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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 29, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available THE KENTUCKY' KERNEL FOR THK HKST MOVING riCTUKRfl MCTURKS STRAND THEATRE orRN OAII.Y AND SUNDAY a Jl P. K. TO ADULTS Sc CIIII.nRRN NOT ALL SUBSCRIBED . a 4 Class of '99. Carter C. Jott is with the Amorican Stool nntl "Wire Co., 'Frlck Annex, Pittsburgh, Pa. ,and la living at 73U;1 Itllewild street. Class of '01. ' ' Oarnett It. Klein, Is a heating engineer with the Alumlnwrt Co. ofAmor-Ica- , Pittsburgh, Pa. Class of '04. Madison B. Porch Is a chemist and plant pathologist with the H. J. Heinz Co., living at 545 Orchard avenue, s Bellevlue, Pa. l. Skillman Gry Is General Supertax tendent of the H. C. Fry Glaas Co., Rochester, Pa. A. L. Clothier was a visitor to the campus recently. Ho went Into the Income tax business for the government In 1913. He left the government work recently and Is now In tho same business for himself at 342 Madl3on avenue, New York City. ! Class of '08. Taylor Stewart Is with the G. Steam Equipment Mfg. Co, Jenkins Arcade Building, Pittsburgh, Pa. Address, G712 Thomas Boulevard. Class of '11. H. Lee Mooro Is an engineer with tho Buffalo Forge Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. "W. W. .Stevenson is an engineer with the Duquesne Light Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. Class of '12. Fred.S. Karns is a salesman and Is residing at 518 Dickson avenue, Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pa. ' Class of '13. tit. E. Mattlngly is with the Lebanon , Carriage and Implement Co., Lebanon, " ' ', Ky. Perry, an engineer, now Daniel W. living at 901 North avenue, Wllklns-,burPa., is with WJestlnghouse. ' Class of Mfc ' George W. Warwick is a mechanical engineer for the Armstrog Cork Co.,' .Alseclras, Spain. R '' Jas. W. O'Dell is teaching In a ness High iSchool at Pittsburgh, Pa. If 7. His address is 501 Borland street. Class of '17. Captain Montgomery J of Murray M. Artillery, U. is aArmy, in S. the Field ' camp ait Gatun, Canal Zone. " W. D. Sullivan is an engineer of physical tests at the Pittsburgh Tube Co., and is living at the Grand Hotel, Beaver Falls, Pa. . Nearly' $2O0 Promised By Students Has Not Been Collected Tho report has reached the University that the studcfvts of Europe are still suffering and there Is no food or clothes available except those purchased by tho other students of tho world. American colleges which were supposo to contribute $1,000,000 have, up 'to this time only given $300,000. s This means that of the students' that we are supposed to caro for until thoy can reap their crops, are today hungry and poorly ,clad. The University of Kentucky subscribed $759.35 to this causo and only $582.85 has been paid in to the committee. If you havo subscribed pay your subscription and it you have not subscribed, for the sake of humanity, give something to tho starving students. The children have been cared M.U8 2c WAR 1 millions given ontslde of tho colleges and university of America. The students must be rcl loved by those who realize the Importance of tho present student genoration In Europe. thlrty-thre- o . Llout. Joseph E. Terrence has recently been sent to the University of Kentucky by tho War Department to be; Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Lieutenant was graduated from the'Law Department of the University of Kentucky In 1916. Ho received his commission Jn the cavalry Just before, the war and was then transferred to tho 28th Infantry, First Division. He served overseas and was wounded In tho venture at Solssions. AisneMame After recovering from his wounds he returned home and wasretired from active service. Tor-renc- o 0?F THE KEEP GRASS TAX, TOTAL 20c LRXINOTON'8 Mr, Jesse Osborn who was a graduate assistant at tho University, in mathematics, last year, and who will receive his Masters Degree here in June, has been awardd a part tlmo JnBtructorship, at Cornell University for next year.' During the past year Mr. Osborn was an instructor in Pennsylvania State College. AMURKMRNT CRNTRR8 national Court of Justice," also- an articlo on "Judges and Advocates of byKontucky," former Lieutenant Oovornor McDennott of Kentucky. - There's snap and pep to the styles Measure Suits and Overcoats at of, our Tailored to ' a' Justright Tailoring Co. "WE FIT YOU" HEAR Hear yei Good Service YE! Best Food Better Prices CAN YOU BEAT THAT COMBINATION University Lunch Room "Dancing School Classes and Private Lessons Daily Wednesday and Saturday Nights POPULAR SAXOPHONE TRIO Phone or 5961 4503-- X Our Service . Busi-vkf- . Wm. D. McDouglo is NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL Lexington Laundry Co, Dry Cleaning .(The Oldest Law .School in Chicago) . Session from Monday, June 20 to Saturday, August 20. y ''less ', WILL ENABLE YOU TO DRESS WELL AT AT A SMALL COST NORTHWESTERM - an engineer Fall term begins Monday, September 26. Candidates for a degree are required to present proof of satisfactory completion of three years of college study. Clyde D. Harrison Is farming at Lebanon, Ky. It. M. Davis Is in the Marine Sales 'Electric and Mfg. Co., and is living at Department of the Westlnghouso 4l3 Pitt street, Wilklnsburg, Pa. Marlon G. Martin is a civil engineer with the Pittsburgh and West Virginia Railway, residing at 440 Wabash Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. ' Class of '19. . Frank Lancaster is with the Lebanon Oak Flooring Co., Lebanon, Ky. Class of '20. J. V. Daniel Is a division engineer .with .the B. & O. R. R., and is living at 401' B. & O. Station, Pittsburgh. Pa. Hi , MARRIAGES George E. Kelly, '14, was married, April 6, to Miss Francos Durham, of Lebanon, Ky. They are on their honeymoon now but will return to Lebanon to live, At tho meeting of tho Whito Mathematics Club on Wedn&sday afternoon, v .Mr. W, E. Payne gave a report on "Early Mathematical Manuscripts of ' Leibniz." These manuscripts wore written during tho latter part of tho , seventeenth century and show the be-I glnilings of tho Calculus. They wore discovered about 1856 in a secluded ' : place in tho Rdyal Library of Han. over and .wore put In book form. ' mm PHONE 62 139 E. Main ROBT. MITCHELL College graduates may complete the law, course in three academic yars (27 months); for all others four academic years (36 months) is " j&JJfc! required. . University Rep- - ' For bulletins, and detailed information, address Secretary of the 'Law School, Northwestern University Building, 31 West Lake 'Street, Chicago, 111,. with the Wegtinghouse. Electric and Mfg., Co. ,and 'is living at 413 Pitt street, "VVllklnsburg, Pa. Vi Buy a Memory book HUGHES' . , School ,of Dancing And put in all your Dance Programmes, Etc., You Are Saving. ,. PENNANTS, BANNERS, FRAT PAPER i Phoenix Hotel : Mrs. ; Hughe' University Dancing Class meets. on Tuesday evenings instead of University Friday Dance Saturday Evenings University Book Store 4 n BASEMENT MAIN BUILDING ,. ' SMITH'S ORCHESTRA BENCKART & FOTSCH, Proprietors. Eagle Barber Shop CALLOWAY'S 107 SOUTH Flrst-Clas- s LIMESTONE STREET Work Guaranteed Opposite the Phoenix HoUL Lexington, Kentucky BASEBALL SUPPLIES, SWEATERS, KODAKS DEVELOPING AND PRINTING, 46 West Main Street 'y Lexington, Kentucky ...if The Kentucky Law Journal which will bo issued next month will contain an articlo by Tollhu Root, on "Inter- JUSTRIGHT TAILORING APPEALS TO COLLEGE MEN Miss Spurr's Oppositt Phoenix Hotel MUSIC, "VISIT' BEN ALI THEATRE and 27c M.C8 3c WAR TAX, TOTAL a STUDENT RELIEF FUND for with tho . ALUMNI NOTES 1 TIIK RR8T ORCHRHTRA OltltATKST STARS) AND WITH THK HCRRRN'S UNCLE CHARLIE IS BACK AT A NEW PLACE He Has no Successor. 529 SOUTH LIMESTONE Cope and See Him ,