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1 > Page 1 of Alias Red Ryan / by Charles Neville Buck ; frontispiece by Walter De Maris.

ALIAS RED RYAN P ATROLMAN MAHAFFEY could see an il- luminated clock as he stood at the corner discussing with an acquaintance the evils of prohibition as he conceived them. By that circum- stance he was able to fix the hour of the evening defi- nitely in his mind when it came to making a report. "Besides anything else ye might say-and there's plenty, such as makin' hypocrites out of dacint men an' women, look at what it does for us," he observed gloomily. "Here with th' paapers howlin' about crime waves, with two fur warehouses robbed on me own bate in wan week of time, an' all an' all, we've got to spind our energies nosin' out bootleggers an He broke off abruptly, bending attentively for- ward, and when his companion started to voice his lugubrious agreement, the officer raised an imperative hand for silence. "Stop!" he exclaimed. "Wasn't that a shot I heard It didn't sound like a blowout nor yet an exhaust explosion . Hist! there it is again that way . . . sure, it's a pistol barkin' !" Officer Mahaffey wheeled and went running to- 1