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31 > Image 31 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 23 (1949-1950)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

V GENERAL INFORMATION 27 3. Official information (as detailed as possible) about any specialized military training for which he wishes to seek college credit. Such the information may be covered in a Separation Form, letters from mili- erv- tary authorities, a report from the Armed Forces Institute, or on USAFI Form No. 47 (Revised). nary . 4. A Certificate of Eligibility and Entitlement, Public Law 346, or a ded. ; letter indicating eligibility under Public Law 16. (No payment for stu- subsistence may be made until a certificate has been filed with the to a . University. The veteran should obtain his certificate from the Vct- s or erans Administration as soon as possible after discharge from mili- ;s or tary service.) . iital. 5. Sufficient funds to provide subsistence for two months. Credit for Training Taken While in Military Service With the exception noted below respecting military science, the Unl- Gmfl versity of Kentucky does not grant blanket credit for military service. midi- Any credit allowed will be granted on the basis of demonstrated proficiency 3ff in a particular subject or subjects. { ad- The Army Specialized Training Program. This program was offered at the University of Kentucky and all courses have been evaluated in terms of equivalent University courses and have been assigned credit values. Credit rang- from other accredited institutions for courses taken in the ASTP will be ding, accepted on transfer, provided that the amount in any particular course shing does not exceed the amount allowed by the University of Kentucky. ill D8 The Engincers Specialist School. This school was operated at the i3B University of Kentucky from September, 1942, to September, 1943, as a this branch of the Engineers School at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Course equiva- 5 fh lents have been determined and credit values have been assigned. 3 Wm ESMWT Courses. Defense and war training courses in engineering, science, and management were offered at the University of Kentucky ifica- without credit. No credit is to be allowed for these courses. Courses Taken at Other Institutions. As indicated above, the veteran `5 OY may transfer to the University of Kentucky credit earned in military . training courses at other institutions, provided that for any course offered niza- at the University of Kentucky the credit will not be in excess of that allowed here. Credit for training programs not offered at the University of Ken- mm? l tucky (Navy V12, etc.) will be accepted on transfer from other fully ac- credited institutions. Generally speaking, the amount allowed will be that recommended by the other institution. However, the University reserves the right to re-evaluate such credits, particularly when the amount assigned res az varies greatly from general practice. Credit in Military Service. Any veteran who has had three months ies tc cr more of military service may receive credit for the Universitys two- ` year elementary course in Military Science, or such part of it he has not iously . already completed. Arm? Credit for Other Types of Military Training. Credit for specialized Omg ( training taken in other than accredited educational institutions will be 2Eg;$` allowed only on the basis of demonstrated proficiency in a. particular sub-