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Kappa Delta Dance Daily The Dledees of the KnDDa Delta Opposes sorority entertained with an nejoy-abl- e tea dance Friday afternoon from HANOVER, N. II. (IP) That the 3:30 untli 6 o'clock at Patterson hall. The Original Kentucky Masquerad-er- s' club system should be substituted for orchestra furnished the music. the national fraternity system at DartAlumnae Luncheon The lighted sorority shield hung over Dartmouth is the belief of the daily, which The Chi Omega alumnae entertainthe orchestra and ferns and palms mouth, undergraduate campaign for ed with a luncheon Saturday at the were placed in the corners of the has been carrying on a reform in the fraterniteis on the Lafayette hotel. About twenty mem- room. Several hundred guests enjoyed the Dartmouth campus. Says tho bers were present. affair. "We do not think that membership Botany Class Meets in a national fraternity is doing anyUniversity Woman's Club The classes in botany, sponsored by one any harm, but we do think it is Tho board of directors of the the Lexington Garden Club, were held useless and foolish. If the fraterni Thursday morning in room 101, white Woman's Club of the university held ties in this college were to return its regular meeting at 11:30 o'clock v,heir national charters, it would make Hall. Garden Club last Thursday morning. Mrs. C. R. little, or no, actual difference to any The classes include members from Lexington, Nicholas-vill- Melcher, the president, presided. one. There would still be the house Versailles, and Paris, with memNext Tuesday afternoon the club Tor social purposes. There would be bers from Lancaster and Richmond will .hold its regular meeting in the a party organized at Carnival for judging pavilion of the Experiment the Club. There would be the oppor also attending. Station farm. Dr. Caroline Hedge; tunity for friendship, which, in the will speak upon "What Do We Mean 3nd, is all that a fraternity can proChild Study Group vide. It is absurd to presume that The Child Study group of the Amer By a Well Child?" Mrs. J. F. Bulard, chairman of the any organization can guarantee ican Association of University Women and the "Woman's Club of the univer department, is in charge of the pro friendship." sity, met Monday afternoon at 3 gram. All of the club members arc o'clock in the education building of invited to attend. last week end. the university. Dr. C. C. Ross, who Mr. Ernest Threckeld, of Simpson was speaker of the meeting, gave an FRATERNITY ROW ville, spent last week end at the Phi interesting talk on the "Instinct oil Anger." Miss Louise Smathers and Miss Sitrma Karma house. Messrs. Derby Sprout, Norman Thelma Jones, of Simpsonville, Miss Gladys Tabor, of Mt Sterling, and Comstock, Slitz Clark, and Norman Fraternity Formal spent Murray, of Denver, Colo., are visiting Delta Tau Delia fraternity held Miss Ruth Kennedy, of Carlisle, Alpha at the Sigma Alpha Epilson house. the week end at the Zeta Tau the first formal dance of the year SatVisitors at the Sigma Alpha Ep urday night at the Lafayette hotel. house. ilson house last week end were Mrs. Gilmore Bobbitt and son, of Messrs. Loean Webb, of Trenton: Ed The fraternity colors of purple, white and gold, were carried out in the dec- Hazard, Ky., were guests at the Zeta Stout, of Bowling Green; Goldwin orations and the illuminated frater- Tau Alpha house this weeK. Lewis, of Anchorage; Daw Caldwell nity shield was hung at one end of Visitors at the Delta Tau Delta of Paducah: Chuch Rice, of Frank house over the week end were Messrs fort: RnlDh Connell. of Paris: Jimmie the ballroom. The chaperones were Dr. and Mrs. Bert Cornell, Albert Kittenger, O'Con- - Haden, of Glasgow, and James Yates r iiin.oucuii.unii. j vviiiiaui cuuu, ui. Trl:nl.4.V.4-AnMcVey, Dean and Mrs. C. R. Melcher, nell Crowder, of Louisville, Fred ana TinMi: Mr. Rav Stacer and Mr. Johnnie Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Rhodes, and Ftpf. Markem, of Irvine, nad two members and Mrs. Robert Hawkins, Miss Sarah of the chapter at the University of Grav of Louisville were visitors of Blanding, and Miss Marguerite Mc- Cincinnati. the Triangle fraternity over the week Mr. and Mrs. Smithers and duagh end. Laughlin. ter, of Frankfort, attended the Delta Alpha Xi Delta Tea Tau Delta formal. R. W. SMOCK Alnha. Xi Delta sorority entertained Mr. James Bill Hinkle, of Bards Watch Your Watch with open house Friday afternoon at town, spent the week end at the the chapter house m honor of Miss Sigma Nu house. Mary Lewis Marvin, the newly electMr. Melvin Nollan spent the week ed band sponsor, and for the members end in Louisville. Clock the, university band. Mr. Jim Bolowe from Asbury Col of 157 S. LIME PHONE 7638 lege visited the Sigma Beta Xi house The house fwas beautifully decotaprated with red roses and lighted were woiniiiiiiiaiwiiMniiaiiiiiMiiiiiHiwiminiuiiiHiiiiiiic3iiiiiw3WiiiiiiiitHn ers.? Delightful refreshments guests who served to the seventy-fiv- e called during the afternoon. Dartmouth SOCIETY NOTES Cadet Hop The first of the series of five cadet hops of the season, sponsored by the advanced corps of the university, was given Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the Men's gymnasium. Several hundred students attended the enjoyable dance, Department of Drama The regular meeting of the department of drama of the university will be held Saturday at 3 o'clock in the ballroom of the Lafayette hotel when Mrs. Samuel Scott, of St. Louis, will read "The Second Man," by Behr-maMiss Mary Shouse, the department chairman, will preside. n. Colonial Tea Thursday afternoon the Beta Sigma Onicron sorority entertained with colonial party from 4 to 6 o'clock at their chapter house. Old fashioned flowers and candles were used as the motif of the decorations. The hostesses were attired in period tumes. The Rhythm Kings Orchestra furnished the music for' the occasion, playing old fashioned melodies. Fifteen guests were present. A Sanitary Shop We Use the Terminal System a real Give yourself treat The next time you need a haircut or a shave that'll make "you smile with keen satisfaction, just drop around to Barber Shop CHAS. REEDER, Prop. 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Itis myjob to see that this is so." $Q85 " ALL LEATHERS ALL STYLES Phone 7225 FRIDAY-SATURDA- tj Study Group Dinner The class in International Relations will hold a dinner in the cafeteria of the university January 19, at 6:30 o'clock with Mr. Linley V. Gordon as guest of honor. Mr. Gordon is extension secretary of the World Alliance for International Friendship Through the Churches. He returned recently from a trip to the Mediterranean countries during which he visited councils of World Alliance for International Friendship. d Mr. Gordon will speak from information of conditions among the people of Europe. SHOPPE Miss Osborne is now in Chicago where she is securing everything that is new Careful Watch and Repairing LAFAYETTE - Fraternities land in the sense that we think of it who had chosen him for her mate. today. In that year a decree was The Scottish law wa3 not popular, made that "any maiden lady, of high and soon died. 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