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Image 5 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 3, April 1943

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

md blossom time. Apples bearing a light deposits an egg in the hole and then asc crop in 1942 should see a heavy set makes a semi-circular cut around and cse of fruit. Dewberry, blackberry and under the place where the_egg was lng. ‘ raspberry canes seem to have come laid. Egg punctures are easier to see hat through the winter in good condition on plums, apples and cherries, than re- and prospects look promising. The they are on peaches. Lind strawberry acreage in the state is E h t h · 3 4 d d th, down a bit. Wet weather during No- Peng}? Wircmslntungfel tgglguzrfj mg — vembef lP"°V““H“%. manxyglfweig small peaches until they reach the _ frem hau_mgUmu cl lggdma il? $m pit. They grow rapidly and are full i- hlibilihii Su¤’2’K2`é ZO?m?§i3.§°i.`2,‘3.§ wwe le 3 weeks Wemy peaches 4 spells ef weather- {?$LS‘€§‘?§i`§‘§€‘I`2?ii S§‘3§l£“é’r§§’l§ ft This season would have paid big divi- Over The worms develop in the the “` dends for the early hauling of mulch drop; On the ground when fuu_ ety. material to the fields and dumping it grown worms cut théir Way Out Of une ; so that it could be scattered later by the drbps, leaving Small round exit en- hand. St¤·=¤wbe¤‘1‘y y¤eldS» h¤w°V€*· holes and burrow into the soil to a iaY’ ` arc expected te be fmrly g°°d· depth of several inches. There they Z Thus in general a somewhat-above- change to a resting stage, called the um ` average fruit crop is in prospect for pupa, _ and later change to adult the state as a whole. The grower is curculios. 3/[3- ¤¤·¤¤‘ef<;¤`<> _fa§°d.w1th the m€?Yu}i13g: A new generation of adult curcu- D, ·= le¤?S9_¤1<>d¤gi¤g 8 Cmp O I 1 lios begins coming out of the soil ind, del “ at con 1 1°nS‘ about a month after full-grown Dr. _ worms enter it. Dry weatlhler often gf retards adult emergence. ew cur- the culios feed for several weeks before — CURCULIO AND ITS CONTROL they are ready te lay eggs. In some gis g years many eggs are laid by these uSh’ P- O· RITCHER new curculios, beginn1n\gV3 weeks lie- , ' Department of Entomology and fore Elberta harvest. e lose a ot ose. . jcr_ . Botanyv of ripe peaches from second brood W_ _ curculio. One of our worst peach pests is the eas- 2 { ~ plum curculio, commonly called the . _ _ . _ ;in(;;' , peach worm. At harvest time iii 1t94l I\0“ Facts About eteeml Breed Full . western Kentucky growers OS 8 After the heavy curculio damage tive v great many _bushels of peaches Of 1941 peach growers Sought add? P of . because ef this msectf PW Of the tional information about second brood tcky V loss was due to curculio dn ectly and curculio in Kentucky They Set out the pigul} Wa? todbrofvl} mi- whlch in 1942. to find out ifiandwhen new ton- 0 tan staits aioun cuicu io s ings, adults would lay eggs for 3 gecqnd ?m$· E There is promise of a fine peach brood and when spraying or usting _ 0“`· - crop for this year. Right now would would be needed. . iany A - · _- ll» tt' t · v`-w the , _ . ‘ 1, ef ._ ishgglvdlfacctgeabbxt iolive can H§;}ti;\g?t)&l_c19}Q1gh dunliil \%]€DSl;§§;} ion . . · - · · · . · · ` ?§4§m cum good Job Of comml m strong and Mr.W.W.Mag1ll arranged ' with Mr. Sid Holloway at Sega;/Ea. Mr. Fritz Beyer at Paducah, an r. on L“" “‘”‘°"*‘ F‘3l`$‘g $$5% §$O§ii?S§§`S§§a 2`3%§£?,,5’ T se _ · The adult curculio is a small, ence cages in their respective peach brownish or grayish-black snout orchards. Similar trays and cages g der- b€€ile, about Ht of an inch long, with were run at P1`lllQ€tOIl by VMI. A-lill- all 1‘0ugh wing-covers. Adults pass the strong and at Lexingtoirby the writ- rith- Winter on the ground in Hoods, feiglce Ulnbeaph case trayst\gétl;(l1ia;1§l\;;/ilgg ··- 1‘0ws, thickets, and gu eys, un or co 1 o oms were s ’ , Sidi trash, leaves, and grass, They appear with small peach or plum drops. buds first in plum trees in the spring, By Full—grown peach worms falling fiom gen- Shuckfall time they are often abun- this fruit were caught below on a ve a dant on peach trees and very soon cloth-covered tray, counted cachday, give begin laying eggs, The female cuts a and dropped on the ground inside a .s at Small hole in the peach with her beak, wooden cage sunk in the soil and cov- 5