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8 > Page 8 of Autobiography of a pioneer : or, The Nativity, experience, travels, and ministerial labors of Rev. Jacob Young ; with incidents, observations, and reflections.

S CONTENTS. lates his experience-Effect-Limestone circuit-Appearance of the circuit-Augusta-Standeford-Flemingsburg-Various places-First round finished-Improving health-Revivals commence-Prosperous camp meeting-Prosperous year-Valentine Cook-Cumberland Gap- The gate-keeper-Arrives at conference-Death of Whatcoat-3M'Ken- dree-Missing ones-David Young-S. Parker-Coke's circular letter- His proposal-Rejected-General conference and bishops-Southern se- cession-Sermon on death of Whatcoat-Text-Asbury-----.PAGE 161 CHAPTER X. NASHVILLE CIRCUIT-1806. Nashville circuit-Its large extent- M'Kendree's manners-Holston mount- ains-Displeasure-Horse sickness-Relieved-Cumberland mountains- Spence's Gap-A dismal passage-M1ode of descending-The drunken fool-M'Kendree's instructions and anecdotes-Lodge in the wilderness- MIi'Kendree and Edge-The watering-place-Baptist ministers-Edge's imprudence-Ml'Kendree's reproof-Arrives at the circuit-Reflections- The infidel-The discussion-Result-Green Hill-His daughter-Col- league-The common enemy-Jealousics-P'resbyterians turning Meth- odists-Adoption of Methodist modes-Origin of Cumberland Presby- terians-Methodism very efficient-Miles Harper--His independent , course-Difficulty with a Presbyterian-Author reproved by M'Ken- drce-Comforted-M 'Kendrec preaching in his blanket-Reproves the tobacco-chbwers-Harper tried-Defends himself-Acquitted-hI'Ken- dree's dissatisfaction with the Presbyterians-The Christian union de- fined-Camp meeting-Valedictory.............. ...........- 177 CHAPTER XI. CHILLICOTITE CONFERENCE-1807. Wayne circuit-Abbot Goddard-Great exhorter-David Young-A Unitarian preacher-Conversation with 1'Kendree-John Armstrong- The drunkard-Ihis wrath-rConference-Asbury-The imprudent preachers-The whipping-Dr. Tiffin-Interview with Asbury-Ap- pointed to Mississippi district-- 198 CHAPTER XII. JOURNEY TO MISSISSIPPI-180T. New responsibilities-Dr. Hynes-Journey alone-Serious thoughts- Joins his associates-Preparations for the journey through the wilder- ness-1Horses lost-Recovered-Col. George-His wicked ebharacter- Chickasaw nation-Choctaws-Their appearance-Arrive in the Missis- sippi territory-Appii-Forum-Reach Fort Gibson-- - -. -- -- 207