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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 78, no. 4, Winter 2007

Part of Kentucky alumnus

This 2007-2008 freshman class of 3,922 students is among UKs The number of women on the UK campus who feel very safe most diverse and accomplished. Enrollment of African-American has doubled in the last three years. Thats one ofthe more signih- freshmen this year is the second highest in the institutions history cant results of a groundbreaking study among 2,000 women on with 260 students, 6.6 percent of the freshman class. African- campus. Results of the V%men3 Spzfgr Study: 2004-200Z which American enrollment at UK also is up overall from 1,392 last year was conducted by the UK Center for Research on Violence to 1,419 this year, about 5.3 percent of all students. Against Women, indicate that 31.7 percent of women on the UK There also has been an increase in the average ACT score among campus say they feel very safe? compared to 16.4 percent of entering freshmen from 23.9 last year to 24.3 this year. The mid- women who felt that way in 2004. 50 range of ACT scores has moved from 21-26 last year to 22-27 Since 2004, an eight-point safety initiative has, among other for this years freshman class. things, expanded counseling and prevention programs through Overall UK enrollment is 26,625 students, down about 600 UK Womens Place (now named the Violence Intervention and from last year. In general, enrollment, particularly at the under- Prevention Center), increased police resources through additional graduate level, coincides with the projections set forth in the Top officers and a new training program, created a self-defense pro- 20 Business Plan. gram and formed the Presidents Womens Safety Advisory Coun- cil to evaluate the implementation of new programs and to make further recommendations. In all, more than $1.2 million was allo- cated in the year following release ofthe initial study to expand the eight-point initiative as well as other specihc safety initiatives, including additional lighting and a new safety path the CATS Mira Ball of Lexington is the path ( across campus. Hrst woman in the history of Carol]ordan, director ofthe UK Center for Research on Violence the University of Kentucky to Against Women, said, Every college and university campus in chair its Board of Trustees. In I _ America is challenged by the victimization of women students . . . response to making history as \What is important is that, rather than relying on national research or UKs Hrst Board of Trustees A general approaches, UK has taken the time and spent the consider- chairwoman, Ball said, I`m y 1"l if _ able resources necessary to study the issues here in-depth and then glad the time has come. Im ` E con1mitted to doing something about them through programs and very honored. solutions specihc to this campus and conm1unity Ball, who has served on the V board since 2004, is a UK Z \ alumna, chief Hnancial officer l {OI Ball Homes II1CiI1 Lcxing- Mlm Snider Ball received 8 d9Y I] Xtra Listen to comments by Carol Jordon mn) and A longtime CMC lcadcn in business education in 1956., keyword: Jordon ` ' I IC K 7 ';T,:.Q;iJQg}ggT . ; ,11 , I W = . V ` ~ C ,jJ'j,, J`; K2? / , JMS- ` _. `V r Y 5 . I 7 I ' V 4 i x wa! Nt/{ i ji c ,. . ..;:* { "$'~ s s A , W ~ ~ s ` R5, ' S l x' I 7 l T K ' if 5* ii at \( `A I 5;.,/ g e; .t ~ I S ,. _ TT . www.uka| 7