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F O R the purpose of promoting harmony and concert of action on this important subject, the Synod do Resolve, T h a t a committee of ten be appointed to consist of an equal number of ministers and elders, whose business it shall be to digest a nd prepare a plan for the moral and religious instruction of our^slaves, and for their future emancipation, and to report such plan te the several presbyteries within our bounds, for their consideration a nd a pproval. JOHN BROWN, ESQ. P. SMITH, ESQ. BURCH, J. HALL, CUNNINGHAM, ESQ. JOHN J . R. G R E E N , ESQ. ALEXANDER, ESQ. L . BRECKENRIDGE, YOUNG, STEWART, THOMAS CHARLES JAMES It. NATHAN REV. WII. ROBERT JOHN C. Committee. T h e committee w ould respectfully request every preacher to read this address to his congregation on some S abbath. T h e object o f tho Synod in appointing a committee to prepare a plan, is stated to be to " promote harmony and concert of action on this important subject ; " and this can only be effected b y presenting the plan with the reasons urging its adoption, before every member o f our C hurch.