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The Kentucky Kernel, May 19, 1922

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

J8 The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY 1 I VOL. XII LEXINGTON. KY MAY 19, 1922 No. 29 Blue Ridge "The Land Of The Sky" SOUTHERN COLLEGES TO BE AT WELL REPRESENTED BLUEJIDGE MEET Sherwood Eddy and Many Other Interesting Speakers to be Present 70 DELEGATIONS THERE Students Expected Every School BLUE RIDGE KENTUCKY EPSILON Of SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Chapter Local Purchases New Home on South Limestone Street TO REMODEL BUILDING Second Fraternity to Own Club House 1 Articles incorporating the Kentucky Epsilon chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon were filed with the county clerk Saturday. The names and addresses of tho incorporators aro J. T. Jackson, Jr., J. D. Turner, Mervln K. Ehlen and E. B. Wehb, of Loxlngton, and V. C. Rogers, of Frankfort, Ky. The corporation will have no capital stock and will not be conducted for tho purpose of private pecuniary profit, Tho principal offico and place of business will bo Lexington. Tho nature of tho business proposed to bo transacted "Is to promote the general wolfaro and best interests of tho Kentucky Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Alpha Spsilon fraternity at tho University of Kentucky, to promote good fellowship and social life among tho members of tho manage, conduct, to operate and carry on a club house at which tho momhors of tho association may live and nt which they may meet und conduct meetings; to acquire by purchase, or lease, suitable real estate for said purposes." Tho highest amount of Indebtedness or liability which tho corporation may at any timo incur shall not oxceod $25,000. A later "C" By Rev. Wallace Palmer. Bible Teacher, Community Concer-enc- e of Y. W. C. A. Blue Ridge with the mountains encircling, And tho valley that's lying between; The sun in his glorious splendor, Bathing all in a golden sheen. Blue Ridge the storm clouds are gatherig, plays bright; And the lightning cross the sky And the voice of the Lord rolls in thunder To tell us that He is still nigh. when tho mountains are purpling. And tho hush of the evening weaves garment of rest for the weary at heart, And tho winds sigh good night to leaves. Blue Ridge A Ridge whoro tho drop softly To mingle with music of streams; And the flowers high up on tho mountains Shyly toll to the moonlight their dreams. Blue Blue Ridgo bird-note- s with its fun and its laugh-tor- , With its days and its nights of delight Where tho voices of children sound sweeter And tho dim oyos of ago grow more bright. Ridge with its splendid endeavor, With its spirit and high, holy light; help us, Great Master, in heaven, To go forth and stand for tho right. Blho O report gives out tho information that tho Sigma Alpha Ephilon Professor L. L. Dantzlor of the defraternity has purchased tho resi- partment of English delivorod tho streot Limestone dence on South commencement address at Leitchfield, (Continued on page 5) Kentucky Inst week. What Blue Ridge Means WINS FREEMAN PRIZE CUPS Layman Wins Honors Individual Cadet for Second time in McVEY PRESENTS CUP Six Military Men pledged "Boots and Saddles" Company C of the University battalion of Cadets under the leadership of Captain Harold Enlow and Sponsor Mary Colvin, won tho silver loving cup given by Colonel George D. Freeman, in the competitive drill on Stoll Field Tuesday afternoon, May 1G. Harry Layman a junior in tho College of Engineering was tho winner for tho second timo in succession of tho $5 prize awarded tho best individual drilled cadet. Each company tested separately by tho judges for the afternoon and the number of points averaged, company C having tho largest number. Attendance, appearanco and alortness with tho accuracy of complying to commands wero tho prepregisites considered in winning. Between competition of tho threo companies tho individual drill was hold and a manual of arm by tho ontiro battalion was set to music furnished by tho University Band. At tho ond of tho program Company C was called forward and Prosident McVoy prosontod tho cup with a short speech of congratulation to the Captain of tho company. A very attractive feature of tho afternoon was the pledging of six mon to Boots and Saddles honorary military fraternity. Tho six men wore called out of ranks and the II vo high- (Continued on pago 5) It means memories and friends. It means boys and girls and Christian idealism and Southern cordiality. It means a climb bp the mountains and a descent into the valley vision and service. It means earth's prose transmuted into heaven's poetry. It means folks who are what the' ought to be, or nearly so. It means the high spot so far in spiritual experience. answered, It means questions problems solved, lives changed and dedicated. and It moans It means being liked for that you would like to be. It means a now personal label: "I am a Blue Ridge." There aro tens of thousands of Blue Ridges. They belt the globe. To meet Blue Rldger again is to talk Blue Ridge. It means hearing a Voice calling you. It means what you would liko to say but cannot. What did his vision of Johovnh mean to IsaiahV What did tho Transfiguration of his Matser Master mean to Peter? What did tho opon heaven mean to John? And It will mean, or may you will, something equally ful and beautiful to YOU. H. Horno, University of Now $5 REWARD mean, if wonder- Herman York. $5 John Burks, director of the Stroller Club has offered a reward of $5 for the finding and return of the original Manuscript of "The Thirteenth Chair." This Is a valuable manuscript and any Information concerning it would be greatly appreciated. From Blue Ridge is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, several miles from the nearest town. The glory of the mountains, with their wonderful sunsets, the wildness of the forests and the beauty of the streams makes tills an ideal spot for the conference of Southern Students. Blue Ridge, where the South reigns supreme, is the name on every tongue of those who know what it is, and particularly of those who have been to see. There'll be deligates from and as we recall that old song, "Are you from Dixie," and Kentucky will be well represented too. Tenn-e-sse- BLUE RIDGE 'ATTENDANCE Number of Schools, 70. Total Attendance of each State: Alabama, 20; Georgia, 60; Louisiana, 8; N. Carolina, 40; Tennessee, 79; Florida, 24; Kentucky 21; Mississippi, 30; S. Carolina. 42; Virginia, 50. Attendence by Profession: Professors, 44; Ministers, 7; Leaders, 2G; Secretaries, 27; Visitors 32; Students 351; Prep. Students, 31; Life Calling Croup C7; Foreign Students 16; Total, G04. Faculty Students Church Baptist 13 77 3 12 Christian Congregational 2 2 G Episcopal 3 S 0 Luthern 32 123 Methodist 19 Presbyterian S9 17S Others 37 109 495 Total Athletics: 1. Total Points, Georgia Tech., first place; Clemson College Second. 2. Aquatic Sports, Alabama Tech. first place; N. C. State sevond place. 3 Track Events. Georgia Tech., first Place; Miss A. &, M.,. second place 4. Track Events, Ga(erSoMho T. 4 Basoball, University of Fla., first placo; N. C. State, second place. 0. Volley Ball, Vanderbilt first placo; Davidson, second plnce. G Single Trlnty Tennis, first placo; Clotnson, second placo; Double Clemson first placo; Davidson, second placo. 7 Basket Ball, Kentucky, first placo Auburn, Second placo. Special pennent given to each win-nor- Srme Leaders Dr. Ilonry H. Sweets of Louisville, Doan of tho Church representative. (Continued on Pago 5.)