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5 > Page 5 of Autobiography of a pioneer : or, The Nativity, experience, travels, and ministerial labors of Rev. Jacob Young ; with incidents, observations, and reflections.

CONTENTS. CHAPTER r. CHILD 1 OO D A N D Y O U T 1.' Birth-Parentage-Emigration to the west-Perilouq circumntanees--Tn- dian war-Richard Young-I'recautions-Removal to Youghiogheniy- Laurcl Hill-Pleasant home-Sickness-Rlecovery-The New Testa- ment-Its influence-Distress of mind- Sudden. change-Good imupres- sions fade-Bccomes addicted to vain amusensents-Emigration to Ken- tucky-Close of the Indian war--Perilous voyage-Character and hab- its of the early Kentuckians - light N ith fire-brands - Log-cabin- Mode of living-Unhallowed associates- Downward course -Becomes very wicked ---- ---- - -- ---- ---- ---- -- -PiGE 23 CHAPTER II. AWAKENING AND CONVERSION. Methodist preachers-Serious thoughts-Dark conclusion-Hears the Meth- odists-Westminster Confession-The author's conclusion-Resorts to the Bible-I-Lope of mercy-John Page-A sermon-Its influence- Wild career ended-A time of power-Author is overcome-Opposed by his father-A dark day-Conversion-Reported to his father-His anger-Is reconciled-Fear of the mother-Doubt and despondency- Dream-Relief-Sunny days-Prediction of his fall-Proved false-The circuit preacher-IHis appearance-His prayer and sermon-The first camp meeting-Joining the Church-Parents' conversion.--- -- -- - 38 CHAPTER III. CALL TO Tl 1E MINISTRY. Baptism-Lord's supper-Thirst for knowledge-New books-Impressions about preaching-Urging of friends-Discouragement and temptation- Yiclding to a sense of duty-First preaching- Success-I)iseinuraged again-Persuasions of Benjamin' Young-hlenry Ogbhirne-Ilis curious remarks-Samucl Parker-His character-Urges the author to preach- Attempts to exhort-Failure-Resolves to give it up-Thinks of settling 5