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539 > Page 539 of Channings / by Mrs. Henry Wood.

Ready 539 Hamish lifted Charley to him with an eager, fond movemrent. The sight of him took a weight from his mind. Although really irresponsible for the disap- pearance of Charles, he had always felt that his father and mother might inwardly attach some blame to him -inight think him to have been wanting in care. Now, all was sunshine. Dinner over, Mr. Channing walked with Hamish to the office. They were some time in getting there. Every other person they met, stopped Mr. Channing to congratulate him. It seemed that the congratula- tions were never to end. It was not only Mr. Chan- ning's renewed health that people had to speak of. Helstonleigh, from one end to the other, was ringing with the news of Arthur's innocence; and Charley's return was getting wind. They reached Guild Street at last. Mr. Channing entered and shook hands with his clerks, and then took his own place in his private room. " Where are we to put you now, Hamish" he said, looking at his son with a smile. " There's no room for you. You will not like to take your place with the clerks again." " Perhaps I had better follow Roland Yorke's plan, and emigrate," replied Hamish, demurely. I wish Mr. Huntley- By the way, Hamish, it would only be a mark of courtesy if you stepped as far as Mr. lI untlev's and told him of Charles's return," broke off _Mr. Channing, the idea occurring to him with 'Mr. Huntlev's narme. " None have shown more sympathy than he, and he will be rejoiced to hear that the child is safe." I'll go at once," said Hamish. Nothing loth was he, on his own part, to pay a visit to Mr. Huntley's. Hamish overtook M\fr. Huntley close to his own home. He was returning from the town. Had he been home earlier, he would have heard the news from Harry. But Harry had now had his dinner and was gone again. He did not dine at the later hour. " I have brought you some news, sir," said Hamish, as they entered together. " News again ! It cannot be very great, by the side of what we were favoured with last night from Mr. Roland," was the remark of Mr. Huntley.