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12 > Page 12 of Autobiography of a pioneer : or, The Nativity, experience, travels, and ministerial labors of Rev. Jacob Young ; with incidents, observations, and reflections.

12 GONTENTS. Wonderful effect-The Yankee dancing-master-Arrive at General con- ference-Distinguished members-Presiding elder question-M'K endree and Soule vindicated-Soule elected bishop-Declines ordination-A warm struggle-Soule's resignation accepted-Conference adjourns- Return-Annual conference-Wyandott chiefs - - - - - - - - - - PAGE 356 CHAPTER XXVII. LANCASTER DISTRICT-1823-1825. C. Elliott-Lydia Barstow-John Stewart-His visit to the Wyandotts- Jonathan Pointer-Gov. Trimble-Plea for the Wyandotts-Severe sick- ness-Annual conference-Election of delegates-Reappointment-At- tends the General conference-The Radical struggle-Soule and Hed- ding elected bishops-Reese and Hannah-The suspended resolution- Return.-.- 367 CHAPTER XXVIII. COLUMBUS AND PICKAWAY CIRCUITS-GENERAL CONFER- ENCE-18828. Conference at Hillsboro-Appointment-Death of oldest son-A great shock-Wife's sickness and recovery-Conference-Dark days-Journey to the General conference-Lodgings-Strong men-Radical reform- Report on the subject-Adopted-Shinn-Randall's appeal - - Soule's sermon-Emory and Fisk-Fisk's speech-Roszel and Bascom-Canada question-Settled-Adjournment- Annual conference-Chillicothe. 379 CHAPTER XXIX. FAIRFIELD AND MARIETTA CIRCUITS-1825-lS9. A large circuit-Colleague-David Lewis-Camp meeting-31'Kendrce's sermons-His great excellence-Urbana conference, 1829-Marietta cir- cuit-Gencral class meetings-Beneficial-Bowen family-Liberality- Author removes his family to Virginia-Lancaster conference.- - 397 CHAPTER XXX. TRANSFER-WEST LIBERTY AND 01110 CIRCUITS-Is30-31. A pleasant conference-Transferred to Pittsburg conference-Michael Ellis-Author's eye-sight failing-Different prescriptions- Eyes grow- ing worsc-Dark prospect-Two circuits in one-L. L. H1amline- His preaching-Canlpbellites-Succcss-The Poes-Williamn Tucker- Killed by the Indians-Conference at Pittsburg, 1831-Hedding-Bascorn- Reappointed-Eyes improved 406