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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 75, no. 3, Fall 2004

Part of Kentucky alumnus

. W- -. ew. 3~-~~ ee 4~ .. -W~ . QSQj l Ll ;,__ . *i% ` n `AVV Ing;} 4 gr ` Fall 2004 Volume 75 Number 3 f ye Painting 3 P1Ct\11 of Success {fe `i _____ _ ,____ _ _, . Q Michelle Noe O1 FA has created a career for herself R `~ turning blank walls in homes and business offices into R GY colorful murals. ds. __ an q nw , By Robyn Davis Sekula On the Cover: . . { David l\/lansbery '76 BE is a serial Llvmg the Language Through R entrepreneur whose latest venture International Travel . Changes me Way We CROK UK is a hub of international student travel, with destinations to il Photo: 2004 Jaff Gl Japan, Haiti, Spain, France, Africa and many more. Learn about ee. some of these extraordinary study-abroad programs that act as a springboard to the entire world for students. .--v if By Rupert Pickens R ` if _ . _ Serial Entrepreneur Revolutionizes the Way We Cook ,,C|_ Imagine calling" a home appliance from your office and instructing it to cook supper . , , W er., so a meal is ready and waiting when you arrive later. David Mansbeiy 76 BE is using >. l R r 2lst century knowhow to deliver what technology has promised for so long easier living. me I By Beverly K. Bell M, UK and Scholarships: Investing in St11dents Futures i R Scholarships help keep Kentuckys brightest at home and influence top students in other states to choose UK. Every scholarship dollar received helps ease the financial Rupert Pickens cost of attending college for a deserving student, sometimes meaning the difference between attending college or not. it By Robin Kidd Roenker ing D E P A R T M E N T S 24 Paint the Town Blue: 2004 Homecoming, Reunion and * I | * ORRRRRR RRMRRRR 4 gfkA`imffSr ah - 4 4- i i d i 4 1 ec ou a is mg o some o e upcoming es ivi ies sc ie u e on campus 6 this fall as grads flock back to Lexington to reconnect with classmates during UK BEAT 8 UKs Homecoming and Reunion season. RESEARCH NOTES ll THE OPEN DOOR 26 in GLEANINGS 45 grif T;. j g , sPoRTs 46 i QUICK rA1