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Page 550 of Channings / by Mrs. Henry Wood.

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550 The Channings restored, and that the little boy is found. His lordship was so good as to tell me both. Oh, Mr. Arthur, how merciful God is!" " We are finding Him so, just now," fervently spoke Arthur. " And it is all right again, sir, with you and Mr. Galloway " " Quite right. I am to remain in the office. I am to be in your place, Jenkins." " You'll occupy a better position in it, sir, than I ever did. But you will not be all alone, surely" " Young Bartlett is coming to be under me. Mr. Galloway has made final arrangements to-day. We shall go on all right now." " Ay," said Jenkins, folding his thin hands upon the counterpane, and speaking as in self-commune; " we must live near to God to know His mercy. It does seem almost as if I had asked a favour of any earthly person, so exactly has it been granted me! Mr. Arthur, I prayed that I might live to see you put right with Mr. Galloway and the town, and I felt as sure as I could feel, by some internal evidence which I cannot describe, but which was plain to me, that God heard me, and would grant me my wish. It seems, sir, as if I had been let live for that. I sha'n't be long now. " " While there is life there is hope, you know, Jen- kins," replied Arthur, unable to say anything more cheering in the face of circumstances. " Mr. Arthur, the hope for me now is, to go," said Jenkins. " I would not be restored if I could. How can I tell, sir, but I might fall away from God If the call comes to-night, sir, it will find me ready. Oh, Mr. Arthur, if people only knew the peace of living close to God-of feeling that they are READY! Ready for the summons, let it come in the second or third watch!" " Jenkins !" exclaimed Arthur, as the thought struck him, " I have not heard you cough once since I came in! Is your cough better" " Oh, sir, there's another blessing ! Now that I have grown so weak that the cough would shatter me -tear my frame to pieces-it is gone! It is nearly