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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 29, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available THEKENTUCKY 4 i." STUDENT DEBATING AND TRACK KENTUCKY TOURNEY MAY 6 AND 7 SPEAKERS AT WILL kernel THE CADEN'DRUG COMPANY DEBATE REMEMBERED SUNDAY Y. Committee Maklni Plant; FraU Entertain Visitors M. MEET1HG to WESTERN STATE NORMAL An executive committee composed To Meet Bowling Green; of Professors S. A. Bolos and W. H. Subject to Be ImmiMikesell and Wellington Patrick, of gration tho Extension Bureau, are arranging the details of the high school tournaThe Western Kentucky State Norment to be held Friday and Saturday, One of the most Interesting May 6th and 7th. The general plans mal School has asked Professor V, H. of the year was given at the Mikesell, who is In charge of the Unircgulnr meeting of the Y. M. C. A., are for a debating and a track tourna- versity Debating Team, to serfd three Is planned to advertise tho ment. It Sunday evening at 6:30 o'clock. orators to Bowling Green to debate Durton University of Kentucky more fully three Normal students on the question The speakers were J. throughout the state and this tourna- Prewltt on "TJie Student's Duty to the of 'Immigration.' Professor Mikesell University"; George Baumgartcn. on ment will be one of the methods. reception of the high school has chosen R. T Johnson, J. L. Hays The "How to Find Time to do the Important and J. B. Watkins, a former student of Things"; George Gregory on "The students will be taken care of by .the the Normal School, to uphold the affraternities and a booster committee. Student's Duty to the Y. M. C. A." and to give firmative of the question, "Resolved P. r. Heath on "The Student's Duty Details are being worked out to the United visitors a goochtlmc and a good that the (Immigration the to the Church." States, be limited to a selective hunPrewltt said In part "The student Impression of the University. The dred thousand a year." "carry a ' owes It to the University to forget (next issue of the Kernel will The Western school has been prehimself for the good of the Institution. full outline of the tournaments. paring for this debate for some time Lend your effort to the things that are and it was not until they were fully worth while and you can forget prepared did they ask 'for the debate. i Immortality. JUST JARGON This debate half caused a keen InterBy "Jessie" James Baumgarten brought out the facl that est in Bowling Green, Cull expenses with all the present organizations at end a house of three thousand are "My boy," said the minister as he promised the University it is impossible to find the University debaters. Altime for every thing but he advised came upon a young man of his ac- though this debate is not on, the reg'fellow students to get Inlo the worth quaintance engaged in pursuing tht ular schedule of Kentucky forensic Do you battles, Professor Mikesell has agreed while organizations and do their part. tickle goddess of chance. to shoot to send a team to Bowling Green beHe also said the busy student cannot know It Is wrong to find time but can make time to do craps, as I believe you say?" cause of the interest taken by the "Yes sir," admitted the boy. VAnd students and populace of the western these things. Gregory emphasized fact that con- believe me Doctor, I'm paying for my Kentucky city. sidering all the outside allurements sins." . and the materialistic ideas with which The following men were chosen to Are you B. C? 7l student comes in contact when he take part in the Competition Shoot Or an'O. M. G.? arrivt sat the University If he wishes with Emory University, Georgia, which Girls ask one another this to hold true to his home teachings took place yesterday: Heath, Trusty, But does not know which one she is. Thompson, Baumgarten, C. Anderson, and the things that make for the best Boy Crazy B. C. stands for in manhood he must allign himslf Buckner, Burroughs, Fitch, Griffin and A few girls really 'are, you see. with the Christian organization of the Ginnachio. AiTO. M. G. Is a One Man. Gir- lUniversity. She's twice as rare as a shell plnkthe movies?" Heath stated that we owe much to pearl. the church Cor the contribution it Why He Went "Say, mamma, was So people say lias made to the University. He said baby sent down from heaven?" And it looks that way, "If it were not for the churches of "Why, yes." Lexington very few students would be Are you B. C. "Urn. They like to have it quiet up Or an O. M. G.? ' allowed to come to the University." f Legionaire. there, don't they?" . C. V. Watson presided at the ' Dautzler We will take Professor Two of f Kind "Hows'- your cold, the poem, "The Bishop Orders His '' Donald?" , AND CROSS DANCE LAMP Tomb," for Wednesday. "Very obstinate." The next time the class met sev"And how's your wife?" Lamp and Cross, honorary Senior eral students Insisted that Browning men's society, will give their annual wrote no such thing as "The Bishop A "About the lsame." London Mail. dance at the Lafayette Hotel from 8 Orders His Tomb for Wednesday." to 12 Saturday night. It will be in honor of the new who were "Women bear pain better than men," ' tapped" Arbor Day. The dainty miss declaimed. "Quotation from a doctor famed?" "Ah. and Is that," he gently sighed, MORTAR BOARD LUNCHEON Mortar Board, the honorary Senior "No dear, she said, "FVr that remark "My shoemaker is to be blamed.". women's organization, will give a luncheon at the Lafayette Hotel Satur-day'1 o'clock. Pledge services will Coed "Do you love me, Ed?" Ed "Sure." be held first in thevballroom for thbae . your who wore the red red rose on Arbor Coed "Then why doesn't Bay. chest go up and down like the man in ' DISCRIMINATING TASTE IN CARRYING OF THE rCOLI.ll WHITMAN'S. Campus Togs py 1 CLOTHES FOR COLLEGE MEN aiM SHOES, HATS, FURNISHINGS 8 I THE STUDENT at Prewitt, Baumgarten, Gregory and Heath Talk on Worth While Subjects iHHKPQHLVsHHHH Company Graddy-Rya- n (Incorporated) JOHNS DRUG CO. Corner Main and Walnut BEST SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE CITY Clothes - ! Society Brand a-- ..and. Styleplus i ( -- A" Ttliv vnnr plntlioc wfiAvo vmt, get the best and get the most for your money. "11 7 R. S: THORPE C& Incorporated Successors to TJJOFPE-LE- E SONS CO. 1 ' " Graves, cox GIVE YOUR PRINTING TO THE PUBLISHER OF THE KERNEL ' a Specialty of Doing,, College Printing of Ajl Kinds We Make f Frat and Dance Programs a Specialty WALTER S. WELSH Good Printing QUALITY Just "Say It' With Flowers" -- FROM N. Broadway ' Now Shewing Smartest of Modelsfin and Aor O-Wea- ClotKs ves SERVICE. Don't Think For Hours 151-15- 5 company Summer Sport Suits" New Palm Beach . f ' & L. A. FENNELL Opera House Block LEONARD Phone 49t New Strand Felt Hats New Summer Shirts New Low Shoes and Golf Shoes j ROUSE, Student Representative Phoenix Graves, cox Taxi Cab Co, & company $4 INCOItl'OKATKO Incorporated DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE WHJLTE v LINE TAXICABS PHONES t CITY RATES 50 CENTS PHOENIX 1854-368- 0 CARS FOR TOURING HOTL LOEBYy "Trie.