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8 > Image 8 of The State College cadet, vol. 8, no. 2, November 1897

Part of The State College cadet

E Fl il Ss 'l`l{Il CADET. * i A gl T -- . ill health of his father. Mr. Sugg was a senior in the all classical course and has been connected with THE CADET for more than a year. He was an eflicient business manager and THE CADET prospered under his manage ment. Mr. Sugg, before leaving, turned over the busi- ness interests of VFIIIC GADET to Mr. Rice, of , who is quite capable of pushing THE CADE? to a wider V fg . field of success. ` We desire to call the attention of students and faculty iii T to tl1e fact that the business firms of Lexington are E giving their liberal support to THE CADET and desire in { turn the patronage of the college and her friends. \Ve T kindly ask you to remember THE OADET to the firms with which you trade. . On account of certain financial obligations due the publishers and printers of THE CADET, the present issue is decreased in quantity, but we trust not in quality. Our Christmas CAni;*r will be the regular size and will appear in much better form than any heretofore. Sev- A eral cuts will add to its beauty. it The man who itches for fame is usually kept scratch- i A druukarrl is a man who commits suicide on the in- . stallnient plan. gg A test case is one that is brought to see how much the lawyers can rnake out of it. _ D A l i' Ar . i Ln K` tl