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Interview with Freed Curd, September 12, 2003

Part of Kentucky Legislature Oral History Project

Interview with Freed Curd, September 12, 2003
Eric Moyen; interviewer. Freed Curd; interviewee.
oral histories
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Curd (House 1980-1998, 5th district; Democrat) discusses his childhood in rural communities on both sides of the Tennessee/Western Kentucky border, military service, education at Murray State University, and his background as a high school teacher and principal. He goes on to cover his impressions of several governors, lobbyists, funding for Murray State University projects, education reform, tax increases, the used car industry, the community college system, legislative independence, and the BOPTROT scandal. Curd also discusses his role as mayor of Murray (Ky.) after his retirement from the legislature.
Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
University of Kentucky
Legislators -- Kentucky -- Interviews., Teachers -- Kentucky -- Biography., Mayors -- Kentucky -- Murray -- Biography., Murray State University., Educational change -- Kentucky., Used cars -- Kentucky., Kentucky. General Assembly -- Officials and employees -- Discipline., Kentucky. Governor (1979-1983 : Brown), Kentucky. Governor (1983-1987 : Collins), Kentucky. Governor (1987-1991 : Wilkinson), Kentucky. Governor (1991-1995 : Jones), Kentucky. Education Reform Act (1990), Wethington, Charles T., Jr., 1936 T., Jr., 1936, Patton, Paul, Medical laws and legislation, Brown, John Y. Jr., Collins, Martha Layne, Wilkinson, Wallace G., Jones, Brereton, Blandford, Donald J., Clarke, Joe, Stumbo, Grady, Richards, Jody, Wethington,, Education Committee (Chair), Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Toyota Manufacturing (Georgetown, Ky.), Murray State University, University of Kentucky, Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA), military service, Teaching, Basketball, Segregation, party factions, campaigning, legislative independence, Lobbyists, education reform, political bargaining, Community colleges, State universities and colleges, BOPTROT, ethics legislation, healthcare legislation, Home schooling, limestone rock export tax bill, House (1980-1998), 5th district, Calloway County (Ky.) -- Trigg County (Ky.)
Kentucky Legislature Oral History Project
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