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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1990, no. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l l Preventing FAC "We were on a roll, but now we have to A priority of Black and Bratton is to \ g _k=_:_ catch up, explained Scott Black in his seek the help of Kentucky physicians in g _V_ 5 = and Robert Brattons continuing efforts this effort. They contacted several physi- g` i to make the public aware of fetal alcohol cians early last Spring and sent patient _ __ syndrome. First year residents in Family information to them which was well re- ,_ _,_ =V__ _,; Practice, Black and Bratton have found it ceived. They plan to send pamphlets and . i' more difficult this year in devoting time more information to additional physi- fi: ! `P they would like to this important cians soon. A " /2/_A venture. Currently, New jersey is considering A In August, 1988 the two UK medical using the Black and Bratton awareness _ students effectively presented to the Lex- program as a model for legislation in ,, ~ ington-Fayette Urban County Council the that state. Clearly these two UK medical _ ., yy . `_t` {I findings that fetal alcohol syndrome is students have been an example to .; -i_'i,._ the number one cause of preventable others. _ ', birth defects. In fact, it occurs in one of Some have questioned whether Ken- P if V ,4', Q every 1,000 births. They asked the Coun- tuckys infants suffer from fetal alcohol Xg H .- "'? M eil to require businesses that sell alcohol syndrome, but Black is more sure than ,___ _ _ . M t to display signs warning pregnant ever. 1 have been even more attuned to if i``ii " ~_.. ` women of the dangers of drinking. The this preventable problem since being in ._ ~ i'i Council approved unanimously. The pediatric rotation this last year, and per- ` P ig -t signs, "Warning, Drinking Alcoholic Bev- sonally seeing two cases just since this erages During Pregnancy Can Cause summer. It is out there. Scott Block ond Robert Brotton Birth Defects,` were promptly posted. g V _ __ '_`` I __ _ V _t__: V __`__E _` "lt felt really good walking into a res- _. `i " ` ` _ Ii H ___ taurant and seeing those signs and know- _ ~ ing we had worked on that, A poll done N V Q in New York. afler signs were posted _. ...i` { _ i there, showed awareness increased V ~ g ` E _ nearly 20 percent almost immediately. in ; r Whether that translates into decreased #*2 * `~ /i ` i` QQ lelal alcoliol syndrome or not, people " i * _ certainly are more aware now, Black ,,f-2,; ` C g i { y _.i said. 1 _ T `. j ii T Atltlitioiial benefits occurred when the : gi ` _ v_ ``_ federal government recently required P 4 i f" that warnings be posted on cans and li- ,*" vi j _ T tlitor containers. This had previously met = , with strong resistance. , . ` s;2g=g,, r - l a i " _} ,` \!.` It 3. _>_v R L. V, x w ` .et.s ,_ N errrs .~. ..... . .... ..... . E 3 . . .2 ~. . -t-. A .-_. - ..;.. L es, . . The Greet Teochers for 199O ore pictured with Suson Mountioy, choirmon of the Greot Teocher Committee. They ore; lomes Force ond Wilford Bloden, both from the Lexington compus; Denis Morrow, Elizobethtown Community College; Chorles Howes, Ashlcind Community College, ond Kevin Felton of Hopkinsville Community College. Greot Teocher Avvords hove been presented t onnuolly by the Associotion since l9ol . llk 4