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558 > Page 558 of Channings / by Mrs. Henry Wood.

558 The Channings hope it has helped me to some notion of patience, though, for the future, papa." " Ay," said Mr. Channing. " Hope on, strive on, work on, and trust on ! I believe that you made those your watchwords, as did I. And now, in an almost unprecedentedly short time, we are brought out of our troubles. While others, equally deserving, have to struggle on for years before the cloud is lifted, it has pleased God to bring us wonderfully quickly out of ours; to heap mercies and blessings, and a hopeful future upon us. I may truly say, ' He has brought us to great honour, and comforted us on every side." I HAVE BEEN YOUNG, AND NOW AM OLD; AND YET SAW I NEVER THE RIGHTEOUS FORSAKEN, NOR HIS SEED BEGGING THEIR BREAD." THE END Rihard Clay 6- Soie. Limiid, London and Burajy.