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[6] > Image [6] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1993-01-jan19.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

- 6 - Systems. These positions were deliberately established to emphasize functions which created the need to employ additional staff. He reminded the Board that the University had received some special state funding for new programs such as: the Robotics Center, the rural health initiative, and the energy lab. These are obviously big programs that have created the need to employ staff. He then noted that the staff area had been impacted the most in the elimination of positions. President Wethington provided a summary of the financial impact of the budget reduction and restructuring plan and elaborated on the individual items in the summary. Position Eliminations $14.6 million Overtime Work and Part-Time Hiring Reduced .7 million Travel, Printing and Operating Expenses Reduced 7.1 million Equipment Purchases and Renovations Reduced .6 million More Stringent Utility Conservation Programs Implemented .5 million Contingency Reserves Reduced 1.1 million General Fund Expenses Moved to Other Fund Sources 2.1 million Restructuring-Reallocations 2.6 million TOTAL $29.3 million He said that the 2.6 million is a conservative figure for the restructuring moves reflected in the report. Any dollars generated as a result of the restructuring process will be considered for primary program priorities when preparing the 1993-94 Operating Budget. He expressed hope that additional dollars would be available to apply to primary program areas and/or salary increases. President Wethington informed the Board that this report would be sent to all full-time faculty and staff in the University, including the Coimmunity College System. He reported that the administration is ready to move on the completion of the Strategic Plan, the preparation of the 1993-94 Operating Budget and the preparation of the Biennial Budget Request for 1994-96. He stressed the importance of the 2% that the University has been asked to hold for another possible budget cut and said that he hoped it would not be cut from the University's budget. He asked the members of the Board to advocate for the support of higher education and, in doing so, to indicate that the institution has managed its two previous budget cuts, has lowered its budget base, has seriously looked at itself, and does need financial support to accomplish the objectives that, in his opinion, the Commonwealth wants the University to do. He said that it is important that the University start showing some increases in its budget to reflect that the institution is important and to be able to reward the faculty and staff for a job well done. In conclusion, he said that this is a report to the Board of actions the administration has taken in conjunction with faculty and staff in a participatory process for managing the institution in a fashion that he hopes the Board feels has lead to a determination of priorities inside the University. He thanked the Board for their patience in listening to the report.