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The Kentucky Kernel, April 29, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available E9flFlB P The Kentucky Kernel VOL. X. "THE TO LEXINGTON. KY.. APRIL 29, J92I BE of MIsb frothy Stimson, Dean Women of Transylvania College, gave an Interesting talk aft the meeting of the y. W. C. A. at Patterson Hall last Sunday erentag. Her subject was She quoted "The Hltteric Jesus." from several books and brougth forth actual proof that a man named Jesus really lived on this earth wt one time. A solo by Miriam Stager added to the enjoyment of this 'ellghtful program. Bather Harris was the leader for the evening. IT PRESENTED LTTLI THE DEAN STIMSON SPEAKS CME" LAUGHING THEATftE Amusing Play Will Be Of- fered Next Tuesday Evening CURTAift RISES AT 8:15 Only One Performance Will Be Given , "Laugh and the world laughs irRI you j weep and you weep alone." See "The Laughing Cure" In the Little Theatre Tuesday evening and you will laugh until your sides literally hurst. Miss It with the knowledge that you are missing something and you will run Into a corner and weep. "The Laughing Cure" presents a psychological illustration of banishing 111 health. With a plot of simple yet as complete aB the four act drama with a complex setting, this playlet comes with a reputation of swaying its audiences into a continuous round of laughs and giggles. Played by the best talent in the University under the personal direction of Professor W. H. Mikesell this playlet will attempt to cure some of the grievances of a college audience. N Picture a woman in a'weak and enimlc condition under the personal care of a doctor. She has derived no benefit. There enters, from the psychological school a doctor with a disposition as happy as that of a child with an all- "day sucker in its mouth. EveKything changes. Mith creeps into every MISS COMELL'S SISTER DESERVED HONOR GIVEN Ohio State Young Woman Reelected President of Mortar Board Lilly Cromwell has Just returned from the biennial convention of Mortar Board which was held at Ohio State Columbus, Ohio, April 22 to 24. ThiB is a senior women's organization which for the highest in scholarship, lead-- 1 ership and service. Phi Beta Kappa is wrongly supposed to have the same standards, hut in fact only stands for scholarship. Mortar Board has chap ters in the largest universities ana "wherever established is outstanding among organizations on the campus. The program was: Friday morning Forum was held at the home of the president of the local chapter at which campus problems were discussed. This was followed by a delightful buffet luncheon. Saturday luncheon was held at the Lazarus Tea " Room and'was followed by a business Continued on Page 2. meeting. A 4 o'clock tea given by the alumnae of the Ohio State chapter in girl's dormiSTROLLERS TO PLAY IN Oxley Hall, 8one of the banquet was o'clock a tories. At held in the Maramor Tea Room and STERLING TONIGHT was followed by a business meeting Sunday a model initiation'was held at The conven- 7 o'clock In the morning. Will Be Guests Of Honor atpinn was closed with a breakfast at 8 MI, a Tea Given by Woman's y History Club N The Strollers will present "The Admirable Crichton" at the Tabb Theatre in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, tonight. Fifteen pieces of the University band will accompany the Strollers to 'air, Sterling. The company will leave Lexington on the C. & 0. train at 11:15 Friday morning. They will spend the night in Mt. Sterling, but will return on the early train Saturday morning in order to be on the campus In time for first hour classes Saturday. Friday afternoon the cast will be guests of honor at a tea to be given .by the Woman's History Club of Mt. Sterling. Friday night after the performance Burton Prewltt will, entertain the Strollers with a party at 'his home. '1 i OFFICIAL NOTipES - Friday, April 29. Baseball game Kentucky vs. Georgia, Stoll Field, 3:30 p. in. Society, Ar. Patterson Literary mory, 7 p. m. Mortar Board and Lamp and' Cross, honorary senior societies, hold pledging service--, fifth hour. Arbor Day, Saturday April 30. Baseball game, Kentucky vs. Georgia, Stoll Field, 2:30 p. m, Lamp and Cross dance, Lafayette Hotel. Sunday, May 1. Meeting of Y. M. C. A. and ,Y. W. C. A., Patt Hall, 6; 30 p m. , Tuesday, May 3. "The Slave with Two Faces." and "Laughing Curd" will be presented hn E4Jtlo Theatre at p. m. " WfNsWi8MvM , MEET POSTPONED v BOBBED HAIR Two alumni clubs launched in the last week and the big alumni dinner in Louisville at the K. E. A. indicate - other-petitio- Cooper i ns Will Pitch Afternoon This Georgia's Bull Dogs are here and will meet the Wildcats this afternoon, at 3:30 o'clock on Stoll Field, and tomorrow at 2:30 o'clock. Georgia has t K. E. A. Dinner Indicates Awakening of Interest In Alma Mater the reawakening of interest in the alma mater. The dlnnerat Louisville was the largest since the custom was inaugurated. One hundred alumni who are teaching in the State registered' at University headjuarters at the Seelbach. President Frank L. McVey and former president Henry S. Barker were principal speakers at the dinner. Leo J. president of the Louisville Alumni Club, presided. Tlwentytwo the alumni attended cl0( meeting at the Hotel Pittsburgh Miss Corne" s Slstep nonorea Chatham. H. S. Fry, '04, former presii IIO 111(151. UlljJUl LUlll. uyomcoo ui 'iuu dent of 'the club, was selected temconvention was the election of officers porary chairman until new officers are until the next convention which will elected at a meeting in May. be held at Swarthmore. Election of "Everyone present had something to officers was held only three months W. E. Freeman, '04, who (,say' writes as;o because some resigned and their nno nf tha lonflprs ffl thR mnVfi. places had to be filled, so many were uvarvnr,a av Miss Anne Corn'elT of Ohio '"TOfc "7"', reelected ' pressed u meting ui buubuiu'iiuu .wuu State was reelected president. She Is progress the University Is making the a sister to Miss Maybelle Cornell, head and all expressed a desire to do their of the Home Economics Department at part for the alma mater." Miss the University of Kentucky. Professor Freeman, E. C. Evans, '02, Wilharm of Minnesota was reGrace H. Lee Moor6, '11, and M. B. Porch, elected secretary., Miss iCtaire Strong, '04, were appointed a committee to arSwarthmore was" made treasurer and range The for the next meeting. Miss Marcella Moon. Ann Arbor, was Alumni Secretary was invited to be historian. v elected present then and briiig "the latest Two new chapters were installed, news from the firing line." one at University of Pennsylvania and Alumni at Lebanon, Ky., are planthe otherat the University of Indiana. ning a Kentucky Day at the local high were considered. school, May12, which will bo conFour Mortar Board has chapters at Cornell, cluded with a dinner at which the Swarthmore, Ohio State, Ann . Arbor. Senior class and the high school fac- Columbia. College. Mo., University of ulty will bo guests of the club. A Minnesota, University of Illinois, Uni- member of the University faculty will versity of Nebraska, Knox College, be the principal speaker at the high Wis., do Pauw University, and Universchool celebration and at the dinner sity of Kentucky. The chapter was in the evening. absorbing Staff established here in '20, James Castlefan Phillips ex '70, the and Crown, the local organization of oldest alumnus now living in Kentucky the samo standing. s is one of the most enthusiastic of the Lebanon club. A feature GET VICTORY MEDAL of their Inst meeting was his account ot thiwrs as they wero when Woodlnnd All University, men who took part In was the campus and the Munsons first the recent World War are entitled to graduates of the University, were a Victory Medal and may obtain ond studying under Professors Potor, Pat-b- y applying to Lieutenant Torrenco. tprson and Pickett. Mr. Phillips said would like to attend the Alumni Annlicatlon should be mado as soon ns nosslble us only a limited number of Reunion. Juno 14, and Is making his thosQ medals are on hand. plans with that In view. TODAYS GAME AT 3:30 A large and important painting, "The Blue of the Gulf Stream," by Waugh, which will be of particular Interest to I GAMES Georgians Have Not Been Defeated; Have Won 16 Games Times IN WEEK DOGS WITH THE WILDCATS Art Museum )pen To 'Faculty and Students at All the student body and citizens of BULL HERE FOR TWO BY ART DEPARTMENT ALUMNI CLUBS LAUNCB GEORGIA The track meet with the University of Cincinnati which was to be held last Wednesday afternoon, wasn't. Owing to the erratic weather, rain was expected and the night before the proposed eveirt Coach Buchheit phoned the team not to come. The contest will in all probability be held next Monday on Stoll Field if both parties agree, and the weather is willing. With a good track several records are looked forward to. 'that malady which was quite prevalent a year or so ago, has broken out again at Patt Hail. Those' who contracted the fever during the first epidemic are rather immune but those who, escaped the first' time are, now very susceptible. It cannot be learned who brought the germ back to the campus. The after effects of an attack of hairhobbing are somewhat like those of typhoid fever, sometimes it helps one and sometimes it doesn't. Sweet calm sedate little girls have been changed overnight into the regular "kock 'em cold" type. And some of the fair ones surely do wear a wicked frizz. But there is always the sad side the frizziss locks. Think of bobbing your hair and then for it not to frizz. One dear lassie, after shearing her beautiful tresses, cried all night, fearing what Mamma would say when she saw her little girl Let us hope, the epidemic is over. TWO No. 35 Tuesday-Frida- y Lex- ington .arrived this week and is now on view in the Art Museum, third floor, White Hall. This particular painting which the artist has loaned the Art Department through the courtesy of William Sawitsky of the Milch Gallery, Jsone of the canvasses of first importance in the permanent col- lection of the Pennsylvania Academy. It may be possible for the Depart- ment to secure this painting per-- , manently for the Art Museum here. There is one phase of American painting in which America is supreme; in many phases of painting we are compelled for the present to take second place to Europe, but the great critics of the world are practically unanimous in giving America highest place in marine painting. Such artists as the late Winslow Homer, Waugh, Dougherty and Reuterschal have no foreign peers. Mr, Sax states that he will soon be able to announce exhibitions of Cincinnati artists Which will be shown early in May. May 2 a most Interesting and unique exhibition of caricatures by the gifted William King, of the Louisville Herald, will be shown here. Mr. King's caricatures, while excrutiatlngly funny, are by no means of the cheap comic supplement variety. They are splendid examples of an important and little understood art. He does not make his aricatures merely ridiculous but he accentuates their human char- acterlstlcs much in the mapner of Mr. Barrie. Mr. Sax wishes that it be emphatically understood that at all times the Art Museum Is open to the faculty and student body, and hopes that they may not be deterred by the fact that there is 'a class in session. He also desires that they come In and watch the work of the advanced classes In art, as It may aid to a better appreciation for students to sea'tfaintlng in the process of production. the best bunch of ball tossers that has been around these parts this year and Kentucky will have to play an improved brand of baseball to win. But the Wildcats have come back, and it looks like they are liable to do'that thing this afternoon. Georgia has not forgotten a little basketball game played in Atlanta last winter and those Bull Dogs will try harder to beat the Wildcats than anybody they have met this season. Considering that Georgia has not lost a game that doesn't sound, well, for the home team, but don't forget the way Cooper slung that pill in the last two innings of Friday's game and the way the rest of the team hit the ball, Cooper is slated to get the call this afterpoon and McKinnej? wiil do th- eheaving tomorrow. Both of these boys had lots of stuff Friday and can be expected to give Kentucky a victory. 4 if pitching will win the game. The 4 team has begun to hit and if the field- ing tightens up a bty, well, look out. Georgia. 250 GIRL GYMNASTS TO EXHIBITION Field Day To Be Held on Stoll Field, Thursday; May 12 Do you want to see the biggest thing ever put on In Lexington, in a gymnastic way? If so, come to Stoll Field,( Thursday afternoon, May 12, and see Field Day exercises put on by two hundred and fifty girls In the Physical Education Department, directed by Miss Sarah Blandlng. There will be a Greek temple erected for the dances, marches, drills and apparatus work. The purpose of the gymnastic Field Day exhibit is to get the work before ithe people. Many people are coming. from out of town. No admission will be charged. The program follows: Part I. (a) March; (b) Gymnastic tactics; (c) English Country Dance;' (d) n Club Drill; (e) Apparatus. ,.' JL. Part II. Classic Dancing; (a) Fireflies; (b) Dawn Dance; (c) Moment Musical; (d) Blue Danube Waltz. ' j MRS. P. P. BOYD ENTERTAINS FOR ALPHA XI SORORITY Mrs. P. P. Boyd entertained at her homo In Waller avenue, Rhodes Ad- dition, Tuesday afternoon from 4 to o'clock, a tea In honor of Anna Jean Smith and Mary Hiirkleroad, brides-eleand tho members of XI chapter or Alpha XI Delta. During tho afternoon Virginia Boyd and Elizabeth Ellis delighted thoso present with piano soleotlons. A salad course was Borved. Helen McGurk, Virginia Boyd and Carolyn Smith assisted Mrs. Boyd In enter taining. The house was beautifully Frod Peters, '20, was a visitor on tha Dean Boyd Is, attending the conven decorated with spring (lowers and campus lnst Wednesday, Fred is tion of the deans of tho colleges ot potted plants. 8imorlnteinWnt of the Cloverpoi't arts and sciences lydd In -- Lincoln, , Nqhrnskn,.. April 2,tq May 2. schools at this timo. PAY JUNIOR CLASS DUES' NOW! mora-jbor- (5 ' - deli-clo- Postponed Ag. Meeting To Be Held Monday Night The regular meeting of the Ag. Society which was scheduled for Monday night, April 25, has been postponed' until next Monday night, May 2, at. 7:30 o'clock. The following program will bo rendered: "Corn Root Rot," R. E, Davis; "The Future of Home- Economics In Kentucky," Mrs. D. Y. Dunn; "Commercial Clubs," R. McAlptn; "A Summer in the Western Wheat Fields." Geo. Spurlin. All Ag. students nre cordially in vlted to attend. PAY JUNIOR DUES NOW