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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1862-02-jun25.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

1862 Report of the Ex. Corn. consi dered & adopted Report of the Corn. on the Gen'l Agents report adopted Ambrose Dud- ley is added to Investing Cos. Organi za- tion for next session Taylor Academy University Buildings Board met 8 o'cloock P. M. Tuesday Evening pursuant to adjournment C. T. Worthington being absent, Dr. Shackelford was callod to the Chair. The subject of the adoption of the Report of the Ex. Con. being in order for discussion, the Executive Cos. & Faculty were called on for explanations touching the correspondence between them in reference to salaries for the last year, so far at least on the action of the Ex. Cos. created an indebtedness to the F1. culty on the part of the Board. After full discussion, the Report of the Executive Con as submitted, was unanimously adopted. The Committee on the Gen'l Agent's report submitted the fol- lowing recommendations, to wits 'That the Gon'l Agent go on to collect all the money due the Endowment Fund and invest the same in stocks with the aid of the Investing Committee according to the regulations of the Charter." Z. F. Smith, Chairman. The report on notion was unanimously adopted. On motion of R. C. Ricketts, Mr. Ambrose Dudley was added to the Investing Committe, of lKy. University. On notion the Ex. Comr. & Bro. Bowman & the Faculty decided to Bonfer and Report some pla of organization for the ensuing year. On motion the Board adjourned to meet at 8 a. a. tomorrow morning. June 25, 1862 Board met 8 o'clock Wednesday morning pursuant to adjournment. After Prayer by Prof. Pinkerston the Committee appointed to confer with the Faculty to report, which was granted. On motion of Dr. Shackelford said Committee was instructed to report upon the propiety of detaching Taylor Academy from Ky. University. Curator J. Rogers offered the following Resolutionsg Resolved that a Committee of five be appointed who with the Faculty shall examine into the condition of the College Buildings and report at the next annual meeting, whether it is practicalle to repair the building for continued occupancy & if not to report all information brought before them as to the *legible location for the University Buildings. Pending this motion the Board adjourned to meet at 4 o'clock P. M. 84