M74-- Y rado Teachers College. Each picture shown during the month tttm:mmmmt:m:tmmt:wmmmmwwmn:;mn:nni;:m;mm mm working was seen by three people, independently, each checking various points of the picture on a prepared sheet. The marking, of i Bonnln-Itest24 course, was subjective, but Is of the The following announcements, I type unconsciously done by a movrebeautifully engraved, have been ing picture audience. ceived in Lexington: As a result of the study, the class Mr, and Mrs. L. S. Bonnln SODA reports, seven of the thirty-tw- o announce the marriage of their films reviewed were historical, Ave daughter musical comedy, three tragedy, Ave Ruth drama, seven comedy, two musical to romance, and three mystery plays. James Raymond Hester All were built around love scenes. Lieutenant United States Marine Of the leading characters, 92 were Corps men and only 53 women. Thursday, July 24 In noting the separate scenes the One thousand, nine hundred thirty class found that drinking scenes Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 304 They are of were predominant Enclosed were cards: two kinds, those depicting the old At Home barroom scene, and others showing After August 12 9191 8262 drinking in homes. Hampton Roads, Virginia Lieutenant and Mrs. Hester Both In all 853 scenes were noted. They were University students, and were . are as follows: adultery, 1; bathwell known on the campus. Mrs. room, 2; courage, 68; drinking, 124; friendship, 68; gambling, 14 killHester was a rnmoer or tne Aipna Oamma Pelta sorority, a leading ing, 25. lady in "Square Crooks," for StrollKissing: between brother and sisers, was chosen a Kentucky Beauty, ter, 2; between husband and wife, and was regimental sponsor for the 37; between lovers, 55; between paR. O. T. C. unit. rents and child, 19. Lieutenant Hester was a member Loyalty: to country, 14; to friends, PI Kappa Alpha fraternity, of the 54; to home, 13; to Ideals, 21. Omlcron Delta Kappa, and presiLying and deceit, 67; night clubs, STARTS SUNDAY y, dent of the Men's Student Council 23; 22; nudity and in 1929. outwitting the law, 5; perseverance, 10; prison scenes, 10; racial hatred, Now Playing CHARLES BICKFORDm 51; sex triangles, Invitations Issued 2; RAQUEL TORRES The following invitations have fair, and it was beautifully deco- 16; social betterment, 2; speeding, B NILS ESTHER been received by friends in Lex- rated with summer flowers. 6; stealing, 3; suicide and threatenington: Mrs. Piatt, Miss Dorothy Gorham, ed suicide, 5; violent temper, 55; (personal), 59. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Ruttencutter Miss Margaret Cundlff, Miss Ruth violence request the honor of your presence Wehle and Miss Caroline Smith There were four scenes in which at the marriage of their daughter were In the receiving line. Delic- policemen were placed In deroga Rozana ious courses of salads, sandwiches, to iced punch, cakes and candles were Mr. George Edward Waples served to about fifty guests. on Thursday morning the twelfth of August Takes Special Coarse at six o'clock Miss Marietta Sparks, who will reShinkle Methodist Episcopal Church ceive a degree in home economics Covington, Kentucky from the University of Kentucky at Cards were enclosed:" the Summer Session CommenceAt Home ment in August, has gone to ColumAfter September first bus, Ohio, where she will take a Lexington, Kentucky special course in home economics at Miss Ruttencutter is a popular the Ohio State University, for the graduate of the University, being next Ave weeks. She plans to teach active in work at the Gulgnol in the high school at Somerset next theater. After a wedding trip they year. will return to Lexington to take an apartment at Sunny Hall, on Rose PERSONALS YOU and Maxwell streets. Professor and Mrs. Ezra Gillls have Alpha Gamma Tea as their guests their children and with Genuine Alemite Members of the Alpha Gamma grandchildren, Mrs. Cleo G. Hester Delta sorority entertained yester- and son, Bobby, and Mrs. A. W. Electric Guns day with an Informal tea for a Huckle and daughters. Misses ElizaExperienced Mechanics number of girls who will attend the beth and Sarah Huckle. University this fall. The liome of Judge and Mrs. Lyman Chalkley Mrs. Thomas Piatt on the Bethel and their son. Dr. Lyman Chalkley, pike was the scene of the lovely af- - of New York City, have returned to Lexington after a motor trip to French Lick Springs. Miss Hazel Baucom spent last week visiting friends and relatives We Specialize in at Junction City. Miss Phyllis Wendt, who underwent an operation for appendici tis at the Good Samaritan hospital In Cincinnati two weeks ago, is convalescing at her home In Newport. Miss Margaret Cundlff will acALL MAKES OF CARS company her mother, Mrs. M. G. Cundlff. to New York City for ten All Work Guaranteed days' trip. They will leave today. or Money Refunded Professor and Mrs. Louis Clifton and their daughter, Dorothy, have been visiting friends In Dry Ridge. Students Report on Quality of Movies firawwmffl:wwfflmmntwmwfflttwwwwwmmtn;:mtmwttt SOCIETY! Eat at the Wildcat Lair Married July LUNCHES FOUNTAIN SANDWICHES PROMPT DELIVERY South Limestone Phone Ashland "The" CORRECT APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND MISSES 264 West Main Street I SEA. II UN Alii n Jnr M; l Jl fiw ' cronia : nSSHv Joan Crawford 'Hi BLUSHING 0 J or 9 Your Auto "24 HOUR ROAD SERVICE" GOODRICH SILVERTOWNS TAYLOR TIRE COMPANY WASHED or LUBRICATED WHILE WAIT 75c LINEN SUITS Tar Removing Polishing Simonizing LIGHTNING Perfectly Laundered Our service of first removing stains such as grass, auto grease, etc., then careful laundering in cold water insures you perfect work LINEN SUITS KNICKERS ... DUCKS AVILL Miss Katherlne Davis and Miss Mary Withers Bowman, both graduates of the University, have been appointed to teach in the primary schools in Lexington this winter. 75c 35c 25c Phone 62 We allow 20 percent oft' on dry clean- ing to students living at Patterson, Boyd or Smith halls! AUTO WASH COMPANY Deweese and Main Sts. Lexington, Ky. Here They Are 1 Ltws stone I Now Playing "THE KING OF JAZZ" I I fi in TONIGHT ! Last Times JACK OAKIE Starts Tomorrow eivtucku in "The Sap from Syracuse" Everything You Need in Lexington Laundry Co. ENGRAVINGS, TYPEWRITERS, NOTEBOOKS, PENS, PENCILS, DESK SETS, AND OTHER STUDENT ACCESSORIES Transylvania Printing Co. (Incorporated) Near Fayette Bank J J ut N. Upper Street f TEACH HERE iMUIUUIUittUiiU UiiijjjuumuiMUim Uncle Sam ain't doin' so well with his fightin' and it looks like he's called on us to put an end to this MACK: ruction. 55 MOHAN: From now on it's "Anybody's War" and we're the headmen! i