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Image 7 of The State College cadet, vol. 8, no. 2, November 1897

Part of The State College cadet

» ` e _1 l THE C.-xrimt ::7 Y - Ghz Estate Goalege Gabet. . P“”éFii§,§}t?‘€&‘}§},§¤$ST .”‘§..i,Z¥?§$€E$$f§?{tE§i EEE?§£§§S$“li-$";.‘§§1ZI;‘i§‘£5f""° i A - T. L. Cl4.l[PBELL, Clinton, liv., Edifo1·-i11-Clzicll TV. H. SUGG, (;7iI1f?()II, Ky., Bz1.si11c.s.s J1z1u.·1g·c1·. ‘ 1 . A $p“<§oEi;?1idl€yi1ig`Ll»11, i;y.Q as dah mmer—k»r ir.é3eQ}3r{{idI§i§K l l § —— l The universal topic now discussed by pen and tongue, ` honored in song and story and celebrated by rich viands, l is our historic and national Thanksgiving. { As a free people, we should be thankful for thc past—· a past of resolute and determined founders, of wise and i conscientious statesmen and especially a past of con- { t servative, liberty—loving and God-tearing yeomanry. The stout-hearted conservative middle class of citizens generally is the bacl<—hone of any government, and we may well bc proud, yea and thankful, that our "middle *· class" embraces most all ol` the citizens ot the Re- ' public; we have {ew of the abjcctly poor and still fewer. of the enormously rich. By them was obtained all that freedom means. We I have received this great inheritance uiuliniinished, and shall we to-day sit with scllish hands and thanlaless ` heart in the radiant sunshine oi` all our attendant blessings? » It has been a source of regret to his teachers and ‘ many friends that Mr. Sugg, our former business man- — agcr, was compelled to return home on account of the