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W. Clement Eaton Papers, n.d.

Part of W. Clement Eaton Papers, n.d.

wecInventory of the W. Clement Eaton PapersArchives StaffSpecial CollectionsUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=298&llib_id=13University of Kentucky Archives and Records Programn.d.Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, April 2000.ENGInventory of the W. Clement Eaton PapersCollection number: 1981UA002Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsUniversity Archives and Records ProgramUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039Phone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=298&llib_id=13Processed by: StaffDate Completed: n.d.Encoded by: Apex Data Services Copyright 1999 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved. W. Clement Eaton Papers, n.d.1981UA002Eaton, W. Clement, 1898-1980The materials are in English.University of Kentucky Archives and Records ProgramLexington, KY 40506-0039 Collection is open for research. Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky [Identification of Item], W. Clement Eaton Papers, 1898-1980, 1981UA002, Special Collections, University of Kentucky, Lexington.W. Clement Eaton, University of Kentucky professor of history from 1946 to 1968, was born on February 23, 1898, the son of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Mayor, O.B. Eaton, and the brother of poet Charles Edward Eaton. In 1919 and 1920 he received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. In 1929 he earned his Ph.D. from Harvard University where he studied under both Arthur Schlesinger, Sr., and Frederick Jackson Turner.A specialist in the history of the American South, Eaton began his full-time teaching career in 1929 as an assisitant professor of history at Clark University. He soon, however, accepted a position as full professor and head of the History Department at Lafayette College, where he served from 1930 to 1946. In 1946 Eaton moved to Lexington, joining a History Department faculty at the University of Kentucky, under the chairmanship of Dr. Thomas D. Clark, which was steadily growing in numbers and national prestige.Throughout his teaching career Eaton received many honors, including a Guggenheim Fellowship, three Fulbright scholarships, the Cambridge Pitt Professorship, and the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor Award. He also participated in many professional organizations, such as the Southern Historical Association, of which he served as president during 1961. Eaton was the author of numerous articles and of ten books. Among his publications are: Freedom of Thought in the Old South, for which he received the Duke Press Centennial Prize in 1939; A History of the Old South (1949); The Mind of the Old South (1964); and Jefferson Davis (1978). Eaton's teaching and writing career continued well into his retirement. At the time of his death, on August 12, 1980, he had partially completed the writing of an eleventh monograph--The Society and Culture of the South in the Nineteenth Century.The papers of W. Clement Eaton were processed in the spring and summer of 1990 and are contained in sixteen boxes, one oversized folder, and one wrapped package. The collection is divided into six series, and folders are numbered consecutively within each series. A basic organizational scheme is indicated on the following page.Among the many types of materials which are included are the following: correspondence; manuscripts; notes; photographs; and reprints of scholarly articles. These materials, spanning the period 1881-1980, touch on nearly every aspect of Eaton's life and career and constitute a valuable research and reference source for the social and cultural history of the American South.Container ListI. Personal/Biographical Series11.Mary Elizabeth (Allis) Eaton (Wife), 1931-193312.Mary Elizabeth (Allis) Eaton (Wife), 193413.Mary Elizabeth (Allis) Eaton (Wife), 193514.Mary Elizabeth (Allis) Eaton (Wife), 193615.Mary Elizabeth (Allis) Eaton (Wife), 193716.Mary Elizabeth (Allis) Eaton (Wife), 1938-194117.Mary Elizabeth (Allis) Eaton (Wife), 194418.Mary Elizabeth (Allis) Eaton (Wife), 1946-194819.Mary Elizabeth (Allis) Eaton (Wife), 1949110. Mary Elizabeth (Allis) Eaton (Wife), 1951-1956111. Mary Elizabeth (Allis) Eaton (Wife), 1960-1977112.Mary Elizabeth (Allis) Eaton (Wife), n.d.113.Allis (Eaton) Bennett (Daughter), 1935-1949114.Allis (Eaton) Bennett (Daughter), 1950-1951115.Allis (Eaton) Bennett (Daughter), 1952-1954116.Allis (Eaton) Bennett (Daughter), 1955-1958117.Allis (Eaton) Bennett (Daughter), 1960-1969118.Allis (Eaton) Bennett (Daughter), 1971-1980119.William Clement Eaton (Son), 1946-1949120.William Clement Eaton (Son), 1951-1953121.William Clement Eaton (Son), 1954122.William Clement Eaton (Son), 1955-1957123.William Clement Eaton (Son), 1958-1961124.William Clement Eaton (Son), 1962-1964125.William Clement Eaton (Son), 1965-1969126.William Clement Eaton (Son), 1970-1972127.William Clement Eaton (Son), 1973-1977128.William Clement Eaton (Son), 1978-1980129.William Clement Eaton (Son), n.d.130.Clifton Eaton (Son), 1952-1980231.Ruth and Virginia Bennett (Grandchildren), 1975-1976232.William Clement III and Mary Elizabeth Eaton (Grandchildren) 1974-1977233.Chris and Gray Eaton (Grandchildren), 1971-1973234.Oscar Benjamin Eaton (Father), 1915-1937235.Mary G. Eaton (Mother), 1918-1933236.Charles Edward Eaton (Brother), 1939-1942237.Charles Edward Eaton (Brother), 1943-1946238.Charles Edward Eaton (Brother), 1953-1971239.Charles Edward Eaton (Brother), 1972-1976240.Charles Edward Eaton (Brother), 1977-1980241.Oscar Benjamin Eaton Jr. (Brother), 1927-1941242.xOscar Benjamin Eaton Jr. (Brother), 1942-1948243.Oscar Benjamin Eaton Jr. (Brother), 1950-1969244.Oscar Benjamin Eaton Jr. (Brother), 1970-1975245.Oscar Benjamin Eaton Jr. (Brother), 1976-1980246.Jesse Clifton Eaton (Brother), 1917-1918247.Margaret (Eaton) Smithdeal (Sister), 1930-1976248.Elizabeth (Eaton) Leinbach (Sister), 1931-1948249.Benjamin Eaton (Nephew), 1966-1970250.Philip Leinbach (Nephew), 1959-1980251.Mrs. Eugene Packer Chase (Aunt), n.d.252.Blanche Eaton (Aunt), 1940-1945253.Eva Hough (Aunt), 1932, 1973254.Nell Hough (Aunt), 1965-1966255.Jessie McAliley (Aunt), 1941-1973256.Nell Wyeth (Aunt) 1955257.Mary Mackey (Hough) Clark (Cousin), 1964-1969258.Charlie B. Clement (Cousin), 1963-1966259.Ben C. and Perry Belle Hough (Cousins), 1969-1970260.Davie Belle (Eaton) Mercer (Cousin), 1950-1965261.W.F. Packer Allis (Father-in-law), 1937262.Mrs. W.F. Packer Allis (Mother-in-law), 1942-1952263.Henry R. Bennett (Son-in-law), 1956-1978264.Margaret Eaton (Daughter-in-law), n.d.265.Jane Eaton (Daughter-in-law), n.d.266.Pat Eaton (Sister-in-law), 1952-1980267.Melba Eaton (Sister-in-law), 1960-1973268.Curtis Smithdeal (Brother-in-law), 1959269.Gray Newton Leinbach (Brother-in-law), 1963-1965269.Family - Miscellaneous370.Mary Elizabeth (Allis) Eaton (Wife)371.Children372.Charles Edward Eaton (Brother)373.Oscar Benjamin Eaton Jr. (Brother)374.Jesse Clifton Eaton (Brother)375.Mrs. W.F. Packer Allis (Mother-in-law)376.Photographs377.Miscellaneous377.Journals378.Normandy, 1930379.Spain, 1931, 1968-1969380.Haiti, 1933-1934381.England, Scotland, and Wales, 1951-1952382.Austria and Germany, 1958383.Athens, 1964384.Portugal, 1968384.Miscellaneous385.Banking, 1944-1977386.Car, 1942-1969387.Examination - Harvard, 1925-1926388.Gardening389.Health Concerns, 1965-1977390.Household Concerns391.Kentucky Bicentennial, 1974392.Letter from Eaton to the University of Kentucky Concerning the Gift of his Papers to University Archives, 1967393.Miscellaneous Activities, 1940-1955394.Securities, 1944-1973395.Edward R. Soliday Trust, 1938396.Taxes, 1947-1973397.Travel Arrangements398.University of North Carolina, 1945-1977398.Notes From Lectures499.American Constitutional History (Merk)4100.Economic History of Europe4101.Economic History of the United States (Usher)4102.Europe since 1815 (Lord - History 30A)4103.The Old West (Merk - History 17A)4104.History of the West (Merk - History 17B)4105.Political Theory (McIlwaine)4106.Renaissance History4107.Social and Intellectual History of the United States (Schlesinger)4108.United States Colonial Period (Merk and Schlesinger)4109.United States History since the Civil War4109.Ph.D. Thesis - Research Notes4110.Aliens in a Slave Country4111.Anti-slavery Minorities in Virginia and North Carolina4112.Border State Intolerence4113.Bibliography and Reflections4114.Free Lances4115.Freedom of Thought4116.Insurrections and Fear of the Slave4117.Kentucky - Cassius Clay and Prentice4118.Laws and Cases on Liberty of Speech and of PressII. Teaching Series51.City College - New York City, New York (Visiting Professor), Summer 194152.Clark University, 1929-193053.Columbia University - New York City, New York (Visiting Professor), Summer 195154.Harvard - Boston, Massachusetts (Tutor/Instructor), 1926-192755.Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center - Bologna Italy (Fulbright Scholar), 1964-196556.Lafayette College - Easton, Pennsylvania (Professor/History Department Head), 1930-194657.Old Dominion University - Norfolk, Virginia (Visiting Professor), 1971-197258.Princeton University - Princeton, New Jersey (Visiting Professor), Summer 194859.University of Cambridge - Cambridge, England (Pitt Professor), 1968-1969510.University of Innsbruck - Innsbruck, Austria (Fulbright Scholar), 1957-1958511.University of Kentucky (Professor), 1946-1968 Miscellaneous512.University of Kentucky (Professor), 1946-1968 Class Materials513.University of Kentucky (Professor), 1946-1968 Correspondence514.University of Kentucky (Professor), 1946-1968 Papers by Students515.University of Manchester - Manchester, England (Fulbright Scholar), 1951-1952 *See Also Box 15, Folder 1: Odd/Oversized Materials516.University of South Carolina - Columbia, South Carolina (Visiting Professor), 1960-1970517.University of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin (Visiting Professor), Winter/Summer 1949518.Framed Memoir of 70th Birthday Party Given by Graduate Students, 1968 *See Wrapped Package519.Opportunities - Correspondence, 1942-1972520.Recommendations, 1942-1980521.Lecture Notes (Institution Unidentified) - The Ante-Bellum and Colonial South522.Lecture Notes (Institution Unidentified) - The Colonial Period and Revolution523.Lecture Notes (Institution Unidentified) - The Frontier and The Old West524.Lecture Notes (Institution Unidentified) - Slavery525.Lecture Notes (Institution Unidentified) - Social and Intellectual History of the United States, 1830-1860526.Lecture Notes (Institution Unidentified) - Social and Intellectual History of the United States, 1865-1952527.Lecture Notes (Institution Unidentified) - United States History, Reconstruction to World War II528.Lecture Notes (Institution Unidentified) - Miscellaneous529.Papers by Students (Institution Unidentified)530.Topics for Student Research (Institution Unidentified)III. Professional Activities Series530.Organizations61.American Historical Association, 1933-197862.Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies Foundation, Inc., 1975-197763.Henry Clay Memorial Foundation, 1950-1977 *See Also Box 15, Folder 2: Odd/Oversized Materials64.Kentucky Historical Society, 1973-197665.Mississippi Valley Historical Society, 1942-196066.Missouri Historical Society, 195067.Organization of American Historians, 1967-196968.Organization of American Historians, 1974-198069.Pennsylvania Historical Association, 1942610.Southern Anthropological Society, 1969-1971611.Southern Historical Association, 1942-1973612.Southern Historical Association - Programs, 1944-1979613.Miscellaneous, 1919-1974613.Honors and Awards614.Clark-Eaton Retirement Dinner, 1968615.Distinguished Professor of the Year - University of Kentucky, 1955-1956616.Doctor of Laws Honorary Degree - University of Kentucky, 1970617.Doctor of Laws Honorary Degree - Wake Forest University, 1967618.Guggenheim Fellowship, 1945, 1968619.Sheldon Traveling Fellowship - Harvard, 1927-1928620.Who's Who, 1940-1977621.Miscellaneous621.Speaking Engagements622.Fleming Lecture - Louisiana State University, 1960-1961623.Gulf Coast History and Humanities Conference - University of West Florida, 1971-1972624.Lamar Lectures - Mercer University, 1966625.Phi Alpha Theta - Morehead University, 1975626.R. J. Reynolds High School - Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1968627.Southern Writers and Historians Conference - University of Tennessee at Martin, 1973-1974628.University of Tennessee at Martin, 1971629.Miscellaneous629.Miscellaneous630.Clippings, 1938-1962631.General632.Perspectives on the American Past, John Garraty (Columbia University) - Historian Interview Project, 1968-1971633.Theta Delta Chi - Phi Charge - House Advisor, 1938-1940634.Photographs635.Research Opportunities636.MiscellaneousIV. Publications Series71.The Civilization of the Old South - Correspondence, 1968-197772.The Civilization of the Old South - Miscellaneous73.The Civilization of the Old South - Promotion, 196974.The Civilization of the Old South - Reviews, 1967-196975.Freedom of Thought in the Old South - Book, Jacket 194076.Freedom of Thought in the Old South - Contract, 196277.Freedom of Thought in the Old South - Correspondence, 1939-197478.Freedom of Thought in the Old South - Duke Press Centennial Prize, 194079.Freedom of Thought in the Old South - Miscellaneous710.Freedom of Thought in the Old South - Research - Letters of Henry Watson711.Freedom of Thought in the Old South - Research - Moravian Church712.Freedom of Thought in the Old South - Research - Notes - Miscellaneous713.Freedom of Thought in the Old South - Reviews, 1940714.The Growth of Southern Civilization - Contract and Royalty Statements, 1946, 1970715.The Growth of Southern Civilization - Correspondence, 1958-1978716.The Growth of Southern Civilization - Promotion, 1961717.The Growth of Southern Civilization - Research - Notes - Miscellaneous718.The Growth of Southern Civilization - Reviews, 1961719.Henry Clay and the Art of American Politics - Book Jacket, 1957720.Henry Clay and the Art of American Politics - Contract and Royalty Statements, 1954,1970721.Henry Clay and the Art of American Politics - Correspondence, 1953-1978722.Henry Clay and the Art of American Politics - Miscellaneous723.Henry Clay and the Art of American Politics - Letters from Henry Clay (copies)724.Henry Clay and the Art of American Politics - Research - Notes - Ashland725.Henry Clay and the Art of American Politics - Research - Notes - Clay's Career726.Henry Clay and the Art of American Politics - Research - Notes - Miscellaneous727.Henry Clay and the Art of American Politics - Research - Notes - Slavery and Miscellaneous728.Henry Clay and the Art of American Politics - Research - Notes - Travel Accounts729.A History of the South - Correspondence and Unsigned Contracts, 1968-1969730.A History of the Old South - Contract and Royalty Statements, 1941, 1971-1973731.A History of the Old South - Correspondence, 1942-1973732.A History of the Old South - Correspondence, 1974-1980733.A History of the Old South - Handwritten Draft (Chapter 22, Incomplete)734.A History of the Old South - Illustrations - Maps *See Also Box 15, Folder 3: Odd/Oversized Materials 735.A History of the Old South - Illustrations - Photographs *See Also Box 15, Folder 4: Odd/ Oversized Materials736.A History of the Old South - Illustrations - Miscellaneous737.A History of the Old South - Promotion, 1948-1975738.A History of the Old South - Research - Hilliard Diary (copied excerpts)739.A History of the Old South - Research - Notes - Miscellaneous740.A History of the Old South - Reviews, 1971-1976741.A History of the Southern Confederacy - Contract and Royalty Statements, 1953-1973742.A History of the Southern Confederacy - Correspondence, 1953-1978743.A History of the Southern Confederacy - Promotion, 1962744.A History of the Southern Confederacy - Research - General S.B. Buckner (including original letters), 1850-1896745.A History of the Southern Confederacy - Research - Miscellaneous746.A History of the Southern Confederacy - Reviews, 1954847.Jefferson Davis - Contract, 1975-1976848.Jefferson Davis - Correspondence, 1968-1976849.Jefferson Davis - Correspondence, 1977850.Jefferson Davis - Correspondence, 1978-1980851.Jefferson Davis - Illustrations852.Jefferson Davis - Miscellaneous853.Jefferson Davis - Paperback Edition854.Jefferson Davis - Promotion, 1977-1979855.Jefferson Davis - Research - General S.B. Buckner (including original letters), 1850-1896856.Jefferson Davis - Research - Notes - Miscellaneous857.Jefferson Davis - Reviews, 1977-1979858.Jefferson Davis - Typed Manuscript (Title Page - Chapter 4)859.Jefferson Davis - Typed Manuscript (Chapters 5 - 10)860.Jefferson Davis - Typed Manuscript (Chapters 11 - 17)861.Jefferson Davis - Typed Manuscript (Chapters 18 - 24)862.Jefferson Davis - Typed Manuscript (Chapter 25, Index)863.The Leaven of Democracy - Correspondence and Contract, 1960-1962864.The Leaven of Democracy - Miscellaneous865.The Mind of the Old South - Book Jacket, 1967866.The Mind of the Old South - Contract, 1961867.The Mind of the Old South - Correspondence, 1959-1975868.The Mind of the Old South - Promotion, 1967869.The Mind of the Old South - Research - "The Commercial Mind"870.The Mind of the Old South - Research - "The Emergence of the Radical"871.The Mind of the Old South - Research - "The Liberal Mind in a Southern Context"872.The Mind of the Old South - Research - "Message of William F. Packer, Governor of Pennsylvania to the Legislature, 1860"873.The Mind of the Old South - Research - "The Mind of the Southern Negro: The Remarkable Individuals"874.The Mind of the Old South - Research - Notes - Miscellaneous875.The Mind of the Old South - Research - "The Religious Experience: The Evangelical, Calvinistic, and Genteel Traditions"876.The Mind of the Old South - Research - "The Scientific Mind"877.The Mind of the Old South - Research - "The Voice of Emotion"878.The Mind of the Old South - Reviews, 1962-1973879.The Mind of the Old South - Typed Manuscripts (Incomplete, First Edition)880.The Mind of the Old South - Typed Manuscripts (Incomplete, Second Edition)881.The Mind of the Old South - Typed Manuscripts (Incomplete, First and/ or Second Editions)882.The Society and Culture of the South in the Nineteenth Century - Correspondence, 1980883.The South Since Appomattox - Correspondence, 1958-1966884.The Waning of the Old South Civilization - Correspondence, 1967-1978885.The Waning of the Old South Civilization - Research - Notes886.The Waning of the Old South Civilization - Reviews, 1968-1970 887.The Waning of the Old South Civilization - Typed Manuscript (Title Page - Chapter 5)888.The Waning of the Old South Civilization - Typed Manuscript (Chapter 6, Index)888.Scholarly Articles989."The American South", 1968990."Breaking a Path for the Liberation of Women in the South", 1973-1977991."A British Woman's View of the Southern Confederacy", 1973-1978992."Censorship of the Southern Mails", 1941-1943993."Charles Darwin and Catherine Hopely: Victorian Views of Plantation Societies", 1979994."A Dangerous Pamphlet in the Old South", 1936995."The Defeat of the Know Nothings in Virginia"996."Diary of an Officer in Sherman's Army Marching Through the Carolinas", 1943997."The Ebb of the Great Revival", 1946998."Everybody Liked Henry Clay", 1956999."The Forward Lookers of the New South"9100."The Fractured Mirror: Portrayal of the South by Southern Writers"9101."The Freedom of the Press in the Upper South", 19329102."Frontier Life in Southern Arizona, 1858-1861", 19339103."Governor Henry A. Wise and the John Brown Invasion"9104."The Hawaii Islands as a Corner of the American Frontier", 19349105."Henry A. Wise, Defender of the South"9106."Henry A. Wise, A Liberal of the Old South", 19419107."Henry A. Wise and Southern Rights"9108."Henry A. Wise: A Study in Virginia Leadership, 1850-1861", 19429109."Henry A. Wise and the Virginia Fire Eaters of 1856", 19359110."The Humor of the Southern Yeoman", 19419111."The Jeffersonian Tradition of Liberalism in America", 19449112."King Cotton"9113."A Law Student at Transylvania University in 1810-1812", 19579114."The Late Victorian Age in the South", 19719115."Minutes and Resolutions of an Emancipation Meeting in Kentucky in 1849", 19489116."A Mirror of the Southern Colonial Lawyer", 19519117."Mob Violence in the Old South", 19429118."Nathaniel Wyeth's Oregon Expeditions", 1935 *See Also Box 15, Folder 5: Odd/Oversized Materials9119."Professor James Woodrow and the Freedom of Teaching in the South", 19629120."Recent Trends in the Writing of Southern History"9121."Religious Mores of the South", 1944-19459122."The Role of Honor in Southern Life", 1972-19769123."Slave-Hiring in the Upper South: A Step Toward Freedom", 19609124."Social Structure and Social Mobility in the Old Southwest", 19739125."Southern Senators and the Right of Instruction, 1789-1860", 19529126."The Treaties of Easton, 1752-1762", 19439127."Winifred and Joseph Gales, Liberals of the Old South", 19449127.Review Articles9128.Clippings, 1949-19759129.Correspondence, 1940-19729130.Correspondence, 1973-19809131.Handwritten Drafts9132.Reprints, 1940-19669133.Reprints, 1967-19789134.Typed Manuscripts, 1943-19789135.Von Hesse-Wartegg, Ernst. Mississippi Travels9135.Other Publications10136.Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries - Collier's Encyclopedia, 1960-196110137.Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries - Dictionary of American History, 1972-197510138.Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries - Encyclopedia of Southern History, 1972-197310139.Dictionary and Encyclopedia Entries - Miscellaneous, 1960-197810140.Introductions, Prefaces, and Forewords - "Henry Clay's Last Will", 194910141.Introductions, Prefaces, and Forewords - A Journey in the Back Country (Frederick Law Olmsted), 197010142.Introductions, Prefaces, and Forewords - Life in the South Since the Commencement of the War (Catherine Hopely), 1967-197310143.Introductions, Prefaces, and Forewords - A Pictorial History of Kentucky, 197010144.Introductions, Prefaces, and Forewords - The Reign of Law (James Lane Allen), 1969-197010145.Miscellaneous - Correspondence - General, 1960-197610146.Miscellaneous - Correspondence - Miscellaneous, 1933-197610147.Miscellaneous - "The Cotton Kingdom", 1964-196610148.Miscellaneous - Journals of Eaton's Travels in the Deep South, 1935-196010149.Miscellaneous - Kentucky Bicentennial Series, 1973-197410150.Miscellaneous - "Kentucky Colonel - New Vintage", 1941-195010151.Miscellaneous - "Perspectives on the Past", 197610152.Miscellaneous - "Student Days With Thomas Wolfe"10153.Miscellaneous - "Winston-Salem in the First Quarter of the Twentieth Century: A Recollection", 197610154.Short Stories - "Joe's Fragile Daughter"10155.Short Stories - "The Suicide in the Mayor's Court", 197810156.Short Stories - "The Unpardonable Sin"10156.Research Notes10157.Agriculture in the Upper South10158.Ante-Bellum Politics10159.Cassius M. Clay10160.Civil War10161.James H. Hammond10162.Manufacturing10163.Miscellaneous10164.Miscellaneous10165.Newspapers and Presses10166.Progressivism and Populism in the New South10167.From the Southern Collection - University of North Carolina10168.Textile Industry10169.Towns and Cities10170.Travel Accounts10171.Henry A. Wise10172.Henry A. Wise10173.Henry A. WiseV. General Correspondence111.Adams, Michael, 1968-1980112.Adl - B113.Ca - Cof114.Coleman, J. Winston, 1940-1976115.Congleton, Betty, 1966-1980116.Conn - Cun117.Curti, Merle, 1939-1980118.D - E119.F1110.G - He1111.Hi - Lan1112.Lawrence, Rev. Charles, 1968-19751113.Laws - M1114.N - Rea1115.Reichard, Joe, 1944-19771116.Rey - Sc1117.Se - Smith, Charles1118.Smith, John David, 1976-19791119.So - Web1120.Weldon, Pat, 1968-19781121.Well - Wood1122.Wooley, Robert, 1968-19801123.Wor - Z1124.Unidentified, 1928-19781125.Unopened, 1939-1972VI. Miscellaneous Subjects Series1125.Publications (not by Eaton)121.Scholarly Articles - Anderson, C. Arnold and Mary Jean Bowman - "The Vanishing Servant and the Contemporary Status System of the American South", 1953122.Scholarly Articles - Aptheker, Herbert - "The American Civil War", 1961123.Scholarly Articles - Aptheker, Herbert - "The Negro in the Abolitionist Movement", 1941124.Scholarly Articles - Aptheker, Herbert - "The Negro in the American Revolution", 1940125.Scholarly Articles - Bailey, Kenneth - "Southern White Protestantism at the Turn of the Century", 1963126.Scholarly Articles - Barker, Eugene C. - "Life in the Republic of Texas", 1941127.Scholarly Articles - Bartlett, Irving H. - "Wendell Phillips and the Eloquence of Abuse" 1960128.Scholarly Articles - Basler, Roy P. - "As One Southerner to Another: Concerning Lincoln and the Declaration of Independence", 1943129.Scholarly Articles - Beale, Howard K. - "On Rewriting Reconstruction History", 19401210.Scholarly Articles - Beers, Henry Putney - "Military Protection of the Santa Fe Trail to 1843", 19371211.Scholarly Articles - Bestor, Arthur - "State Sovereignty and Slavery", 19611212.Scholarly Articles - Bestor, Arthur - "Intellectual History to 1900"1213.Scholarly Articles - Betts, Edwin M. - "The Correspondence Between Constantine Samuel Rafinesque and Thomas Jefferson", 19441214.Scholarly Articles - Bonner, James C. - "The Historical Basis of Southern Military Tradition", 19551215.Scholarly Articles - Bonner, James C. - "The Open Range Livestock Industry in Colonial Georgia", 19631216.Scholarly Articles - Bonner, James C. - "The Plantation Overseer and Southern Nationalism as Revealed in the Career of Garland D. 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