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Ralph Barker, Richlawn Farm Film Collection, 1935

Part of Ralph Barker, Richlawn Farm Film Collection

2004av038 Ralph Barker, Richlawn Farm Film Collection 2004av038 Barker, Ralph Richlawn Farm Film Collection Finding aid prepared by Camille Novak, Klinton Blair, and Lewis Warden University of Kentucky Special Collections Special Collections Margaret I. King Building, North Lexington, KY, 40506-0039 (859) 257-8611 SCLREF@LSV.UKY.EDU 2005 This finding aid was produced using the Archivists' Toolkit 2013-10-10T16:05-0400 2013 Ralph Barker, Richlawn Farm Film Collection 2004av038 University of Kentucky Special Collections 2.5 Cubic feet 121 films circa 1935-1964 The Ralph Barker, Richlawn Farm Film Collection, ca. 1935-1964 consists of 121 films; 47, 8mm films and 74, 16mm films. The bulk of the collection is amateur home and vacation movies in color and black and white. The amateur films document the family life of Ralph M. Barker, his friends, and family on Richlawn farm in Carrollton, Kentucky. Common scenes include: Mr. Barker and his dogs; visiting friends; scenes around the home; floods and high water; the Kentucky River and river transportation; Easter activities; Christmas scenes; farm work and activities; setting tobacco; Birthday parties; and Fourth of July celebrations. Preferred Citation note Ralph Barker, Richlawn Farm Film Collection, 2004av038, University of Kentucky Special Collections. Conditions Governing Access note Collection is open to researchers by appointment. Biographical/Historical note In 1879, Myron Barker, a major tobacco broker, set up residence on land that he called Richlawn Farm in Carrollton, Kentucky. He raised tobacco and operated as an independent broker until 1902 when he sold his interest to the American Tobacco Co. In the early 1900s, after Myrons death, the farm land was owned by Adelaide (Barker) Fisher, Myrons daughter. She and her husband, William Fisher, built a summer home on the property. In 1918, Adelaide and William lost their house to a fire and they began a rebuilding process over the next five years. Sadly, nearly one year before the home was finished, Adelaide became ill and passed away. At that time, William Fisher sold the land along with the nearly completed home to Adelaides brother, Ralph M. Barker (married to Nell Long Barker), whom completed work on Highland House in 1923. Richlawn Farm was significant to citizens of Carroll County as it was a place of social events and gatherings. During holidays such as Christmas and Fourth of July, the Richlawn yard would be elaborately decorated. Ralph M. Barker owned the R.M. Tobacco Company, started the Carrollton Phone System, the Carrollton Cannery and was a prominent local businessman. In addition, he was known for his love of dogs and at one time owned 37 Great Danes. Highland House was built in the eclectic style and has features of many types of architecture. According to the Carrollton Tourism Website, The stucco faade and glazed clay tile roof are Mediterranean revival. The Palladian window and fanlight over the entryway are Federal. Groupings of 3 and 4 windows are Arts & Crafts. The multi-diamond paned windows are Tudor and the subtle use of half-hidden fluted columns in the facade echoes the Greek revival style. Following Ralph M. Barkers death, Highland House had a series of owners and the structure began to slowly deteriorate. In 1996, Don and Ruth Mougey of Iowa, purchased the land and began restoring Highland House. They focused on maintaining original details and now operate a bed and breakfast out of the home. In the year 2000, Highland House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Thelma Carraco, whom donated this collection, is referenced as Bai Hughes throughout the films. She married Paul Carraco, who worked for and with Ralph M. Barker, and had two sons, Malcolm and Dan Carraco. Bai was born in Eloise, Kentucky and described herself as a mountaineer. Paul Carraco was a University of Kentucky College of Agriculture graduate (1937), and served as president of the Carroll County Farm Bureau, the Carroll County Fair Board, and the Kentucky Ohio Valley Artificial Breeding Association. He was also a founding member of the Kentucky Polled Hereford Association, and served on the board of the First National Bank in Carrollton, Kentucky. He also owned the Sixth Street Tobacco Warehouse and the Golden Burley Tobacco Warehouse. Scope and Contents note The Ralph Barker, Richlawn Farm Film Collection, ca. 1935-1964 consists of 121 films; 47, 8mm films and 74, 16mm films. The bulk of the collection is amateur home and vacation movies in color and black and white; there are also two Castle Films News Parade reels. The amateur films document the family life of Ralph M. Barker, his friends, and family on Richlawn farm in Carrollton, Kentucky. Common scenes include: Mr. Barker and his dogs; visiting friends; scenes around the home; floods and high water; the Kentucky River and river transportation; Easter activities; Christmas scenes; farm work and activities; setting tobacco; Birthday parties; and Fourth of July celebrations. The films also document Cincinnati Reds baseball games, Florida training sessions and other baseball games and players including: The 1939 World Series; Cincinnati Reds vs. Pittsburgh; Boston Bees vs. Brooklyn Dodgers, 1940; the Yankees and Cardinals in 1940; Cincinnati Reds Johnny Vander Meer, Don Lang, Whitey Moore (Lloyd Albert Moore), and others. The collection includes many vacation films shot across the United States: Yellowstone Park; The Badlands; Mt. Rushmore; The Grand Canyon; Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam); San Francisco, California; New Castle, Wyoming; St. Augustine, Florida; Ely, Nevada; and others. Related Archival Materials note Carraco, Paul E. (1909-1988) Farm Journals, 1956-1978 1998MS007, Special Collections, University of Kentucky. Interview with Paul E. Carraco, March 16th, March 25th, March 26th, and March 30th, 1987, University of Kentucky Oral History Program. Conditions Governing Use note Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky. Ameche, Don Barker, Myron Irving, 1901-1965 Barker, Ralph M. Carraco, Paul E. Carraco, Thelma Carraco, Thelma Chandler, Albert Benjamin, Jr. Cincinnati Reds (Baseball team). Garrett, Ralph Kentucky Derby. Lancaster, Weegie Lang, Donald Charles, 1915-2010 Moore, Lloyd Albert, 1912-1987 Vander Meer, Johnny, 1914-1997 Agriculture--Farming Agriculture--Kentucky. Carrollton (Ky.) Dogs--Kentucky Exhibition buildings--California--San Francisco Floods--Kentucky. Steamboats--Kentucky. Tobacco farmers. Tobacco industry--Kentucky. Unknown (needs to be viewed). Axton's farm - A. Horses. B. House, C. Barn, D. Cows, etc.; Weegie at factory, Mr. Salt at factory, C and W. train, Gold Grain and Spud. McMurtry and Bai at factory, Hauling tobacco from farm. R.M. Barker, dogs and McMurtry, Signs on side of warehouse, Lawrence, Bai and Embee. Lawrence and R.M. Barker. Men at Warehouse meeting, George Baker. Highland Avenue. Red Adams. Bai and Embee. Mary Lyter and baby. Miss Hallie Masterson, Frederika Geier, Marie Grobmyer, and Ruth Adkinson. Preacher Spicer's buggy. R.M. Barker and Spud. Jimmy Driskell, Freddy Geier, Mrs. Grobmyer and Marie Grobmyer. High Water. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 1 1935 Unknown (needs to be viewed). Home and dogs, etc. Digging ditch at back of farm, Virginia Bond at factory. R.M. Barker with dogs - Embee and Spud, Virginia Bond and Bai, Men and mules at farm, Butler State Park at Carrollton, Ky. Louise Harrison and company, Lyter Donaldson at Barker's home, Frank Powers, wife and baby, cutting hay at farm, Army trucks, entrance to Barker's driveway. Farm scenes - hauling hay. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 2 1935 Unknown (needs to be viewed). Cutting tobacco, Evan Hunt's house, (Little Richlawn). Highland Avenue by the bridge, Winter scenes around R.M.B.'s [Ralph M. Barker] and dogs, Myron, Dogs in snow. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 3 undated Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the reel reads, 'R. M. B's trip East - 1935 with Hallie Howard.' 4 1935 Unknown (needs to be viewed). Fall, 1935 and Spring, 1936. George Baker and R.M.B. at Sixth Street House. Farm scenes, working on dogs' ears, Velma Joe and Ruth Adcock, Mrs. Hughes, Frederika, Mrs. Lancaster, Mrs. Adcock, Alvin Hill, Jimmy Driskell, Cat Everett, Dana Adcock, Ruth Adcock, Bai, Mr. Barker, Lucy Schuerman, Mary Neace, Carl and Anne Womack, Bob and Lucy Schuerman, Christmas lights, School building - Carrollton, Spring - Steaming plant beds, Farm scenes, Dogs - Jim Crack. Easter Egg Hunt. Louise Adkinson, Virginia Bond, Mary Neace, Velma Jo, Weegie, Bai, Cat Everett, Ruth Adcock, Frank Manning, Marty Hill. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 5 1935-1936 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the reel reads, 'Winter scenes December and January - 1935 - 1936.' Tobacco Buyers; Mr. Harrison and Mr. Bethea; Carl Womack; Virgil Butler at hog barn; Rex Mischief; Boat in Kentucky River during ice; Kentucky River and Bridge; 'Peace' boat; Womack on bridge; Ice (1935); Ruth, Weegie, Mary Harp, Bai, Womack, Smithers and R.M. Barker (1936); 'Peace' boat; Lake frozen over; Winter scene at home (R.M.B's); Dogs; Frank Manning, Weegie, Mary H. Ruth and Bai at factory; Weegie, Mary H. Bai, Ruth, Frank and R.M. Barker; Sweeping snow on roof - Ed Abbitt, Arthur Salt, Jo Sampson and Evans Hunt; Ice in Ohio River at Madison; Milton Hill; John Smithers, Arthur Salt, Joe Sampson, Harley Tilley, Ed Abbitt, Floppy and Womack; Womack and Smithers. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 6 1935-1936 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the reel reads, 'High water Spring of 1936.' Arrowhead Inn, Fourth Street Warehouse, Bridge over Little Kentucky River. Velma Mitchell and Stanley Grobmyer, Cars coming through high water. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 7 1936 Unknown (needs to be viewed). Park - Butler's home. CCC Camp at Carrollton, Ky. Weegie and other officers at camp...Jackass. Train at Walton, Kentucky. Frankfort, Kentucky. Dr. Stewart's home at Frankfort. Princess and her pups. Spud and Gold Grain. Weegie. R.M. Barker and pups. Lincoln Zephyr. Weegie, Bai and R.M. Barker. Judge Bingham and Percy Haley. Mary Harp, Ruth Adcock, Weegie, Bai and R.M. Barker at Cincinnati. Mrs. Cook and friends at Barker home. Richlawn Princess. Big Steer at Howard's home, Cynthiana, Ky. Mr. and Mrs. Howard, and Hallie at their home. Emma and Arch. Ruth, Weegie, Bai and R.M. Barker. Army trucks at camp. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 8 1936 Unknown (needs to be viewed). Ruth, Dana, Weegie, Marion Manning. Mildred Stewart at Barker home. Dogs - Embee. Building new warehouse - Brite-Lite. Farm - putting up hay. Adcock family. Richlawn Kennels. Fan Ratliff, Elizabeth Jones and George Matthews at Barker home. puppies. R.M. Barker asleep on Spud. Weegie and R.M. Barker. R.M. Barker and dogs. Fourth Street Warehouse fire. Kentucky Power Company men on telephone poles. Messrs. Shen, Hartnett, Robertson and Hill. Trotting horses at Lexington, Kentucky. Stallions. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 9 1936 Unknown (needs to be viewed). R.M.B. and dogs. Miss Gibbons from Cincinnati. Bai. Mr. B. in checked coat. Zoo in Cincinnati. Baseball game (Cincinnati vs. Chicago). Keeneland Race Course, Jimmy Driskell, Frederika Geier, Weegie. Football game - Lexington. Spud. Elizabeth Ratliffe and Fan Ratliffe. Mr. Barker. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 10 1936 Unknown (needs to be viewed). Farm scenes, Derby crowd at night on highway, Mrs. Harmon and Mr. Barker, Building tool shed, Plant beds. Hubert Hackett plowing with tractor, Bai on tobacco setter, Mr. Barker pitching woo --- I mean hay, Bai doing the same, Mr. Barker and Beauty, Bai and Paul, and Mr. Barker. Farm hands, Beulah and Ruby Harmon. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 11 undated Unknown (needs to be viewed). Farm scenes, Mr. Barker and pony. Paul, Mr. Barker and pony. Bai; Bai and Weegie, Paul and Marshall Ney. Farm scenes. Ball Game. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 12 undated Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the reel reads, 'Mammoth Cave Trip.' Mammoth Cave Trip - Ruth, Dana, Weegie and Bai. Fire on the way home, Lincoln Memorial, Old Kentucky Home. Mrs. Hughes and Embee at home. Bai and Embee, Paul on Beauty, Bai on Beauty, Ball game. Bob Stigers, Virginia Banks, Mr. Barker, George Baker and Walter Vest. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 13 undated Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the reel reads, '#7 - colored film All - Star Game.' R.M. Barker's home, flowers, lawn, etc. Mrs. Hughes, Homer, Colville and children, Velma Jo, Josephine and Bai at R.M.B.'s home - Easter. Virginia Bond and Velma Jo Robertson at R.M.B.'s home. Mrs. Hughes working in tulips at her home. All Star Game 1938 Cincinnati. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 14 1937-1938 Unknown (needs to be viewed). Spring and Fall, 1938. Spud, Setting tobacco, Farm scenes, Paul smoking cigarette, Adcock house, Floppy Forquer, Hallie Howard, Mary Harp. Elephants in yard, Circus - Haig and Haig. Bai selling tickets. Whitey, Dogs on farm, Trip to Owensboro, Louise Adkinson, Genner, Paul, Weegie and Bai, and Mr. Barker. Tobacco in Brite-Lite. Tobacco at Marshall and Harris Warehouse. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 15 1938 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the reel reads, '#2 - Calif. Trip.' Yellowstone Park. Old faithful Hotel. Old Faithful. Yellowstone Lake. Copper Mines at Bingham. Bay at San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge. Hamilton Field. Weegie and soldier. Mr. Barker. Treasure Island - World's Fair. Flower Show. Ann, Suzanne, Noel and Myron. Mr. Barker, Suzanne and Noel. Myron and Noel. Arabian Horse Ring. Sally Smith and Elizabeth Demint. Movie Studios. Boulder Dam. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 16 1938 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the reel reads, '#1 - Calif. Trip.' Weegie. Badlands of Dakotas. Weegie on Black Diamond. Mt. Rushmore. Burros. Mr. Barker. New Castle, Wyoming. Custer Burial Ground. Rifle Lodge. Mountain Stream. Weegie in snow on Rocky Mountain. Waterfall. Flowers in top of mountain. Petrified tree. Bear. Hot springs in Yellowstone. Gophers. Paint Pot. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 17 1938 Unknown (needs to be viewed). Ball game - WORLD SERIES - Frank and Betty Powers, Mr. Barker, Judy Gaines, Weegie, Bai and Paul, Homer and Violet Moore at World Series. John and Lois Vander Meer, Dick and Pat Bray, Ruth and Fred Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Dunford, Mr. Barker, Bai and Paul target shooting. Mr. Barker and dogs. Nativity Scenes, Christmas, 1940. Mr. Barker and puppies - 1941. Horses, mules and scenes on farms. Mares and colts, sow and pigs, Bob Stigers and dogs. Bob and Harriett Stigers and Mrs. Brink. Dogs and Richlawn Paul. Mr. Barker and Humpy. Mare and colt. Bai and pups. Mr. Barker and dogs. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 18 1940-941 Unknown (needs to be viewed). Little Spud in station wagon. Farm scenes, cattle, horses, mules. Cattle in pond. Helen Scott in station wagon. Farm scenes. mare and colt. Cutting tobacco. Black Jack as puppy. Farm scenes. Cattle. Pigs. Spring, 1942. Black Jack and Pat. Mr. Harmon. White mare and colt. Paul on tractor. Mr. Minch and horses. Pat. Black Jack. Ohio boys. Lang, Tipton and Johnson. Bai, Josephine and Ginner weeding Bai's petunia bed. [Notes taken from leather-bound inventory.] 19 1941-1942 Unknown (needs to be viewed), note located within the can reads, '1953 Plant Bed (illegible) - John Knox - Bill M Creary - Pat Wiley 1954 (illegible) Painting - Big Barn and Silo Hog Barn (illegible) and (illegible) (illegible) (illegible) 1955 - Blue Ridge Mts. Delta Queen Oct. Nov. - 1955 Pouring basement and foundation for new house Fall 1958 CEK (illegible) (illegible) Cutting tobacco - Delta Queen 1959 - May Setting tobacco Work on Swimming pool Daddy Pa - (illegible) around pool - John (illegible) Boats on Ohio Big Snow of March 1959 Front on Trees - Cattle in Snow - (illegible) R F Pato (illegible) 5 and 7.' 20 1953-1955; 1958-1959 Unknown (needs to be viewed) 21 1954 Unknown (needs to be viewed), note located within the can reads, 'Malcolm Lee - Fall 1945 Mrs. Hughes, Malcolm and Honey Girl Mary Nell Meadows Jeep when new Malcolm - 1946 Dogs Malcolm (illegible) and white rabbit Jess shooting big fish Bobby, Nancy and Juanita Double film - 1947 Malcolm's birthday party and Evelyn Logan's home - Airplane Dogs Bobby Malcolm.' 22 1945-1947 Unknown (needs to be viewed), note located within the can reads, 'Carter Mar 1948 at home an at Mr. (illegible) (illegible) - (illegible) - (illegible) Ruth (illegible) here in Apr. 1948 Flood `948 - Down to Dad's in boat by Phillips house and Dads house (illegible) - Malcolm - (illegible) (illegible) Family down at Aunt Ree's 1948 (illegible) - Helen (illegible) and family. (illegible) - (illegible) Sue and Malcolm (illegible) and Malcolm (illegible) and Honey (illegible) Margaret, Homer, (illegible), (illegible) - 1948 Mr. Barber.' 23 1948 Unknown (needs to be viewed), note located on the can reads, '1949 - Kindergarten - (illegible) at Barkers Pool - Malcolm on old Neel Dog Kennels Nov 1945 - Bai and Malcolm Bobby in Sand Pit - Malcolm riding 1947 horse - (illegible) (illegible) - (illegible) and Carl (illegible) Niagara Falls - 1949 - Malcolm and Caroly (illegible) 1949 - fall - 1950 Easter.' 24 1945; 1947; 1949-1950 Unknown (needs to be viewed), note located on the can reads, 'Dottie Sue and Malcolm 3 yr - 8 mos. Kindergarten and High Water 1948 1949 Fort Ticondaroga - Ship passing in Canal Niagara Falls - Portland, ME Fort Williams at Port. Lighthouse. (illegible) Turnpike - Valley Forge, Pa Gettysburg Boston - Paul Revere House - Commons - Bunker Hill - Fort by Harbor Boston Tea Party 1948 Wisconsin Dells - Travel (illegible) cabins Wisconsin Roads - Potatoes and wheat in Red River Valley - Minn. (illegible) pictures of fields in Canada.' 25 1948-1949 Unknown (needs to be viewed), note located within the can reads, 'Malcolm on Pony Wis. Dells Minnesota wheat fields Red River Valley Potato field Canada Circle Eating Lunch from (illegible) in (illegible), Iowa Capitol Dottie Sue - Malcolm 3 yr. 8 mos. Kindergarten - Becky - McGuire (illegible)?(illegible) Mrs. (illegible) Sheela (illegible) Flood 1948 (illegible) Ray - Dottie Sue - Malcolm (illegible) Reunion at Crestwood in 1948 Malcolm - Winter Early 1949 Grannie - Dottie Sue - Grannie spot in Sept 1948 Malcolm - Dottie Sue - Pony 1948 Malcolm 4th birthday.' 26 1948-1949 Unknown (needs to be viewed), note located within the box reads, '1951 - Deep Snow - Malcolm and Danny 1952 - Easter - Black and White Ann - Malcolm - Danny - Spot - (illegible) - ginny Ruth 1952 - Kids and airplane at Fathers Day at Docs and Lillians, Malcolm's 8th birthday - Malcolm - Danny - Ann riding in new pony buggy 1953 - Christmas - Doc - Lillian - Ralph - Marie - Dad - Mom - Barber house after cutting trees. 1953 - April Snow - Cattle - New barn Frame - Flowers in bloom - Danny - Malcolm and Paul - (illegible) Cole and Malcolm.' 27 1951-1953 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, 'Aunts June, Dora and Florence in Va. 1953 - July.' 28 1953 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, '1964 March Flood Watering (illegible) in big field.' 29 1964 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, '1962 Badlands S. Dakota picture of (illegible) (illegible) of Prairie Dogs - Missouri River - Mississippi River.' 30 1962 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, 'Badlands 1962 (illegible).' 31 1962 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, 'R. M. Barker Carrollton, Ky.' 32 1943 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, 'R. M. Barker Carrollton, Ky.' 33 1938 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, 'R. M. Barker Carrollton, Ky.' 34 1939 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, 'Mr. R. M. Barker Carrollton, Kentucky.' 35 1948 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, '41033-2 Dupe 50ft AG.' 36 undated Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, 'Paul E. Carraco R. #2 Worthville, Ky. #18 New House 1955 Fall Moving Play House Easter 1956.' 37 1955-1956 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, 'Christmas 1956 Easter 1957 Tobacco (illegible) Nov. 57 Christmas 1957.' 38 1956-1957 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, 'Mar. 60 - Snow (illegible) 5 and 7 Easter 1960 R. F. (illegible).' 39 1960 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, 'R. M. Barker Carrollton, Ky.' 40 1949 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, 'R. M. Barker Carrollton, Ky.' 41 1943 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, '16 1935 1935 Ruth and Bai at factory Mr. Harrison and Mr. Bethea Horses at farm Marie, Lynn and Bai, Hallie, Floppy and R. M. B. upside - down picture of Womack Ruth and Dana.' 42 1935 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, '15 1935 1935 Bridge Celebration Lynn and Marie Eula Jo and Ronny Geo. Baker, Red Adams, Weegie and Bai at Sixth St. Whse.' 43 1935 Unknown (needs to be viewed), writing on the box reads, 'R. M. Barker Carrollton, Ky.' 44 1947 Unknown (needs to be viewed). 45 undated Unknown (needs to be viewed). 46 undated Item missing from collection. 47 undated Men establishing rows and setting tobacco; Men pulling tobacco plants from small plant bed; Tobacco field showing portion cut and cutters spread out in field; J.B. Robertson; Putting up hay by tractor implement and men with pitchforks; Spreading manure; Plowing with horse drawn cultivator. Man operates combine as pulled through field by tractor; Bailing hay including unloading chopping and horse drawn rolling; Spreading lime after loading it into horse drawn spreader; Filling silo; (out of picture), using conveyer belt; Digging pond using bulldozer and attached implement. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrwFvMqBljE 48 1939 Existence and Location of Copies note http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrwFvMqBljE Farm Scenes, Cattle grazing in field; Allen Harmon leaning on stick; Mr. Paul Carraco walking through the field; Ralph Garrett and two boys looking at two horses; Ball players on farm; Scenes of men riding horses; Herschberger, Mr. Barker and Spud, and Johnny Vander Meer; Ball players fishing in pond surrounded by cows; Men cutting down tree; Mr. Barker and two women jumping rope; Small boy standing; Scenes of cows and men working in fields; Mr. Barker and dogs with mule and another man on horse; Burning plant beds; Men drawing tobacco plants; Man painting fence. Setting tobacco using horse drawn tobacco setter. 49 1939 General farm scenes; Bob Arthur and Clem Harmon holding a horse; Paul Carraco; Mrs. Harmon, Ruby and Allen outside on the steps; Skinny squatting; Scenes of dogs playing in the snow; Scenes of pigs in a fenced farmyard; Scenes of sheep in a fenced farmyard; Interior scenes of a hog sale, showing the crowd, auctioneer and outside parking lot full of cars; Images of men tearing down old stone house on Seventh Street using a horse-drawn wagon to remove materials; Loading large stones.... Cleaning off Independent lot; General scenes of men working farmland including Spring plowing, tractors, horse-drawn farm implements; Stanley Lee out at factor; A man holding the reins of Beauty, a horse, while Bai grooms her; View of covered rows of plant beds on the farm. 50 1939 Ball Game May / 39 Ball Game May 30 / 39 Velma Joe, Marty Ginner, (illegible), Mary McGuire, Bai and R. M. B. at game Color film of ball Va. Gentry, (illegible) and Bai at game.' Pictures in Mr. Barker's box: Virginia Bond, Velma Jo Robertson, Marty Hill, Weegie Lancaster Bai and Paul (taking pictures), Mr. Barker. Close-up in colors. Hershberger, Scarccella, Dick Bray, Virginia Banks, Weegie, Bai. World Series pictures. 51 1939 Baseball pictures. Spring Training Camp in Tampa Florida 1939. Ball players wives in stands during a spring training game. Candid spring training footage of practice, and portraiture of individual Cincinnati Reds Baseball Players; Powell Crosley; Russ Oelsner in uniform. World Series pictures. 52 1939 Cincinnati Reds Baseball, Crosley Field, opening game April 17 1939.' Players on field warming up before game; Players on field for the National Anthem; Base runner injured and carried out of game; Reds #36, Bud Hafey batting; Reds #19 Milt Galatzer batting; Reds #35 Whitey Moore batting; Reds #30 Paul Derringer batting; Mr. Barker and Russ Oelsner in box on the third base line; Dug out images; Reds player (unknown) signing autograph; Reds #18 Billy Werber batting; Reds #10 Frank McCormick batting; Reds #4 Ernie Lombardi batting; Reds #25 Lee Gamble batting; Reds #33 Johnny Vander Meer batting; Reds #11 Lonny Frey batting; Pitcher warming up #36 Wes Livengood; End of game - teams exiting the stadium. 53 April 17, 1939 Colored Film Easter Sunday 1938.' Landscape images of the front of the house. Children and adults hunting Easter eggs on the property. Virginia Wayne, Velma Jo Robertson, Frances Purdom, Virginia Bond, Ruth and Dana Adcock, Catlett Everett, Freddy Geier, Jimmy Driskell, Bob and Harriett Stigers, Mary Lyter Preston, Tommy Lyter Preston, Mary and David McGuire, Virginia Harrison, Bob and Louis Bagby and children, Colville and Homer Hughes and children, Frank Manning, Marty Hill, Alvin Hill, Ruby, Beulah and Ida Mae Harmon, Mrs. Hughes and Aunt Sally Hughes, Weegie and Oce Rice, Floppy and Hallie Forquer, Mary Harp, Paul and Bai, Alice Louise Minish, Mrs. Margie Schuerman, Mary Gaines, J. B. Robertson, Lois Bagby's mother. Emma going in door. Dogs in tulips. 54 1938 High Water Island Queen Sunset Derby 1939. Cars driving down a road, camera turning upside down. Full exterior view of the house (no snow) and scenes around the home. Full exterior view of the house covered in snow. Very scratched and bright images with little detail of snow scenes. Snow covered landscape around the home. Puppies, and adult dogs in the kennels. Kentucky River [High water, end of Main Street, and off of Kentucky River Bridge]. Front view of the capital building in Frankfort. Capital building from behind. Governor's mansion beside the capital building. Steps from the back of the house to the Ohio River. Unidentified man rowing a boat down the Ohio River. Mr. Barker and Bob Stigers at Blue Lick, looking over the Ohio river which seems to have spilled over its banks and flooded nearby farms and homes. Island Queen steam boat with passengers boarding. Laverne Watts in a car at the river. Ohio Ferry, cars leaving Island Queen pulling into dock. Sunset on the Ohio river (dark images showing the Ohio river and trees on the bank). Cars leaving the Derby at night. (dark images with only car lights visible.) Tow boat on the Ohio (images scratched and deteriorated). 55 1939 Mr. and Mrs. Peabody. Sir Hugo Cunlife Owen and wife from England. Bai working on pictures. Arch and Puppies. Mr. Barker and Puppies. Weegie. Virginia Wayne. Dana Adcock; Ruth Adcock. Velma Jo Robertson. Virginia Bond. Francis Purdom. Marty Hill. Inez Schmidt. Frances Dale. Jennie Lukes. Alverna Ranker. Mary Virginia Nevills. Richlawn Paul; Marshall Ney. Lou Ellis in kitchen. 56 1939 Mr. Barker and Spud at home. Bob Stigers. Mr. Barker, Harriett Stigers and pups. Ralph Garrett. John Smithers. Jeff Abbott. Pete Dudley. Sidney Law. Monroe Osborne. Mr. Barker, thumbing his nose. Bob Clarke. Scenes (pictures of warehouse scenes). Picture of Johnny Meer. Picture of House. Picture of tobacco men (Board of Trade). Arch Brown and Lawrence Martin, planting trees around dog pens. Weegie in living room, with a big hat on. Mrs. Adcock, Eleanor Clarke. Bai and Mary. Bob Clarke and Bai. Velma Jo, Frances Purdom and Marty Hill. Virginia Bond and Virginia Wayne. Leg show. Freddy Geier and Mary Gaines. Mary Hart. Alvin Hill. Mrs. Hughes. Snow scenes around the house. Jim Weaver and family. Emma in kitchen. 57 1939 January California Trip.' View of the University of California. Mr. Barker telling Myron good-bye, (handshake), in front of the car at roadside. Exterior of the Yucca Grove Cafe with a man [referenced as 'Dad' in notes] and others. Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam, 1947) in Boulder City, Nevada with a power station and Lake Mead impoundment of Colorado River. Steep rocky landscape as viewed from car while traveling to Zion National Park. Views of Bryce Canyon National Park from overlook. Ruby's Inn. Rock formations in Red Canyon including road tunnel with a car driving through. Pans of Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon National Park. Exterior of Grand Canyon Lodge where group stayed. Grand Canyon Cape Royal area with Angel's Window rock formation. Painted Desert footage (dark). Indian Lodge (very dark). Exterior of Will Rogers Memorial Museum, Claremont, Oklahoma. 58 1939 'California Trip.' First Theatre, Bird Rock, on 17th mile drive, Bixby Bridge, largest single span in the world. Santa Maria, California. Bernheiner Oriental Gardens, Myron Barker. Bai and Weegie. Hollywood. Hollywood Boulevard. Marion Davies beach house. Ann Lester Warner's home. Anna Lester and Jessie Sue and Noel. Myron. Br. Barker, Weegie. Brown and Williamson store, Los Angeles. Jimmy Snyder's sister. Show ring at Arabian horse ranch. Bai and goat. Honeyville. Santa Anita Race track. Libby Demint and Sally Smith. 59 1939 California Trip.' Mr. Duffy at Ford Lincoln Highway Garage, Ely, Nevada. View from observation point of Donner Lake, west of Truckee, California. View while crossing bridge at Sacramento, California. Bay at Sacramento (faded color). Distant view of Alcatraz. Bai, Weegie, and officer at Air field of Hamilton, California (color). 1939 Worlds Fair Treasure Island Flower Show (faded color, and some black and white). Stanford University at Palo Alto (black and white). Royal Presidio Chapel of San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo in Monterey, California (black and white. View of / from Coit Tower, San Francisco, California (color). Several views of Treasure Island, 1939 World's Fair (color). 60 1939 California Trip.' Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park. Bear and cubs walking on road and roadside next to parked cars. Tower Falls with sign; height 132 feet. The Needles. Group on hillside with petrified tree. 'Goofy Moore, Guide' (too dark to ascertain). Wild antelope (too dark to ascertain). Mammoth Springs Hotel exterior. Beryl Springs with descriptive sign. Fountain Paint Pot with descriptive sign. Rocket Geyser in action with descriptive sign. Exterior of Old Faithful Hotel. Old Faithful Geyser in action. Small motorboat on Yellowstone Lake (dramatic color shift to red at end of scene). At a horse camp, Bai rides Pitchfork, a wild horse, followed by the group on a horseback tour. Elk herd on opposite side of a stream. Salt Lake City views from Mr. Barker's hotel room followed by street level views. Copper mines with spewing smoke from a vista, Bingham, Utah. 61 1939 California Trip.' Custer's Battlefield scattered hillside tombstones. Street scene in Billings, Montana business district showing the Grand Hotel where the group stayed. Rocky Mountain footage. Rachel Lodge, a gated camp, showing a few buildings and focusing on a mill wheel and associated Rocky Mountain stream Rocky Mountain footage. Twin Lakes and snow on mountains as viewed from vista. Weegie in the mountain snow making snowballs in July. Sign: Summit Beartooth Mountains Elevation: 10,942 ft. Lake creek (very dark footage). Field of mountain wild flowers. Mountain stream with white water turbulence in narrow channel. Cabins in Yellowstone where group stayed. Wrap around views of Canyon Hotel and a very large building, the largest Summer resort in the world. Views of canyon, 750 feet deep and 1500 feet wide, with a stream at bottom. 62 1939 'California Trip.' Badlands, South Dakota. Indian coming down the road; two men in horse drawn wagon. Bai in blue play suit; Weegie in pink, taking pictures. Close-up and pan of various rock formation features (dramatic color shift to red). Bai and Weegie on top of rock formation. Entrance of tunnel through Badlands. Bai and Weegie walking on road. Downtown street scene in Rapid City, South Dakota showing the Virginia Cafe on corner. Ray Sanders with Bai and others posing on Black Diamond, famous bucking horse (a prop horse). Ray Sanders handling several wild coyote pups. Looking up to Mt. Rushmore Memorial (Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln (dramatic color shift to red). Black Hills, South Dakota; wooded landscape viewed from road. 'Ghost City Mine Tours' sign on cafe building. Mountain burros grazing roadside. Unloading of car at Chief Hotel, Newcastle, Wyoming. Custer Battlefield gate, monument, buildings and many rows of tombstones. 63 1939 California Trip.' Mr. Barker, Bai, and Weegie shown standing by car in front of Weegie's house. Bridge, river view, and streets of Madison Indiana. First stop: Man working on a car in front of Viewpoint Inn just outside Indianapolis, Indiana. View of falls on Illinois River with power station and bridge. Driving through cities and town; Rockford, Freeport, and Sunnyside, Illinois. Three women at front porch of Mobil Gas and Sunnyside Cheese Factory Business. Galena Illinois hilltop view. View from inside car while crossing bridge over Mississippi River. Streets and buildings while going from East Dubuque, Illinois to Dubuque, Iowa. Building and house of Rush Park Stock Farm, Iowa. Boat ramp and marina with no boats at Cedar Falls Boat Club, Clear Lake, Iowa. Bai and Weegie in front of row of cabins at Okobogi Lake. Mr. Barker in front of a cabin with one of the women. Service station attendant next to gasoline pumps. Lake Okobogi as seen from vehicle. Busy street in Rock Rapids, Iowa. Cutting oats as seen from roadside. Streets, rail yard, and service station in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Hills around Missouri River (some faded). View over/from Missouri River Bridge. Man on sidewalk; Dakota Hotel in South Dakota. Rural houses, roadside; just before entering Badlands. Pans near the roadside and distant large scale rock formations of the Badlands, South Dakota. 64 1939 4th of July party 1939.' Flowers in bloom in yard and dark images of landscape. Fourth of July party, an outdoor banquet with a long dinner table and white tablecloth and chairs. Paul Carraco and Mr. Joe Sampson. Mr. and Mrs. Minish, Buster Minish, Mr. Barker, Virginia Bond, Barney Hughes, and family. Tandy Ellis and Mrs. Ellis. Steamboat going up the Ohio River. Wilber Fond in uniform. Mr. Hessler and opera singers, Arch Brown. R. M. Barker in motorcycle sidecar. Ronnie Hughes, Jimmy Driskell and Freddy Geier, Bob Stigers on motorcycle, Mr. and Mrs. Fitch and family, Weegie Lancaster, Martha Jean Hill, Colville Hughes and family, Mr. and Mrs. Quinn, and Mrs. Griffith and child Joe Meller, Bai. Francher Stone, Mr. and Mrs. Dickenherr, Mrs. Clara Cartwright, and Miss Clara Cartwright, Lee Evans, Lawrence Martin, Anna Lee Ladd, Lois Vaughan, Forrest Tilley, Mr. and Mrs. Gaines Sebree and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tompson, Mr. and Mrs. Dunford and Richard Dunford. Mr. Tim Hartnett and Mrs. Hartnett, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Bentley. 65 1939 Spring, 1939. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Garrett and children. Johnny Vander Meer and Bai Hughes. Paul Carraco and Bai. Miss Allen. Harriett Stigers. R. M. Barker. Emma Brown in grape arbor. Mr. Finch and Family. Herschberger. Whitey Moore, Don Lang. Mr. Chapman, Stanley Grobmyer and party. Mary Harp and friend. Tobacco meeting in front of a barn, twenty plus men standing outside. Mr. and Mrs. Meyers with an unidentified man taping and then clipping a dog's ears. John Morley on a patio by the river with a tripod and camera taking photos. Bai riding a horse named Beauty. 66 1939 R. M. Barker. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spencer, and Gordon. Cowboy Barker. Arch and Emma Brow Virginia Reed, with puppies. Mr. Lusby, John DeRyke. Frances Geier, Frances Banks, Velma True. Velma Meadows. Stanley Grobmyer. Mrs. Bessie Hughes, Weegie Lancaster, Sissy For Bai Hughes, Frances Purdom, Mr. Cooper's donkey and dog. Aunt Sally Hughes dancing. Floppy and Hallie Forquer, Harriet and Bob Stigers, Mr. and Mrs. Pat Moran, and children. Sunset. Bob Stigers' house, Bob Stigers and Russ Oelsner working. Dell Oelsner, Billy Meyers and child. Whitey Moore, Girls at Oelsner's. Tavern. Dick Oelsner. Mr. and Mrs. John Gentry and two sons. 67 1939 Dairy Barn Fire / Tobacco Buyers' Large flower display at Quinn's funeral in cemetery. 1944: Dairy barn fire in progress. Inez Glauber, Mrs. Hughes, Gene Taylor, and Paul with Malcolm Lee in bassinet as he is brought home from hospital. Snowy, Winter scene at Barker home. Tobacco buyers and wives posing for woman with camera amid snowy background. August 19, 1945: Malcolm Lee at one year old with dog, a man and woman, and lastly an older boy (entire scene very faded). 68 1944-1945 R.M.B.'s Yard in the Spring' Flood and farm scenes down south. R.M.B.'s yard: several views of the house, yard, a man, woman, and child with another woman seen shooting some of film. 'The Kicker': Tom Haywood's (self-)kicking machine at Tom Haywood's Picnic and Trailer Park. Man and dog on footpath and other views in Mr. Harrison's Gardens. Norfolk Harbor, shoreline, various ships, and boats as viewed from moving vessel. 69 1948 A handwritten note in the can reads, 'Easter - 1943 (Ruth Adkinson and Ruby Harmon in overalls) Myron in uniform; Dogs; Arch; Tulips in Bai's front yard; Cattle; Flowers in R.M.'s yard; Flood; Christian Church Sunday School picnic at R. M.'s; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Swan Florida.' In addition, the first scene is Easter, 1943 with Ruth Adkinson and Ruby Harmon in overalls standing on a walkway, followed by a scene of men and women gathered outside on steps. The flood scenes were taken near U.S. 42 in Kentucky and include images of flooded roadways, bridges, nearby houses and an ice cream shop. One sign indicates that it is 11 miles from Bedford, Kentucky and 55 miles from Louisville, Kentucky. 70 1943 '4th of July 1946.' Constant arrivals by car to a park like area. Group of standing musicians performing. People seen individually as they leave the building where they were served food. People seen dining at tables along waterfront. 71 1946 Johnny and Lois Vander Meer's Wedding' Guests arrive for wedding; Hilltop camera pan of area; Bride with others in street scene; Mr. and Mrs. Myers, Patsy, and friends (children in scenes); Young girls playing in garden area with adults; Mrs. Shott and Susan; Group shots next to car on hilltop; Bob Stigers in blue Marine uniform with two other men; R.M.B. in blue Marine uniform with a woman; Honey; Kittens and large dog; Mrs. Hughes with the large dog; Carroll County Memorial display of military names unveiled at the conclusion of Dedication Exercises of Service Board 1943 . 72 1943 A handwritten note in the can reads, '(Myron's house and yard; Myron and Lynn; Myron; Mr. Barker and Lynn; Myron) Apr. / 47 Hollywood Race Track - 1947 Ventura Mary Lang's home.' The first scene, possibly Myron with Lynn (Myron's daughter) in a yard, with views of a garden and yard, Lynn in the grass and then a second man, possibly Mr. Barker playing with her. Color scenes at Hollywood Race Track in 1947 of the crowd and the harness race. Color scene outside Fountain Court apartments on 1155-1161 E. Main Street with a Wilder's furniture truck in front. Color scenes of oil wells and an unidentified industrial landscape. The final scenes of the film are of a man and woman picking roses and a man shoveling outside what may be 'Ventura,' Mary Lang's house. 73 1947 Mr. Hughes' Easter 1946 at Walnut Hall Farm: Mr. Hughes, Eula, Joe, Homer, Paul, Bai, and Malcolm Lee. Large family group gathered in front of house. Mrs. Edwards. Lucille Toolson. Earl Louis and other ball players. Horses in field and stable. Petoskey, Michigan. Tour boat as seen from another tour boat in route to Mackinac Island. Man, woman, and small boy on beach. August 19, 1946: Malcolm's birthday party with Bobby Art, Billy Deatherage and Dotty Sue at a playground where they were having cake at small children's table. 74 1946 4th July 42 Ball players #13.'Ball players playing croquet; one shooting a rifle towards the river. Women congregating by lounge chairs and waterfront table. Paddlewheel boat pushing barges on river. Various individuals attempting comedy with their outfits/clothing. 75 July 4, 1942 World Series 1940.' Detroit (3) at Cincinnati (5), Game played on Thursday, October 3, 1940 at Crosley Field. Comedians entertaining fans. Players talking to fans and press before game. Detroit #7 batting; Cincinnati #30 pitching; Cincinnati # 24 batting; Cincinnati #10 batting; Cincinnati #35 pitching; Cincinnati #22 batting (home run 3rd inning); Cincinnati #3 batting; Cincinnati #17 batting; Detroit #20 batting; Detroit #12 pitching; Detroit #21 batting; Detroit #14 batting; Detroit #20 batting; Detroit #34 batting 76 1940 1948 Easter, 4th of July Easter 1948: Ralph Garrett and family arrive at R.M. B.'s home; children playing in yard. [section too dark to ascertain] In June, 1948; Weegie's house is seen without foundation, on multiple sets of wheels as men prepare. Rolling house on boards; pulled by a truck, across the lawn. Small clips of Fourth of July fireworks show. 77 1948 Unknown (needs to be viewed), a note in the can reads, 'Johnny, Lois Vander Meer and Evelyn (baby), Mr. and Mrs. Carraco, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Lancaster, Paul and Bai, Boat, Josephine Stamper, The Rogans, Mr. Barker's yard, 1947 Boat on Ohio River, Please run this film back or you will be sorry.' 78 1947 1944-1945' Bulldozers digging, possibly building a dam on hill. Pups, in fenced enclosures (very dark). Boat pushing barge(s) on Ohio River. Gert Tipton, Marcelle? Two women; one holding a small child. Farm tractor operating in field with crop. Don Lang and other ball players; five men in the group interacting in yard. Outside the house, with two women and then just the men, posing together. Two women, one possibly Ann Barker, on outdoor lounge chair. Girl throwing a ball, possibly Virginia Bond or Noel, with a man. Loretta Wimberg and friends; five women posing together. Weegie with illumination from close light bulb on her face. Ann Womack 79 1944-1945 E. Joost c/o Cincinnati Ball Club Cincinnati - Ohio.' (1:24:10) Two unidentified men swimming in the Ohio River. 80 undated E. Joost c/o Cincinnati Ball Club Cincinnati - Ohio.' (2:51:11) Unidentified men and women gathering at Richlawn for an Easter egg hunt. Film becomes blurry, dark and indistinguishable. 81 undated R. M. Barker Carrollton, Ky.' (1:27:07) View from a passenger ship looking down as luggage is being loaded onto the ship across the catwalk. Interior deck images are also included. Landscape of an unidentified city from the boat. 82 undated R. M. Barker Carrollton, Ky.' (0:49:00) A steel frame construction being erected in an unidentified location. Film quality very poor; over exposed and out of focus. 83 undated R. M. Barker Carrollton, Ky.' (2:00:03) Public beach, unidentified location and persons. 84 undated R. M. Barker Carrollton, Ky.' (3:02:13) Several Great Danes in kennels. Landscape of Richlawn covered in snow. 85 1941 R. M. Barker Carrollton, Ky.' (2:55:00) Unidentified people posing for group and individual portraits on the lawn. Ralph Barker sitting on lawn playing with several Great Danes. 86 1946 R. M. Barker Carrollton, Ky.' (3:00:00) Several men standing in a yard each showing a Great Dane. After the previous scene the film becomes very dark and out of focus. It appears to be unidentified women viewing a nativity scene. 87 undated R. M. Barker Carrollton, Ky.' (1:28:00) Blank, no images. 88 1949 Item missing from collection. 89 undated '4th of July - '41.' Ball player's wives, possibly Alice Joost and Mrs. Haas, playing and rolling on porch floor. 4th of July crowd arrivals, gatherings, and eating at waterfront tables. Little Richlawn. Wrap around views of a house exterior; nobody home. 90 1941 Opening Day Cinn - St. Louis Opening Day '41.'Cincinnati Reds (3) vs. St. Louis Cardinals (7), April 5, 1941. Cincinnati # 34 pitching - slow motion. Dark images. Former Cincinnati Reds players carrying red bats. Parade on field; marching band, and Uncle Sam clown. Teams walking onto field. World Champions flag being raised in center field. Judge Landis, Mr. Crosley and Mr. Giles. Cincinnati #30 pitching. Double play 18 out at second, 11 thrown out at first base. Cincinnati #10 batting. Cincinnati #4 batting. Cincinnati #10 base runner. 91 1941 Derby 1941 The Osbornes, Bagby's.'Baseball, Cincinnati #43 pitching. 67th Kentucky Derby, Churchill Downs, 1941. Don Ameche at Derby, Whirlaway, the winner. Iris in bloom in yard at Richlawn. Mrs. Osborne, Martha and Caroline Osborne, Monroe Osborne, loading car. Osborne children and Skinny and Spud. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bagby and children. Scenes around yard. 92 1941 Easter 1941 Martha and Wayne Weaver and Leigh 1941.' Joy Leigh, Wayne and Martha Weaver, Fred and Ruth Hunter, Lawrence and Bai Hughes. Mr. Haymond letting quail out of box. Ohio River. Easter egg hunt, Mrs. Hughes and Aunt Sally, Theodore Osborne, Dana Adcock, Velma Jo Robertson, Frances Purdom, Lena Collins, Virginia Bond, Mary McGuire, Betty Jane Shields, Oce Rice and Wilbor Ford, Mary Gains, Freddy Geier, Mr. and Mrs. Dunford, and Weegie Lancaster. Alice Louise Minish and friend, Colville, and children. Mary Lyter, Judy Gaines, Eula Jo Hughes, Alvin Hill, Beulah Harmon, Ruby Harmon, Paul Carraco, Bai taking pictures without films, Ruth Hunter, Pat Bray, Harriett Stigers, Tommy Preston, Homer Hughes, Ronald and Tommy Lyter Mr. Barker, Group picture. 93 1941 Yard 1941 Ball Players Wives Helen Hunter Garden and yard April 1941.'Tulip time;' beds of tulips mixed with other 'scenes about the yard.' Little Spud (dog), Rock garden in the Spring, Ohio River view from Barkers, Lilac bush at Barkers, Tulips and more lilacs at Barkers, Still lilacs, Iris. Tulips on bank in garden, Ruth Hunter, Fred Hunter, and Helen Hunter with fishing pole learning or practicing casting. Roses and Peonies in garden. Lois Vander Meer, Helen Hunter and Tar. Mary Virginia Nevills, Inez Schmidt, Evelyn Schmidt, and R.M. Barker and all the dogs. Black Jack. Harriett Stigers, Fred Hunter, Paul Carraco, Lee Harrell, Helen Dean, Bob Stigers, Pete Waldeman, and Doris Hitchcock. Ralph Garrett and two men, outside, at his factory in North Carolina. Ralph Garrett's 'darky dancing' on sidewalk next to street. 94 1941 Castle Films presents Old Time Cowboy Thriller Border Law. 95 undated 'Christmas scene; Mrs. Dunford and daughter-in-law Cumberland Falls' Fenced off Nativity scene (too dark in structure for nativity detail). House exterior and yard in Winter with much snow. Mrs. Dunford, Margaret Dunford, and Harriett Stigers visit; kenneled dogs and tour of garden. Scene in Spring, 1941. Caged pheasants and turkeys. Scenes from ball game; Cincinnati vs. Brooklyn. Cumberland Falls and area; Cumberland River views. Weegie, Oce, Bai, and Paul on trails, at overlooks, and at State Park sign. Additional Cumberland Falls footage (black and white). 96 1941 Football; Indiana - Texas (1940) Carrollton - Ft. Thomas (1940).'Indiana vs. Texas Football Game. Ft. Thomas and Carrollton Bands. Carrollton-Highlands. Drum and Bugle Corps. Carrollton Football Team. 97 1940 Castle Films News Parade - 141. Yanks Bomb Tokyo! 98 1942 Castle Films News Parade - 140. Bismark Sea Victory 99 1941 Scene up on hill at farm (very dark). Pat Bray, Ruth Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Mayer, Patsy Mayer, Mr. Dunford, Richard Dunford, Bai and Mr. Barker. Tobacco field panoramas. Mary Lang, Gertrude Tipton, Evelyn and Mary Anne Logan, Eric Tipton on top of hill. Gertrude Tipton, Mary Lang, Evelyn and Mary Anne Logan in yard cutting hay with a sickle. Gertrude on sun cart. Gertrude, Mary, Evelyn, Bai, Paul and Mr. Barker raking hay in field by Little Richlawn. 100 1942 Christmas, Winter - 1941 and Easter Egg Hunt - Spring - 1942. 'Mr. Scott, Walter Lauder, Tom Daniels, Jack Horton.'Christmas, 1941.' Nativity scene. Snow scenes in yard. Clem Harmon walking down road. Spring, 1942 - Easter Egg Hunt.' Mrs. Hughs, Aunt Sally Hughes, Tommy Preston, Josephine Stamper, Ruth Hunter, Floyd Stamper, Bai and Paul Carraco, Virginia Bond, Mary Lyter, Tommy Lyter, Dana Adcock, Velma Jo Robertson, Mrs. Lancaster and Weegie, Ruth Everett, Mildred Pickett, Oce Rice, Dorothy Davis, Bill and Tilly Schlosser, Gene and John Bovard, Beulah and Ruby Harmon, Ruth Adkinson, Mr. Barker, Dick and Pat Bray, Fred Hunter, Marty Hill, Gene getting first aid. Mary Virginia Nevills and friends, Judy Gaines. Lilac bushes in bloom. Little Richlawn in the spring. Ronald Hughes at outside fireplace. 101 1941-1942 Mr. and Mrs. Gains Sebree, Doris Hitchcock, Pat Bray, Harriet Stigers, Pete Waldeman, Tom and Helen Dean, Ruth Hunter, in the yard and on the hill. Mrs. Osborne. Horse Show at Kingston, North Carolina. Carl Womack, Mr. and Mrs. Garrett, Mr. and Mrs. Garrett's home in Greenville, North Carolina. 102 1941 State Garage fire. Interior picture of fire. Worthville fire. Stamp, Josephine and Blanche Lindsay. Carrollton Fire Department. Bai smoking a cigar. Honey Girl and Bingo. 103 1941 Amateur Drama and Comedy 1941' Whitey Moore and Johnny Vander Meer. Frances and Whitey caught in barn by Johnny Vander Meer (drama). Two pigs. R.M. Barker, Harriett and Bob Stigers, White and Frances Moore, Johhny Vander Meer. Champ as a pup. Bob as a priest. R. M. B. as villain and Weegie as victim Mr. Barker with his pants down (almost) and then down. 104 1941 Florida Trip' Pier and beach at Cocoa Beach. Bai and Paul on beach. Baseball: All Star Game at Tampa. View while traveling causeway from Clearwater to Clearwater Beach. Lawrence, Loretta, and Bai in Japanese Gardens. Mr. Barker inspecting small mill wheel in stream. Peacock Farm. Orange Groves. Lake at St. Petersburg. View while traveling by boat through Cypress Gardens, Winter Haven. Poll Parrot. Bai and Loretta in Cypress Gardens. Bok Tower and Grounds. 105 1940 'Florida Trip' Crossing Tampa Bay on Sarasota Ferry. Bai on street in Sarasota. Orange Blossom Hotel. Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus getting ready to leave. Baseball: Boston Red Sox vs. Boston Bees. Apartment where group stayed in Clearwater. Baseball: Reds in training at Tampa. Pop Grayson, Whitey Moore, Lou Smith, and Dick Bray in grandstand boxes. Lake at St. Petersburg Sunset on Lake. Miami Beach with sunbathers. Boat ride views 106 1940 Florida Trip' Views from Lookout Mountain. Lawrence Hughes, Loretta Wimberg, and Bai at Clearwater Beach. Paul Carraco at Clearwater Beach. Bai and others picking oranges and squeezing into cups. Indian River section; neighborhood drive-through. View while driving across causeway at Clearwater. Two men and one woman on beach with pier. Orange groves as seen close to road. 'Fountain of Youth: America's oldest mineral springs all within a radius of 25 feet' (sign). Man with snake coiled around his neck. Deep sea fishing. Japanese gardens with villa of buildings. Baseball: New York Yankees vs. St. Louis Cardinals. Baseball: Boston Bees vs. Brooklyn Dodgers. Les Scarcella. 107 1940 Factory 1939 Inside Factory 1940. Snow Scenes at factory. Employees, R. M. Barker Tobacco Company. Mr. Coyte and his fathe Bai at desk. Stanley Lee. Mary McGuire working hard. Weegie at desk. Jim Harris. Arthur Salt. Paul Carraco. Jesse Carraco. Station wagon being gassed. Marty Hill. Mr. Dunford, Mr. Wells Putting up signs on factory. Stanley Gromyer. Inside Factory. Mr. Hasty and Paul. Beulah O' Neal. Buyers. 108 1939-1940 Gaines Sebree and policemen. Baseball pictures. Christmas, 1939. Harriett and Bob Stigers, and Mr. Barker. Lawrence Martin with donkey (Balky). Snow scenes in yard. Jim Grady, Sidney Law, Jeff Abbott, Mr. and Mrs. Lauder, Mr. and Mrs. Hasty, Jack Skipper, Jack Horton. 1940: Loretta Wimberg, Louise Ross, Marcella Sicking, Bai (skinny). Picture taken from top of hill in park. Dr. Dornhagen and Mrs. Dornhagen. Lawrence Hughes. 109 1939-1940 Trip East 1939.' Dr. Hopkins at his home, Dr. Hopkins' daughter. Johnny Vander Meer and cop. Johnny's home, Midland Park, New Jersey. Monument, Revolutionary War. Factory at Greenville. Fire - Lee's factory at Farmville, N. C. Mr. Wells. Dwight and Mr. Garrett - Dwight on pony. Mr. Garrett's home and scenes on his property. Mr. and Mrs. Garrett. Bob Arthur on horse. Color film: Fort at Newport News. Mr. Wells home. 110 1939 Boat R. Jarget House from river.' Lew Riggs, in boat. Bob Stigers, Herschberger, Russ Oelsner, Lew Riggs' brother. Johnny Vander Meer. Mrs. Jake Lee, Theresa Lee, and visitors. R. M. Barker, Dick West. Spud. John King Morley and crowd. Bill Adams, Mr. Kirgan. Mr. Barker, and horse. Bill Schlosser, setting hill. Mrs. John Bond, Virginia Bond. Mr. Barker and dogs. Mr. Barker sitting on porch. 111 1939 September, 1939. Baseball pictures. Reds vs. Pittsburgh. Billy Werber. Happy Chandler's box. Dick Bray. 112 1939 Johnny Vander Meer, Mr. and Mrs. Meyers. Dogs getting their ears taped. Mr. Morley and crowd. Airplane. On way to ball game. Dana Adcock, Ruth Adcock, Cat Everett, eating by side of road. Virginia Banks, Excursion boat at the Point. Johnny Vander Meer. Mr. Barker in yard. Mr. Barker and Mr. Bob Stigers. Friends of Johnny Vander Meer from New Jersey. Joe Beggs. Christian Church picnic. Mr. Boulton and Billy Boulton. Cal Crim and family. Mr. Barker and Spud. Picture at night. Helen, Virginia, Ruth, Bai, Weegie, Marty, Oce, Velma Jo, Dana, Paul, Virginia Bond, Fred Hunter, Ruth Hunter. Telescopic lens - Harriet and Bai. Slow Motion, Bai and Harriett running race. Bob in slow motion. Barn taken from yard with telescopic lens. 113 1940 Baseball Clubhouse at Indianapolis. Dick Oelsner, Dick Bray, Arnovich and Mr. Barker, on river bank at Richlawn. Bob Stigers, Pat Bray, Bai Hughes and Ronnie Hughes. Dick Bray riding pony. Paul Carraco. Dick Bray being goosed by Paul. Joe Beggs on pony. Ralph Meadows, Mary Arnovich on pony. Mr. Barker kissing pony. Lois Vander Meer and her brother, Dr. Ditto's white pony. Harriett Stigers. Dr. Ditto's little black pony. Mr. Barker, Mr. Kirgan and family. Mr. Adams. Mr. and Mrs. Vander Meer and Gaberdina. Helen and Frances Scott, Mr. L. W. Scott. Ruth Adcock's party. 114 1940 Fourth of July, 1940. 115 1940 Scenes inside factory (mostly too dark). Hanging room (too dark to ascertain). Changing shifts (too dark to ascertain). Mary McGuire at desk (completely dark). Bob and Paul eating ice cream on porch steps. Mr. Barker and dogs in station wagon. Bai and Price (a horse) meeting at fence. Skinny and pups-Little Spud; dogs in fenced enclosure. Mr. Barker holding pups with full size dog attending. Farm scenes with horses and pigs. Mr. Kigan, Mr. Wolfsner, and Mr. Barker on frm. Anne Beggs and Joe Beggs leaving by car. Velma Joe Robertson, Frances Purdom and Marty Hill using archery set. 116 1940 January, 1940. Ice in River, Kentucky River, Jeff Abott and Mr. Wells. Mr. Hasty. Boat-Charles T. Campbell of Pittsburgh. Scene from factory window. Color film: Mrs. Lee Grisson in Mr. Barker's pajamas. Lee and Valerie Grisson. Bob and Harriett Stigers, Johnny Vander Meer. Mr. Barker and puppies. Fall, 1940. Gathering and shocking corn. Black and white film: Boat on river (Crescent). Don Lang, Johnny Vander Meer, Dick Oelsner, Lois Vander Meer, John Stewart, Mary Lang, Slow motion picture of Johnny and Don. Farm scene taken from hill. 117 1940 'Florida Trip' Orton Place, Wilmington, North Carolina. Mr. Garrett and Loretta on walkway through extensive flower gardens. Mr. Garrett speaking at pulpit in chapel (dark indoor footage). Mr. Garrett's place; large house and wooded estate in Greenville, North Carolina. Tulip parade with bands and floats at Little Washington. Jane Garrett and Mr. Garrett. Homeward bound with roadside flower views 118 1940 'Florida Trip' Miami Beach. Pan American Airlines. Entrance to Hialeah Race Track. Bai. Bai and Loretta at track, paddocks, betting sheds, grounds at Hialeah. Tropical Park, Bai and Loretta at Tropical Park, Lost Lake. Alligator farm. Indians-Indian children. Silver Springs. Maternity ward out in woods. Daytona Beach. 119 1940 'Florida Trip' Film badly warped; unable to view 120 undated 'Florida Trip' Miami skyline as seen from coastal bridge. Clyde Beatty's Zoo including lions, leopards, elephants, zebras, baboons, monkeys, etc. 'Two rich young ladies asleep' at waterside resort lounge chairs near Brevard Hotel. Men walking horses in stable area of Longwook race track. George Cooper's Lodge including many structures and private boat dock in waterside area of Apopka, Florida. Riding tour boat with views through underwater windows at Silver Springs. 121 1940 Box 1 contains a leather bound, original typed inventory of the 16mm films (original can numbers 1-54) and 8mm films (original can numbers 1-24). The film descriptions can be matched by the film numbers in the typed inventory to the original can numbers in the physical description. It also contains original notes from film cans [copies of both can be found in the Collection Folder]. 1 Ralph Barker, Richlawn Farm Film Collection