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543 > Page 543 of Channings / by Mrs. Henry Wood.

Ready 543 both hastened to the station, leaving Arthur in wonder. That was the very London editor himself. He had been into the country, and was taking Helstonleigh on his way back to town; had stayed in it a day or two for the purpose of seeing Martin Pope, who was an old friend, and of being introduced to Hamish Channing. That shy feeling of reticence, which is the characteristic of most persons whose genius is worth anything, had induced Harnish to bury all this in silence. " But when have you found time to write" ex- claimed Mr. Huntley, unable to get over his surprise. "You could not find it during office hours." " Certainly not. I have written in the evening, and at night. I have been a great rake, stopping up later than I ought, at this writing." Do they know of it at home" "Some of them know that I sit up; but they don't know what I sit up for. By way of a blind-I suppose it may be called a justifiable deceit," said Hamish gaily - I have taken care to carry the office books into my room, that their suspicions may be confined to the accounts. Judy's keen eyes detected my candle burn- ing later than she considered it ought to burn, and her rest has been disturbed with visions of my setting the house on fire. I have counselled her to keep the water-butt full, under her window, so that she may be safe from danger." " And are you earning money now" " In one sense, I am: I am writing for it. My former papers were mostly disjointed ones; essays, and that sort of thing; but I am about a longer work now, to be paid for on completion. When it is finished and appears, I shall startle them at home with the news, and treat them to a sight of it. When all other trades fail, sir, I can set up my tent as an author. " Mr. Huntley's feelings glowed within him. None, more than he, knew the value of silent industry-the worth of those who patiently exercise it. His heart went out to Hamish. " I suppose I must recommend you to Bartlett's post, after all," said he, affecting to speak carelessly, his eye betraying something very different.