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74 > Image 74 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 23 (1949-1950)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

70 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY PROFESSIONAL CURRICULUM IN LIBRARY SCIENCE - UNDERGRADUATE COURSES Course No, Title C1`S gf 101a-d Independent Work 1-4 bb 110 The Library in the School 3 121 Introduction to Library Work 3 Y0 127a, b Books and Related Materials for Children and Young People 6 Of 129 Cataloging and Classification 3 133a, b Reference and Bibliography 5 139 Library Practice 3 145 Organization of Library Materials 3 3 152 Book Selection 3 Sh Educ.186 Visual Teaching 3 1 e: GRADUATE COURSES Course No. Title Crs. OL 212 The Public Library 2 L 214 The College and University Library 2 O 227 Reading for Young People 2 gg 229 Advanced Cataloging and Classification 4 t 232 Library Work with Children 4 E 233 Subject Bibliography 3 235 Government Publications 2 242 History of Books 2 le: 250 Adult Reading Guidance 3 hc 252 Advanced Book Selection 4 254 St minar 2 IBI me MATHEMATICS AND ASTRONOMY f_ 1< The Department of Mathematics and Astronomy serves a twofold va purpose. First: It provides courses to fit the needs of other departments be and colleges. The Department shapes its courses to prepare the student th for his work in agriculture, bacteriology, chemistry, economics, engineering, sp physics, etc. Second: 'Ihe Department provides courses for those special- izing in mathematics. The high school teacher and the college teacher nn find courses for their respective needs. The Mathematics library is one of the best in the South. It contains _ Of several thousand volumes and a number of bound volumes of mathemati- ck cal and astronomical journals, bulletins, and magazines. Wl The Department gives work leading to the degrees of A.B., BS., MA., M.S., and Ph.D. { 0 Astronomy. A non-mathematical course in Descriptive Astronomy is offered. Other courses offered from time to time are of a practical and mathematical nature. mf The University has a small observatory equipped with an eight-inch S? telescope and other instruments. Occasional meetings are held at the ob- th servatory to give the student an opportunity to view the more interesting Cl celestial objects. 0 MILITARY SCIENCE AND fm THE RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS . . _ _ Y mr The University- of Kentucky maintains a Unit of the Senior divisicli L? of the Reserve Officers Training Corps in conformity with the provisions Wk of the National Defense Act of 1916, as amended. `