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10 > Image 10 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 7, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

mm i wii! lu j imipiiu tiifi mmi -- - mmWmWmm ' Best Copy Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TEN fj1 w These cold nights take advantage of our Delivery Service JL JLU-- J THREE FORMER Cheering Students 1 MHHHH CONTRACTS LET Send Wildcats On Duke Trip FOR BUILDINGS STUDENTS KILLED " K I 71?UVf JlM V EjfVll "home of Recognition of Transylvania at Great Interest Is Aroused by Alma Mater of Jefferson Davis Art Collection Is Urged in Resolution by U. D. C. (Continued from Page One) (Continued from Page One) W T. Conglcton Co., Receives Wcndall Smith, HnRnn Smith, have been going the the Blue Agricultural Engineering The following resolution, urging and Crit Wnldon Meet Wildcats Devils changed their minds. have a Building Contract; Other recognition of Transylvania College ready at that time, but now for goldDeath in Crash; Two Are One thing about Saturday's game en opportunity is ready the is that the Kentucky team will pro'as the alma mater of President Jef- daughters to grasp. Contracts Given Injured bably enter the game from the be ferson Davis and also taking cogIn the library of the college, Contracts for three buildings were nizance of an opportunity to pay among priceless treasures of books Wendnll Smith, 26 years old, Ha- ginning with a full realization that they will have to put everything let Wednesday morning by the exe respect to the college for its list of and documents, an unequal collecsan Smith, 24 years old, and Crit they possess way of offense cutive committee of the board of .distinguished men, was presented by tion, are kept the bricks from the in the Waldon, 25 years old, former stu- and defense to emerge on the long (Mrs. George R. Mastin at the an grave of his mother, Jane Cook trustees. The contract for the dents of the university were killed end of the score. y nual convention or tne Davis, with the hope and expectabuilding and a United Daughters of the Confederat 4:40 o'clock last Friday evetion that they may be placed withDuke's record this year is one of ning when the automobile In which the highlights of the football sea small building to replace the old acy, which convened at Paducah, in the base' of the bust as planned. The Kentucky division, United they were riding swerved from the son. The Blue Devils lost their observatory were given to W. T. Ky., recently: Whereas, Transylvania Universi- Daughters of the Confederacy, has road and crashed Into the rear of first game of the season to South Conglcton company, Lexington. The a moving van, at the Intersection Carolina by he score of 22 to 0, bid for the other building which ty at Lexington, Ky., the alma ma- here one of the greatest opportuniter of President Jefferson Davis, ties to perpetuate the memory and on the Winchester and Walnut Hill This acted as a tonic instead of a is a farm building at the station, Princeton was where he prepared his college work do honor to the character of the pikes. The youths who were resi- deterrent upon the boys of Coach dents of Hlndman were on their ucnart ana mey nave won every given to Euan Parmer, Princeton, for the West Point Military Acad- President of the Confederacy, and emy, is the oldest college west of it is imperative that advantage be way to attend the Alabama game. game since then by good scores. for $8,764.77. An appropriation of $75,000.00 for the Allegheny mountains, it is fit- taken of the time and place by petiHagan Smith was the son of H. The proof of the increasing strength g the build- ting and proper that the United tioning the general organization for H. Smith, Hlndman lawyer, and of the North Carolina team is evl was a student of the College of Law denced in the manner in which ing was granted at the last session Daughters of the Confederacy take funds to complete this worthy proIn the class '29. Wendall Smith, they decisively defeated the Navy of the legislature. W. T. Conglc- cognizance of an opportunity to ject. Therefore; Be it Resolved, that his cousin, was a student in the and vlllanova on successive week ton was given the general contract honor President Davis and at the College of Law in 1028. Mr. Waldon ends. Their victories have been no for $53,457.00. This will house the same time pay due respect to the the Kentucky division calls hereby enof agricultural college that not only sheltered his upon the general convenlon when attended the university for one hollow triumphs or push overs. The department and the mechanical youthful years, but trained hun- It convenes in annual session at semester in 1029. Navy and Vlllanova achievements gineering W. R. Smith and Hiram Stamp are subtle and excruciating poison. cauinment of the CnlWp nf Aorl. dreds of other distinguished men Asheville, N. C, to make an immediculture. The heating contract was and still has years of usefulness ate and liberal contribution for this er, also of Hlndman who were rid The many weaknesses that croping with the youths who were kill ped out in the Alabama game were let to John F. Scott for $4,046.00; ahead of it. purpose. ed were injured critically and were worked on with a vengeance in a the nlumblncr contract araa lot in An estimate has been obtained A list of its graduates, teachers, brought to the Good Samaritan long workout Tuesday and Wednes- Ben E. Hurst company for $4,250.00; students and trustees reads like a from the noted sculptor, Augustus hospital here. day that lasted until long after tne electrical contract was let to roster of the Hall of Fame. It in- Lukeman, who has just finished an g company for $2550. cludes 40 governors of states, heroic bust of John Harvard, one According to witnesses to the ac dark. Coaches Gamage and Shlve-l- y cident, the car in which the youths have confidence that they have In each case the contracts trera let United States senators, Justices of of George Washington, and the were killed, was speeding toward worked out some of these faults but to the lowest bidder. the supreme court, ambassadors, statue of Mr. Davis for statuary Lexington when it hit the front realize that the Big Blue is still The building to replace the old and soldiers in four great hall of congress, placed by Missisobservatory which was wrecked to leadersthe end of an auto driven from the troubled. wars, three greatest pioneers of sippi; and he will make such a bust Walnut Hill road to the Winchester The Wildcats will go into the building McVey hall will cost ap- medical science in the world, great from original design at a special pike, then swerved off the road Duke game in "Very bad condition proximately. S16.0OO.O0. The dome writers, noted orators, besides many concession in price to the Daughand crashed into the rear of a physically. Dusty Williams, nro- - for this building will be let under splendid citizens in the ordinary ters of the Confederacy. moving van which was parked at a bably the best center in the South- separate contract. We feel that it is a privilege for walks of life. filling station near the intersection ern conference, will be out of the Members of the committee preshining names the general organization to thus In this galaxy of the two roads. The car then game along with Jack Phinns and sent were: Judge Richard Stoll and none is brighter of than that of Davis, honor the only President of the burst Into flames, but the occu- Ellis Johnson who are also troubled Mr. James Park. Lexington, nnrt none more revered or held in high- Confederacy in the place where he pants were rescued by witnesses. with injuries seriousness enouorh to M. J. B. Andrews, Newport. A num- er esteem by the university and its received his college training, where Wendall Smith suffered a crush- stop tnem. ber of routine matters were consid- friends, while letters on file from thousands of tourists pass every ed skull, broken legs, and internal The Wildcats are taking a large ered and routine appointments were college, still season to view injuries. Mr. Waldon suffered a squad to Duke this Saturday for made. Sabbatical lrnvp vtrasi irrnnt. both President and Mrs. Davis at- actively serving the old the cause of edutest the deep affection and high rebroken neck and broken legs, and two reasons; to give as many men ed to Assistant Prof. D. E. South of gard they felt for his alma mater. cation, with a higher enrollment Hagan Smith, who died while on as possible the reward of a road the mathematics department for Transylvania than ever in its history; where its desires the way to the hospital, suffered a trip for their faithfulness all sea- the year He will study planned to establish a and has library treasures and the classic chair of broken leg, fractured skull, and son; and to have as many reserves at the University of Mlehlcrfm for history, with adequate endownment, architecture of Its older buildings internal injuries. The first two on hand as possible against the his masters degree. to be known as the Jefferson Davis attract and hold the admiration of men are believed to have died in- need of replacements due to injurall cultural visitors who regard it Chair of History, with a full-tistantly. ies. In North Carolina the Duke SDlcer. Kellv. Forauer. Cnllrer. AM- - professor to be known as the Jeffer as one of the finest sights of the team will be the favorite to beat ridge, T. Phipps, Ellis Johnson, J. son Davis professor of history; and noted city known as the "capital of MANNING TO SPEAK y Kentucky but here in Old tnipps, Kose, Darby, Kipping, Wil- the university wishes and confident- the bluegrass" (and within one g liams, Urbanlak, the folks have a sort of Myers, O. Johnson, ly expects that the Daughters of block of the lovely, typically souththat the Wildcat team that N. Wilder, Gibson, Skinner, Toth the Confederacy will place a bust ern home of John Hunt Morgan.) Dr. John W. Manning, associate trots on the field will be a com- Yates. McGinnis. Seale. Rrnnstnn. of President Davis in the vacant Be it further Resolved, That the professor of political science and pletely rejuvenated team with a Richards, Montgomery, Evans, Blck- - niche in classic old Morrison hall. recording secretary be directed to director of the municipal research im determination to wipe out the bj, k. wnaer, Jtiumoer, ciaric, ana The school had asked for this as transmit to the president general bureau of the University, will repre- memory of a very bad taste of Tide possibly others. a part of the exercises of the and her finance committee a copy sent the University at the annual 'water from the shoals of Alabama, The probable line-u- p of the Wildof June, 1930, when rep- of his resolution, and that it be conference of the Southern PolitiThe men selected to make the cat team is Cavana, L. E.; Wright, resentatives from many states, from presented to the convention to be cal Science Association in Atlanta, trip with coach Gamage, coach L. T.; Rose, L. G.; Colker, C; r, the federal government, from Har- held in Asheville, N. C, November, Ga., on November 14 and 15. His IShively, Daddy Boles, Trainer R. G.; Aldridge, R. T.; An- vard and all eastern colleges, be 1930, with the request that It address on "City Planning and Mann, Dr. J. S. Chambers, and drews, R. E.; Splcer, Q. B.; Kelly, sides many other eminent men and be acted upon at once, and the will be one of the fea- manager Cal. Hoskins are as fol- L. H.; Urbanlak, R. H.; and T. women attended the celebration. It money appropriated. tures o! the program. lows: Cavana, Andrews, Wright, Phipps, F. B. was not feasible to have a bust LEXINGTON HERALD two-aa- Agricultural-Engineerin- Moore-Youn- 1930-3- college folks" Phones: Ash. 2386 . 9190 1. rescntatlvc ever to be hung in the university Art Center. Most of the artists whose work is exhibited show more interest in the means at their disposal for getting their Individual interpretation across than in the subject treated which is likely to influence one not acquainted with art to the belief that the artists have been careless of detail. The director of the exhibition, Mr. Randall, is convincingly emphatic in persuading the less artistically. Inclined visitors that this is by no means the truth. Other paintings, pointed out the director, attract attention through the medlutrt nf rnnfrnsMnof mlnr schemes; that is, the positive' Juxta position oi opposite colors. The modern schools of art incline toward a more sketchv effect in thn delineation of their subjects, leav ing more to tne imagination than the older type of paintings which were invariably of clear-cu- t. nhntn. graphic clearness of outline. It is pointed out by Mr. Randall that while a clean, sharp painting may attract attention when hunir In n gallery, the fact that its definite iorm leaves notning to the play or exercise of the imagination would make it irritatlnir to hnvn in home where one must constantly live wiin it. The water color bv nnv Pnn Bols entitled "On the Bririira" fa an outstanding example In, the ex- niumun oi uie use made oi angles and lines of rhythmic precision). "The main Durnose nf the orief in this painting," declared Mr. Randall was mj eaten tne eye by conveying an impression of harmonizing lines. ti "Truly great art never emphasises the machinery behind the painting, but incorporates this with the emotional and intellectual appeal," he explained. The main point of difference between American and British art Is that the English appeal solely to the intellect and never to the emotions, with tho result that it is less human and more mechanistic. "Reclining Nude," by Leon Kroll exemplifies that type of art which is best expressed by the English artists, In that it reveals and emphasizes the machinery of construction and makes one wonder how the painter could attain such a perfection of outline. Ernest Flene's work, "Sailboats," allots Interest to every area of the canvas by means of repetition of identical colors at interesting intervals, serving figuratively to make paint talk in its own vague, suggestive language. Two difficult problems facing the artist are encountered in his attempt to create the illusion of depth on the flat surface of the canvas, and the allotment of Interest to different areas so as to create symmetry. Both these problems have been handled with admirable skill and ease in the paintings on exhi bition, '.'mm One of the surprising bits of information divulged by Mr. Randall followed our inquiry as to whether whether the higher priced paintings were always superior to the cheaper ones. The director informed us that price and quality had no relation whatsoever, the price of a painting usually being determined by the reputation of the artists and the marketability of the subject painted. "Brook, Winter," by John Costl- ht gan, a artist, is the outstanding painting of the group, followed closely by "Sailboats," and by Florence Ballln "Waterfront." Cramer, of New York. oimiiiimniiiiiiiiuiim STATE vs. DUKE PLAY by PLAY 1 Over Direct Wire by Jimmie Kerr from Durham, N. C. 2 Kaln-.tuckfeel-'in- a I AND HAROLD LLOYD in "FEET FIRST" 1 i i 1 TOMORROW j For-que- 3, itlllllilllimilH Wketttucku a llllllK3IIIIIIIIIHItlllllllllHltillHllHWIIHnHHWHWa Free Transportation KNOXVILLE All you have to do is to bring to our showroom, someone wh will purchase a Ford Car. We will do the selling for you. . .and arrange terms. When the car is delivered we will give you a round trip ticket with berth both ways to Knoxville, for the Thanksgiving game. Should we prefer we will give you the commission in cash. ! 'A : i THIS IS OPEN TO ALL UNIVERSITY STUDENTS FRAZIER MOTOR CO. (Incorporated) 108 E. HIGH ST. PHONE ASH 6970 4