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544 > Page 544 of Channings / by Mrs. Henry Wood.

544 The Channings Is it not gone" asked Hamish. No, it is not gone. And the appointment rests with me. How would you like it" " Nay," said Hamish, half-mockingly, "the ques- tion is, should I be honest enough for it" Mr. Huntley shook his fist at him. " If you ever bring that reproach up to me again, I 'l-I' You had better keep friends with me, you know, sir, on other scores. " Hamish laughed. " I should like the post very much indeed, sir." " And the house also, I suppose, you would make no objection to" nodded Mr. Huntley. " None in the world. I must work away, though, if it is ever to be furnished." " How can you tell but that some good spirit might furnish it for you" cried Mr. Huntley, quaintly. They were interrupted before anything more was said. Ellen, who had been out with her aunt, came running in, all excitement. " Oh, papa ! such happy news! Charles Channing is found. He-- She stopped when she saw that she had another auditor. Hamish rose to greet her. He took her hand, released it, and then returned to the fire to Mr. Huntley. Ellen stood by the table, and had grown suddenly timid. " You will soon be receiving a visit from my mother and Constance," observed Hamish, looking at her. " I heard certain arrangements being discussed, in which Miss Ellen Huntley's name bore a part. Wie are soon to lose Constance." Ellen blushed rosy red. Mr. Huntley was the first to speak. " Yorke has come to his senses, I suppose" " Yorke and Constance between them. In a short time she has to be transplanted to Hazeldon." " It is more than he deserves," emphatically declared Mr. Huntley. " I suppose you will be for getting married next, Mr. Hamish, when you come into pos- session of that house we have been speaking of, and are your own master" " I always intended to think of it, sir, as soon as I could do so," returned saucy Hamish. And Ellen ran out of the room.