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Part of The Cats' Pause

07ie (jat&' (Eau$& 0ecem6er27, (9&f PUBLICATION NO. USPS 707340 Published By WILDCAT NEWS COMPANY P.O.Box 7297 Lexington. Kentucky 40522 Second Class Postage Paid at Lexington. Kentucky 40511 and additional Mailing offices Editor and Publisher OSCAR L. COMBS Staff Writer NICK NICHOLAS Staff Writer MIKE ESTEP Staff Writer TODD HALLUM Composition Coordinator WINFRED JENNINGS National Recruiting Columnist BOB GIBBONS Columnist LARRY VAUGHT State Columnist BOB WATKINS National Basketball Columnist LARRY DONALD Columnist MEL HOLBROOK SEC Columnist STAN TORGERSON Columnist DICKY BEAL Kentucky Basketball Recruiting RICK BOLUS Contributing Columnist JAMIE VAUGHT Sport Hobby Columnist JACK MAIDEN Business Manager DONNA COMBS Staff Photographer GARY CROMWELL Staff Photographer CLARENCE MILLER JR. Circulation Coordinator WANDA HOOKER Crossword Puzzle Editor DAN KRUECKEBERG Published Weekly: Sept. 13-April 11 Monthly: May. June, July. August Advertising Representative WILDCAT NEWS COMPANY 2625 Regency Road Lexington, Kentucky 40503 Subscription Price $25.00 per year in USA $35.00 per year in Canada Phone:(606)278-3474 Postmaster: Send Address Changes to THE CATS' PAUSE. P.O. Box 7297v 1 . Lexington, Kentucky 40522 Kentucky-Louisville Matchup Looks V-e-r-y Interesting PKOBABLE STAitTlMC LINEUPS Kentucky wildcat* '5-1) T 30 - Irv Thorn** (6-7 sophomore) C 44 - Rob Lock (6-11 junior) C 3 - K*x Qmpwn (6-5 frsshman) C 10 - Janes Slackaon (6-3 senior) C 15 - Ed Day.nd.r (6-3 junior) 10 - Mark McSwain 6-7 **nlor) 41 - Herbert Crook (6-7 sophomore) 42 - Pervia EUiaon (6-9 aophoocre) 12 - Craig Hawley (6-5 freshman) 44 - Tony Kimbro (6-7 aophomore) THE WILDCATS: PPC 7.3 5.) . 7 5.0 16.3 2.0 6.S 3.5 16.6 3.5 f st Indiana) 6.6 5.3 16.6 10.6 19.7 8.7 5.4 0.8 10.6 3.3 HOW WILDCAT NOTES - KDfniCKT AT "' FREEDOM HALL: The, Wildcat* will b playing ac Loulaville'a Tratiom Hall lor tha 39th ^ tlm* Saturday, but it will Bark only tha second Claw tha Cats haw*'* faced a hostile crowd thara, Slnca tha 1957-51 aeaaoo. Freedom Hall ha* been a aacond hone for Kentucky, as th* Wildcat* haw* played at leaet on boa* game there every y*ar. Until UK met UwUvUlt two yaar* ago, Kentucky alway* had the crovd behind It. Th* Wildcat* will find the aurroundingamor* to their liking neat Tu*ad*y, Dec. 30, whan they oterteln $outh*a*tecn Conference rival Georgia at freedom Hall. Like th* UK-UofL gaata, tha UK-Ceorgl* gas* la a co*a?l*t* **ll-out. UK'* ov"11 record at Fraado*. Rail now stand* ar 29-9. Kentucky'* ovarall record In Louisville 1* 89-20 (atnee 1936-37). S A quick check of the record* shows that Kentucky and Louisville have earned a place among college basketball'* elite during the 1950'*. th* itvtn aeaaona of the 80'a (19)9-80 through 1985-86), the Wildcat have finlahed In th* final Associated Preen Top 10 four times. whll th* Cardinal* have finished there three tinea. The only teas that I. appeared In the final Top 10 atore tlarea than Kentucky la North Carolina, *" ~- "maelng six appearancea. Tying Kentucky with four *pp**rancea Here are the team* which have appeared thre* of th, MIT l.,c ...tend. domI5 Io 75-59 Frld., ntgnt. th." --------"-7 -lS,nt. I'll i Pl*yr* In double figures, led -. the Wildcat , ''I U!ld"" M-lnit Boston U. in th. championship g, with 26 points, etching his season/career high. 23 and earned Tourne Tournament teas. MVP honors. Ed Davender tossed Chapaan was named to the All- ,r 19BU - ***~ -*ssj f^^-s^SL h,ve tin-' . t flni*h Rob Lock'i 19-polnt, 11-rebound performance against lona Friday night was by far the best of the Junior center'* UK career. His previous high-point total was 11 against Pepperdin* last season, while his high-rebound total was 6 against Austin Peay earlier this season..... Freahsian sensation Rex Chapaan took high-scoring honors for th* UKIT with 2 points in two games. His 26-point performance against Boston University matched his career high, set at Indiana three weeks ago. . . .Junior forward Richard Madison seeoed to break out of hi* sluap against Boston U. scoring 1! points and pulling down 15 rebounds against the Terriers. . . .Junior center Cadrlc Jenkins saw his first action of the season during the UKIT. The Dawson, Ca., native has been sidelined by a stress fracture to the left ankle aince Kld-Koveaibcr. That action was Halted, however, to 22 seconds agalnat lona and 50 second* against Boston U. (Lditor's Kote: Tou will notice that the composite stats show Jenkins with only one game played. The SCAA now peralts schools to not count a gaae played Cor statistical purposes If the player plays less than 30 seconds and has no entry in any statistical category. That gaa>e still count*, el igib 11 Ity-wi a* . >. . . . Th* Wildcat* were not as sharp fro the floor In th* UKIT. UK caaie into the tourney 5i.l ahootlng percentage, but hit only 46.2 and 46.3 agalnat lona and Boston U.....Kentucky continues to struggle at the line, connecting on only 58.9 percent of Its shots fro* the charity stripe. . . . The Cat* have finally aoved ahead of their opponent Kentucky out rebounded both lona and Boston U Hoit" jXtrtUCKT Georgetown BeF*"1 \ndl" LouUvlUe Viiglnl* ( St. John WW"--- i . .'" th. O"" u'',"dk'\ SBS- . _., Coll' **' , wll both , order , honot* in rebounding, 32.0 - 31. tC wast "ne ucla...... otth CaLln-** (.EUTUCKt....... _ InJl*"*. Hotr 0w..... Kanaas.......' FUTmU*........ ^ ^Duke. il 8 Aveids U 10 15 O V2 10 10 CA.ME 7: DATE: SITE: TIPQFF: QN THE AIB: [THE COACHES: WILDCAT BASKETBALL S0TE5 Kentucky vs. LoulavlH* Saturday, Dce*iber 27, 1986 Freedo- Hall - LouisvllU, Ky. . Cflpaclty: =05 p.*. EST UM0 NETWORK (Cawood Ledford and Ralph Hacker) - 90+ atatlons"^ throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas. Anchoring the coverage this season Is th* powerful 50,000-watt clear channel WLU in Cincinnati. Located at 700 on the AM dial, WLW beans the wildcat action to at least 40 state*. CBS TELEVISION NETWORK (Brent Husburger and Billy Packer) - Seen nationally on CBS-TV Network. EDDIE SUTTON Is now in his second season at Kentucky after coospletit the atost successful first-year in NCAA history. Last season, Suitor guided the Wildcats to a 32-4 record and a spot in the NCAA Final Eight. He also led UK to its 36th Southeastern Conference title with a 17-1 league mark and guided the Cats to the SEC Tournarwnt championship. For his efforts, Sutton was naned National "Coach of the Year" by Associated Press and the National Association of Basketball Coaches. Sutton Is now in his 18th year as a college coach and has compiled a record of 37B-I29. That's a winning percen of .746, which places hi aong the wlnnlngest coaches In the country. Sutton's record against Louisville Is 3-1. DENNY CRUrl Is likewise one of the giants aong college basketba coaches. He la now in his 16th season at Louisville, where he h. coopll*d a 374-U8 record, including two NCAA titles. His wlnn; percentage of .760 ranks hi* among the nation'* wlnnlngest coacl Crust's record against Kentucky Is 2-3. Kentucky leads the series between th* two school. I2-V el--- series r*sua>*d In 1983 after a 2' FREEDOM hail: The Wildcat* will b*- playing at Louiavll1*' Fteedoa Hall for v. tl*t Smturdmy, but It will wtk only th* teconi tim* the Cat* have 'iced a Saatlle crowd there. Since tha 1957-58 ****on, Frcedota Hall ha* i a eecond hoete for Kentucky, as th* Wildest* have playtd mt l*s*t hoae gaae Cher* every year. Until UK eiet Louisville two year* ago, tucky mlvtyt had the crowd behind it. The Wildcat* will tlnd th* round fngaawjre to their liking next Xutaday, Dec. 30, when they :ert*In Southeastern Conferanc rival Georgia at Trttoom Hall. k the \JH-\iotL Rase, the UK-Ccorgl* gnoe Is a cowplcte nell -out. .' o/ed ln Louisville , th. sfi', i Ja^a^aWaWtf^^^.^ -u t-pH'4 *ol%i. _* h*"' 1 . ih*t tb<,. , wloftin6 oi Vh. ti'**..,n ... t,.--r;^^-""i v che'^1*'..-.hlP*' _f *V .^twetS*1 Ely-released NCAA Hens listing of student-athletes who have perfnrmeu ln the classroom. Kentucky ranks tied for third with Indian. of plavers which have won both achievement AND acadeialc honor*. In /*-,. to be mentioned ln th* listing, a player must earn BOTH All-America honors AND at least one major academic award. Here is the complete listing of the top schools: n aye-fa / UCLA............... North Carolina..... KENTUCKY........... Indiana..........., ** r* Dame........ rlny5* 10 F\trtlue- 11 10 15 13 M 10 10 .i"in8 tV*" M.l Jfci", , it. 1Mu U* i"' ,ooi.^v.Ai" SI. Kentucky will travc. leaving Lexington at 1:30 p.m. Executive Inn, 830 Phillips Lan*. 502/Jot - hold a practice s*sslon at Freedom Hall at 5:00 Friu., : 1 . .... again at Freedom Hall Saturday morning at 11:00. Th* t*am will return to Lexington alter the game. Kentucky returne to Louisville next Tvtaity, Dec. 30, to boat Southeastern Conference rival Oeortlf et Freedom Hall. That game Is set for 8:05, with national television coverage on the USA Network. The Wildcats will once again be headquartered at the Executive Inn. PUBLIC TKACTlCt SLSS10H: The Wildcat* will hold their annual public ~acllce aeation at freedom Hall at Noon on Tuesday, Dec. 30. Last year ex 14,000 fans showed up to watch the "'.':.:"' iii:^i njunii for 30 The UK-Georgia game that night is a complete sell-out. ^ ie return* to Freedom Hall next Saturday, Jan. 3, to hott llpolt in acheduled tor 8:00 p.m. mmrnm