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297 > Page 297 of Alias Red Ryan / by Charles Neville Buck ; frontispiece by Walter De Maris.

ALIAS RED RYAN 2997 "And mightn't she do worse" This time it was he who laid his hand on her arm, and it was his eyes that looked into hers with an earnestness that the forced laughter could not wholly belie. "She needs a gentleman," he said. "She thinks I am one but I'm not-at least not yet. Me, I'm just a gent-and it's quite a different thing alto- gether. She'd fall for me now-but later, she'd know she'd been bunked." "You are a gentleman, Don." Again Hope's voice trembled and again Fogarty laughed. "Oh, I'm going to be one," he answered. "Give me time. . . . But so far I've only come half way. I've got the front, and I mean to build behind it. . . . When I've done that-if she hasn't found someone already up to specifications, you'll find me coming back. . . . Meanwhile-" " Yes-meanwhile " " Meanwhile, I'm going to New York to send Man- delle and Carrington up the river. That will be busy work and I need right busy work just now." "And you aren't going to tell Faith" "Not a word. But I'm going to leave my bill of health with you and-some day, not too soon, per- haps-well, I think you understand." There was a catch in Hope's voice. "I do understand," she said. After a pause Fogarty spoke irrelevantly.