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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-6- Q. Dissolving an Educational Unit (PR 5E) President Wethington recommended that the Board approve the dissolution of the Department of Vocational Education in the College of Education. He reviewed the background information and noted that the proposed dissolution was reviewed and recommended by the Senate Committee on Academic Organization and Structure and the Senate Council and was approved by the University Senate. Dr. Meriwether moved approval. His motion, seconded by Professor Powell, carried. (See PR 5E at the end of the Minutes.) R. Merger of Educational Units (PR 5F) President Wethington recommended that the Board approve the merger of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Department of Chemical Engineering in the College of Engineering into a new department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. He said that this merger would allow the faculty to better use the resources available in both Chemical and Materials Engineering and provide faculty with long range opportunities to build critical masses of researchers in various areas. Professor Mather moved approval. Mr. Chellgren seconded the motion and it passed. (See PR 5F at the end of the Minutes.) S. Revision of Provisions for University Health Service Physicians' Supplemental Compensation Under the University Health Service Physicians' Practice Plan (PR 6A) President Wethington said that PR 6A and PR 6B concern the supplemental compensation under both the physicians and dental practice plans. He asked Mr. Lawson to comment on the revisions in PR 6A and PR 6B. Mr. Lawson explained that PR 6A modifies the Administrative Regulations that relate to supplemental compensation under the Physicians' Practice Plan. He mentioned that the Administrative Regulation is attached to the recommendation and pointed out on page five the changes recommended. He reviewed the proposed changes, noting that one was technical in nature and the other one is substantive. The technical change would alter the payment date of compensation and the substantive change would allow the physicians upon termination to have a pro rata distribution for the period of time that they worked. Mr. Lawson continued with PR 6B stating that it makes exactly the same changes in the Administrative Regulation that relate to supplemental compensation under the dental service plan.