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Page [NA] of Collected plays and poems (vol. 1) / by Cale Young Rice.

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"Mr. Rice's poems are touched with the magic of the muse. They have inspiration, grace and true lyric quality." The Book News Monthly. "Mr. Rice's poetry as a whole is both strongly and delicately spiritual. Many of these lyrics have the true romantic mystery and charm. . . . To write thus is no indifferent matter. It indicates not only long work but long brooding on the beauty and mystery of life." The Louisville Post. " Mr. Rice is indisputably one of the greatest poets who have lived in America. ... And some of these (earlier) poems are truly beautiful. The Times- Union (Albany, N. Y." Net, r.25 (postage I2C.) ___ _ __ I I t I i I Ii I I i I I I I i I -