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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 22, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

y Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL riCHES I OIt THE I1EST MOVING - PiqTUKRS WITH THE SCKISKN' STRAND THEATRE orEW DAILY AM) SUNDAY 3 1 TO II I- M. AIWI.T8 27c Vl.VS 3c WAK TAX, TOTAL 30c ., - DR.McVEY SPEAKS AT K. E. A. MEETING Continued From Page 1. The Highway can not be carried to its final goal unless thero aro leadership, knowledge and vision. These are developed among tho population through tho process of higher education. , "In Kentucky wo are talking about a modern Highway. Wo have yet to select tho materials, survey the route and gather together the organization that shall work It out. Wo now need vision, leadership and a purpose. Vision and leadership can bo found. Purpose must be demonstrated thru the process of financial assistance or tho Highway can not bo built. In time, and I trust soon, Kentucky will begin to build hor Highway In earnest so tliaf tho youth of tho commonwealth may start at tho beginning and go to tho end uninterrupted on their journey by broken bridges or oducatlonal washouts In tho Highway." BEN ALI THEATRE CHll.IHtKN 18c M.IW Se HAH TAX. TOTAL 20- c- I.KXINOTON'S AMU8KMKNT CKNTKR8 appears in tho K. E. A. number of tho TALKS TO ENGINEERS Georgo Puchta, former mayor of Cin- Southern School Journal. cinnati, delivered an address to tho Senior and Junior Engineers WednesTho Strollers aro In receipt of tho day morning at 11 o'clock. Martha McCluro, who has been ill following letter of appreciation from for the past two weeks at her homo on Marcus C .Rodwlnc, of tho Klwanis "Tho Progress of Scientific Educa- tho Harrodsburg pike, hns resumed her Club, Winchester: tion," an artlclo by Dr. James J. Tlgert, classes at tho Unlvorslty. "Just a word to congratulate The Strollers and cntlro cast who performed hero last night. Thr JUSTRIGHT TAILORING play was excellently put on. Tho acting by every character was APPEALS TO COLLEGE MEN superb. The scenory was exquisite. Winchester will long reThere's snap and pep to the styles of our Tailored to member the splendid talent sent hero by tho University of KenMeasure Suits and Overcoats tucky. Our people will give a royal welcome to Tho Strollers in tho future. "With best wishes and tho highest appreciation of all our "WE FIT YOU" people, we are, "Yours sincorely, "Marcus C. Redwine." Dues to the Alumni Association, ?2 n year, Includo subscription ho Alumni Directory. Address Herbert Graham, University of Kentucky, Lexington Class of '97 . John Scott, a Major of Infantry, Is with tho General Staff at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Class of '07. iDon Pedro Branson. 1s a Captain of tho lCth Infantry station! at Camp Dlx, N. J. Mrs. Alice L. Crawley Branson has two little plrls, and says they will attend tho University some day. Class of '00. Arthur Van Lester is a member of the firm of tho Industrial Building Co., 757 Reibold Bldg., Dayton, Ohio. Class of '10. 9arroll G. Taylor now lives at 1& West 91st Street, New York City. Class of '11. Benjamin M. Smarr has charge of the specifications and records of the General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich., and resides at 2557 West Grand Boulevard. B. D. Williams, Jr., is manager of tho Williams Coal Co., Manniington, Ky. ' Class of '17. Vaught Mills Is superintendent of schools at Bellevuo, Ky., .and lives at 304 Taylor Avenue. - H. C. Smiser, with G. A. Bisler, Inc., resides at 17 LTandaff Road, Llanerch, v Pa. Class of '18. John W. Cooper Is manager of the St. Louis office of the Buffalo Forge Co., with offices in the Chemical Bldg. St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. Li. H. Bauer, Jr., nee Lola Kers will now lives at 1309 Morton Avenue Louisville, Ky. iConstantine Nicholoff' is with tho Anchor Cap and Closure" Corporation Long Island, N. Y. He lives at 531 E 167th Street, Bronx, N. Y. Class of '19. Liouis Keusca is owner and man ager of the Golden Rod Orchards, Ya klma, Washington. Address, Box 10G R. R. No. 8. Miss Floris Whittinghlll is a teacher of history and English in the Public school at Antelope, Montana. Class of '20. Miss Katharine F. Bell is a teacher of Home Economics at Ithe Owensboro High School. A. Jj. Stephens is a county road en gineer at Burlington, Ky. Miss Hannah S. Weakley is a teach er of Home Economics In the Public schools of Louisville, Ky. J. A. Wesson is with tho Extension Division of V. P. I. and the U. S. De-- , partmot.of Agriculture at Charlotte Court House, Va. Miss Mina F. White is principal of the High School at Blackford, Ky. John Douglass wood is an electrician with tho Arizona Power Co., at Pres- cott, Arizona. Fifty-eigalumni of tho iTJniverslty of Kentucky attended the annual din ner of tho New York Alumni Club last - TUB IIEST ORCIIESTItA MUSIC, "VISIT" Congratulatory Letter Received by Strollers Alumni Notes to Tho Kernel mid 3ec'y-Trcas- and - 8TAIt8 AND ORKATKST woek at the Jlotel Annex. Dean Thomas R. Coopor was tho guest of honor and tho chief speaker at tho meeting., A loader of tho club after commenting on tho enthusiasm among alumni in ithe East said "Dean Coopor camo to us an entire stranger and loft with everyone one hundred per .cent for him." Funds will bo raised this year to a member of the next graduating class to .attend tho annuai dinner in 1922, which will become an annual custom. The representative of tho seniors will be elected by the class. Officers of the New York club elected at tho meeting last week; are Howard P. Ingols, '05 president; Reuben T. Taylor, '15, vice president and James T. Lowe, '12 secretary-treasurePAY JUNIOR CLASS r. at Justright Tailoring Co. DUES NOW! HEAR YEI HEAR YEI Good Service Better Prices Best Food CAN YOU BEAT THAT COMBINATION NORTHWESTERM NORTHWESTERN University Lunch Room UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL (The Oldest Law School In Chicago) Summer Session from Monday, June 20 to Saturday, August 20. Fall term begins Monday, September Our Service 2C. Candidates for a degree aro required to present proof of satisfactory completion of three years of college study WILL ENABLE YOU TO DRESS WELL AT AT A SMALL COST College graduates may complete the law course in three academic yars (27 months) ; for all others four academic years (36 months) is required. For bulletins and detailed information, address Secretary of the Law School, Northwestern University Building, 31 West Lake Street, Chicago, 111. Lexington Laundry Co. Dry Cleaning HUGHES' School of Dancing PHONE 62 139 E. Main ROBT. MITCHELL University Rep- - Phoenix Hotel" Mrs. Hughes' University Dancing Class meets Buy a Memory Booh on Tuesday evenings instead of Friday University Dance Saturday Evenings BMHMBSBVHMsHHBMHBi SMITH'S ORCHESTRA And put in all your Dance Programmes, Etc., You Are Saving. PENNANTS, BANNERS, FRAT PAPER CALLOWAY'S rMHHHHHHBssBVHBsl University Book Store BASEBALL SUPPLIES, SWEATERS, KODAKS DEVELOPING 46 West Main AND PRINTING Street 4, BASEMENT MAIN BUILDING Lexington, Kentucky BENCKART & FOTSCH, Proprietors. Eagle Barber Shop PERSONAL SERVICE to see that It Is always the endeavor of our officers and employees you receive personal attention to your Individual requirement! 107 SOUTH First-Clas- whether the business being transacted is of large or small volume. acOur facilities are always at the disposal of your friends and quaintances. THEFAYETTE NATIONAL BANK LEXINGTON, KY. s LIMESTONE STREET Work Guaranteed Opposite the Phoenix Hotel. Lexington, Kentucky; UNCLE CHARLIE IS BACK AT A NEW PLACE He Has no Successor. V. 529 SOUTH LIMESTONE Come and See Him ''