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3 > Image 3 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 75, no. 3, Fall 2004

Part of Kentucky alumnus

D V , 'V/' A ir r D011 t let this ONIX I S S UE . S UK Al 'A ' t' M b h' A I' t' { llmlll SSDGIZ IUI] Em EIS Ip pp ID3 IDII } Q YES! I want to continue receiving Kentucky Q YES! Im a member, but I want to give the gitt Please check eee; i Alumni magazine and other great benefits ot a UK Alumni Association membership. Amman Dues ; V""" ' UK "''"' "SS'*"'"- rL?!%?JE23'e?LrSS?J%r;Bi??-e t ""'"' #1 ELtJv";t't2 I Gm l'S I f FS./MS. ' I AvaiIabte to ourrentpUK students and UK graduates who [_ Add(8S$ Clty SIQIE Zlp . completed trrst degree wrthrn last tive years, A RS; Lt) j Egan S$eD$:$5!0epymnt)S600 i Date(s); Graduated Attended s?A[;e(On8 paymEm)_S7OU 5 Q Friend of |'iOt Httfmd) mmregonsicutrve annual payments@$t40)S70D Q T (Eh; cgltgecutrve annual payments @ $150)*5750 E Member #2 ( D ./M ./M ./M . s__r rr Ab E Adregs rs S [iCheck(payabIgtt1o Urignglumertitssociation) +- j mv mo T ___ ggiall IZII\A;;terCard DA:ri;?i\e;h Express ' r a e I Date(s): Graduated Attended I it [I Friend of UK (Did not attend) Joint member must reside in your household but is not required to have attended or graduated from UK. Q!