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549 > Page 549 of Channings / by Mrs. Henry Wood.

Ready 549 bright fire burned in the well-ventilated though small room, the bed was snowy white, the apartment alto- gether thoroughly comfortable. But-Jenkins I Fully occupied with his work for Mr. Galloway, it was several days since Arthur had called on Jenkins, and the change he now saw in his face struck him sharply. The skin was glazed and drawn, the eyes were unnaturally bright, the cheeks had fallen in; certainly there could not be very many hours of life left to Jenkins. A smile sat on his parched lips, and his eyelashes became moist as he looked up to Arthur, and held out his feeble hand. " I knew you would be cleared, sir! I knew that God would surely bring the right to light! I have been humbly thanking Him for you, sir, all day." Arthur's eyes glistened also as he bent over him. "You have heard it, then, Jenkins I thought you would. " " Yes, sir, I heard it this morning, when it was getting towards mid-day. I had a visit, sir, from his lordship the bishop. I had, indeed ! He came up as he has done before-as kindly, and with as little ceremony, as if he had been a poor body like myself. It was he who first told me, Mr. Arthur." " I am glad he came to see you, Jenkins." " He talked so pleasantly, sir. ' It is a journey that we must all take, Jenkins,' he said; ' and for my part, I think it matters little whether we take it sooner or later, so that God vouchsafes to us the grace to prepare for it.' For affability, sir, it was just as if it had been a brother talking to me; but he said things different from what any poor brother of mine could have said, and they gave me comfort. Then he asked me if I had taken the Sacrament lately; and I thanked him, and said I had taken it on Sunday last; our clergyman came round to me after service. Mr. Arthur "-and poor Jenkins's eyes wore an eager look of gratitude-" I feel sure that his lordship would have administered it to me with his own hands. I wonder whether all the bishops are like him !" Arthur did not answer. Jenkins resumed, quitting the immediate topic for another. " And I hear, sir, that Mr. Channing has come home