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Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 9, May 1939

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

} lsln,-div ,__v _. WNW! nn': K"HJ .>=~~-~~*ll -jlgiii.-#23iti qtg,i..g:l Vol. 1 May, 1939 No. 9 ie ie KENTUCKY FRUIT NOTES W. D. Armstrong, Horticulturlst, Editor lv ` STRAWBERRY MULCH interested growers; and it was y ee MEETINGS very interesting to compare the i it . 1-ton, 2-ton and 3-ton mulch a - ,s_ Dunne _th month 0f_Mm`ch plications that had been put dh t field meetings were held in each in December and Febmary In - of the Six Strawberry muleh most cases the Merch mulch ep- XPal`lmlllal llama- The maatlllg plications were made during the . . at the H- Olees farm in Jeifersen meeting; end the diiference in C01ltY Was llald OH Merch 2- The thickness of mulches on the 1-ton, PF meetings in southwestern Ken- Q-tou, and 3,teH plots was of gen_ _ . if- tucky were held during the Week eral interest and caused consider- * l" l ef March 2731 Three ef these able comment. At this last mulch- i th ticlds are in McCracken County img it was found that the 1-tou 2 `$ . 8Ild HTC located OI] till" f2iI`1HS of application Could be gen- lh t J- T- Warlleri ROUU3 6, Paducah; erally over the row and over the re Lester Harris, Route 2, Kevil; and mjddles; horvgver, with the 2-teu . tg Frederick Beyer, Route 2, Pa- application only a small amount . -' tl- ducah. One is in Ma1Sh&ll C0\lI1tY was put over the row with a larger i m . and is located on the farm of Mr. portion between the rows; and with . l J- L- Bll