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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 29, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy W THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. - J Z THE KENTUCKY KERNEL i.- Military News ThP nfTlclal public nllon of the MUilrntn Mil the Alumni Amoelntlon of the VnlvorMty By Katherlne Conroy of Kentucky. Publlnhul every TuemlnV anil Frldiy ilurlnu tho cpUeglate year. Fourteen cadets have signified their attending tho IL 0. T. C. for tho Intention of hold nt Camp .editorial policy of the papcrj the ktannglnit summer enmp to be Knox .from June 16 to July 28. Eight editor for the new policy. of these men are enrolled in tho adEntered an neconil clans matter at the vanced course of military science, Lexington, Kentucky. 'The la reoponelbls Kdltor-ln-ch- poatofflce, son na a diligent lovor, and Henrietta Rogers aB a flip stenographer. J, L. Hays and W. K. Berrynian play other minor roles that aro, as' necessary to the plot as the whining woman. All the men arc members of tho Patterson Literary Society. ''The Laughing Cure" is one pf tho regular Little. Theatre presentations of the year. Tho performance Tuesday evening will start at 8:15 and will play for only one night. Tho Llttlo Theatre tickets will ho accepted. The general admission is fifty cents, but stiidents will bo admitted for the trifling sum of " ' Dean Slmrall recently returned from Washington whero she attended a conference of tho Association of Col legato Alumni nnrf tho Southern Association of Collego Women. This was a very momentous meeting as tho were amalgamated two associations Into tho American Association of University Woman. Women graduates of tho Univorslty of Kentucky, aro now eligible to membership in ithp The Sonior Class of Model High School, of the University, will prcsont "Tho Scaro Crow" ono of Percy most attractlvo plays at an early date. TryoutB aro now in full swing and Mr. Sax Is helping thorn In every way to put on n good production. 'g Greek Who do you let your soup , stand? It will got cold. Irishman (Watching parade com- - ' Ing down the street) I am waiting' for tho band to start up I like com- petition. which requires the attendance of at : least ono summer camp. Tho remain ing six nre in tho basic course. Their nWII.DINO JOUItNAI.ISM OFFICE attendance is voluntary. POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENT 4.J The advanced course men who will DONALD DINNING, '21 camp are: George J. attend tho summer OF nntl 4083 ihlrty-flve- . I'lionrt 2I17-V. Daumgarton, John II. Curry, Garland H. D. Davis, John H. Enlow, MANAOINO EDITOR GEORGE R. SMITH Edgar A. Gans, Edgar til. Gregg, Ger-aiPAY JUNIOR DUES NOW FRED K. AUGSBURG, '21 C. Swearlngen. Griffin, nnd Vola rhone 1057 and 2117-For the first time In tie history of the University of Kentucky oho ' , Those of the two year basic course of her graduates seeks thov office of Commonwealth's Attorney for Fay- who have volunteered aro: Homer L. YOU HAVE WRITTEN POEMS! NKWH KIHTOIt etto County. Carpenter, William D. House, Gould N. Do you care to have them revised or Dan Ilowmnr, .lr ' Porter, William Higdon, Owen Shark- constructively criticised by successful The University has not grown, In the past, with the. strides which authors? If you do, then send us your SrOHTINO EDITOR ey and George P. Taylor. or manuscrlps (stories, articles have marked the progress of many of her sister Institutions.' '"Ono Arthur Cameron, '21 poems). We will criticise, and place reason, for this has been due to the failure of our univorslty to ex- The results of the Competition Shoot them should they prove to be acceptASSOCIATE EDITORS hlbit a genuine interest and concern in the welfare of 'her graduates University April able for publication. which was held at the Herndon Evans. Margaret Smith, '22 an interest so strikingly noticeable in the" policies of other Instltu-- 1 There is no actual charge for our , MpRlbbon, '21 ComKatherlne 1, 22 and 25 are as follows: tlons In the state, whose graduates, 'In turn, havo striven for tho services. If, however, you have not pany B was the winner of the. competi- previously enrolled with the advisory upbuilding of their alma maters, but whose regard for the Univorslty of," REPORTERS with a total score of 84G. The department of this association, we reAdallne Mann. '22 Kolherlne Weakley, '21 tion , Kentucky is secondary. company and their in quest that you enclose the initial fee members of this Amanda Forkner, '22KathtTlno Herrlnc, '21 '22 179; of two dollars, which we must ask of ArthurHodges, '23 Zack Wheat, dividual scores are: Trusty, I assuro you that I have the interest of the University at heart, and There Is no Mule narho. '23 Baumgarten, 176; Erd, 1(53; Ginnachio, each new contributor. future obligaI request, and will greatly appreciate, the consideration and loyal supadditional expense, no v Norrls Royden, '24 168 and Sanders 160. The band and tion. port of university men and women,, and of the alumni. The resultsof p. m. class was second with a score of my candidacy, as I sincerely believe and intend, will accrue tojthe It must be realized that we can only, BUSINESS MANAGER TV" S35. Company A iwas third, score 831. be of aid to th6se of serious intent.' If J. Ilurtnn l'rewitt, '22 mutual advantage of us aU. you do mean to strive for literary sucCompany C did not finish. The highways. cess we can help you GEORGE R. SMITH, '15. MANAGER CIRCULATION est individual score was made by Our services are yours until we have Glenn Tinnier, '22 Heath of Company C with a total of actually succeeded in marketing at least one of your manuscripts. Send 181. ADVERTISING STAFF something today! Harold Wnltn, '22 Please enclose return postage with Colonel L. T. Richardson, of the your communications. COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 1921 Staff, Washington, will be at General NATIONAL LITERARY the University about .May 1, to Inspect ASSOCIATION DRY CLEANING ALTERATIONS 131 W. 39th St. the battalion, according to an anSENIOR CONCERNING New York .City nouncement made by Colonel George tone Phone 1550Y 152 South Lime DELINQUENTS Department Advisory The University of Ken"ln the last issue of the Kernel .there D. Freeman. C. unit on Is the sixth R. O. T. knnnpnrfifl the statement that the tucky A SHORTER V ii ounuuia korl nnf' nnld his tour of inspection. Among ..v of the others to be inspected some names oi an n I viu uuu are: SHORTHAND SYSTEM class duck would be published in the Cornell University, Peekskill Military IN, TEN EASY LESSONS . iu,issue oi i uesuuj, i.u , Academy, Detroit high schools, Cleve-. nvnw k o .( mi. rvenicii tni,no wo firct nnnof. land high schools, Ohio State Univerina rr This course covers ten easy lessons :'t'unity of correcting this misstatement, which will enable the Student, Professity and Purdue University. The portion of the article referred to sor, Journalist. Doctor, Lawyer or. anyprofessional career, to one seeking was admitted into the columns of this set aside go thru life a with 100 per cent efMonday, May 23, has been paper without the authority of proper FOR' -- officers". It was merely the publica by the Military Department as com- ficiency. petition will he held on Stoll Field, betion of the proceedings of a recent ginning at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. THIS COURSE AND 'Sonior class meeting, where they de- Js short and inexpensive, and1 is will pass in review be T .AaA unon thfi nubllcauon or me The battalion Edwin P. Morrow, if he given with a money back guarantee if fore Governor not satisfied. names of the delinquents in the Kernel accepts an invitation to be present. A SEND THIS CLIPPING TODAY KJ without asking permission of the prize of $65 will be given to the hest drilled company and a prize of $5 to PYRAMID PRESS: PUBLISHERS ; Sober second thought on tie part of 1416 Broadway, conclusively the best drilled cadet. nrove ' V11' students "wlu New York City. Jf that such drastic action on the part of Gentlemen: Enclosed herewith is MISS AMERICA "THE LAUGHING CURE" $5.00 for which kindly send me your kernel would be very unwise, the . TO BE PRESENTED shorthand .course in ten easy lesunprofessional. However . and MIDDY SUITS AND MIDDY BLOUSES sons by mail. It is understood 'that, coContinued From Page 1. L much we wish for success in the rat the end of five days, I am not ' lli lectins of Senior dues and however 'corner of the room. The glooms of ABOVE ALL satisfied my money will be gladly refunded. fniuch space we gladly donate to the many a day are chased away. The '. .. CHARM VALUE IN BEAUTY Seniors for notices and warnings wo orders are a good hearty laugh every Name . names of half hour for the suffering patient. fi" cannot agree to publish the Street thosewho do not pay. The use of tne Every character in the play laughs Campus bulletin boards has proven and before it is over every person in City and State incorporated very successful in aiding In eleventh the audience will he adding to a sea 1921 Ken- - of intensive laughter, Mrs. Hanson. hour collections for the tuckian and we suggest to the Senior the j woman who responds to the officers availability of this means of psychology of the doctor is portrayed ,' publicity. At any rate, the Kernel by Miss Mary Lyons. Mr. L. C. .n-- i t ui.n tit a llhnrtv nf ii Fielder as the doctor is the originator Vi..'iaMmr nnn it i RfiR subscribers of the unceaseless mirth. Mr. H. C. h 'the names of a few students who have, Neal plays the part of the unsuccessful We Have Lowbred Our Soda Prices to Conform With Reduction of Commodities Used. 'for good cause or bad, failed to meet physician. Miss Sue Chonault as a to their prissy madam with the air of an old THE QUALITY REMAINS THE SAME 'their personal obligations '. .Hass. maid keeps tfie balls of mirth rolling' In Our Soda Department We Have the Best Sanitary Service and Delicious Drinks. The All class treasurers and other of- with her ludicrious Intrusions. ficers have a good case against de- minor parts are played' by Mary Peter ' linquents and should by all means be MILK SHAKES 15c 2Cc EGG CHOCOLATE MAKE given courteous response when FOR LEAVE YOUR FILMS for collections. It displays a MALTED MILK 15c. OUR 20c EGG PHOSPHATE very poor class and school spirit to KODAK FINISHING refuse such a collector. UG STORE MILK CHOCOLATE . . . . . . .10cs' IN BOOK STORE, MAIN BLDQ. 20c EGG FLIP ..: Thus the Kernel makes this plea in ENLARGING of tho Senior Class and anbehalf OUR DRUG, ALL PHOSPHATES ..05c nounces that oven df his appeal to EGG LEMONADE .'....20c good it cannot Senior honor does no A. Mangione Matthew LIMEADE 05c be a party to tho publication of the EGG MALTED MILK ..20c ft names of delinquents. CHOCOLATE FUDGE Progressive Shoe Shop 20c FUDGE NUT 8UNDAE SUNDAE 15c trained picture of CapA handsome 140 S. LIMESTONE boon retain Ruben B. HutchcraCt has Lexington, Kentucky. cently hung in the Law Library at tho WAR TAX TO BE ADDED TO ABOVE PRICES Tinlvnraitv. Captain Hutchcraft, who EXCLUSIVE AGENTS FOR MISS HOLLADAY'S CANDY i ,.',..'o mAmiinr nf the Law Faculty be- T. ''fore tho war, was killed in the Argonno 'Forest six days before the armistice Haircut M a, ntimftfi. The picture was made 20 . of students who had Shave by subscriptions Phone 54 oen mombers of his classes oeioro 139 E. Main Street Basement war and had seen service in the the Lexington, Ky. army. Year 11.80 S cent Copy EniTOK-IN-ClIIK- F ' d . ' ....,'.', " ' ' .. " 'VI V P. B. RO BARDS -- YOU ARE WELCOME AT Si.'-'- Phoenix Fruit Store . -- FANCY FRUIT DELICATESSEN t. For The College Woman ' . ; " re J.D. PURCELL CO. Soda WaterGoing Down 5 1 ? . MARTIN'S BARBER SHOP GEO. Lexington Drug Company 1 ft u 'SlBBBBBBXil.r