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f77ie fiats' &aa&e Q)ecem6er 27, (9$f Coca-Cola Thoroughbred Classic Results Tales Creek Handles Chattanooga Baylor Lexington Tates Creek jumped out to a 16-8 first quarter lead and held on to defeat The Baylor School of Chattanooga, Tenn.. 52-48 during the first contest last Saturday. All four ballgames were played at Rupp Arena. Tates Creek, 4-4, was led by Jerome Coles' 16 points. The Creekers also got outstanding performances from Damian Clayborne (12 points) and John Bates (10). Baylor, 7-2, was paced by Eric Smith who poured in a game-high 17 points. CHATTANOOGA BAYLOR (48) Nam*............... B- A-> lb pf (p John Reid........... 4-13 2-4 8 3 3 10 Evans Dunn.......... 4-5 1-2 2 0 4 9 Mike McCamtsh....... 1-2 0-0 2 1 2 2 Brian Partridge....... 4-9 0-0 4 2 1 8 Eric Smith........... 7-13 3-4 3 5 3 17 Matt Brown.......... 0-3 0-0 0 1 0 0 Doug t rivers......... 0-2 2-2 4 0 4 2 Team 1 Total* 20-47 t-12 24 12 17 48 TATES CREEK (52) Nam*............... fg-a ft-aitapftp Adrian Stevens...... 3-5 3-3 6 1 1 9 Darnian Clayborne .... 6-11 0-1 6 1 0 12 Jerome Cotes........ 5-12 6-8 8 1 2 16 John Bates.......... 4-5 2-4 4 2 3 10 Kevin Jarvts.......... 1-6 3-4 1 5 4 5 Bruce Harris......... 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 Bobby Smith......... 0-0 0-2 13 1 0 Team 1 ToUtt 18-3* 14-22 29 1S 11 52 B*yw..................... 11 12 1748 Tam* Creek................ 11 IB 17 FieW-goal shooting Baytof. 42 6 Tales Creek 48.7. Free-throw shooting Baytof. 66.7., Tales Creek. 63 6 Technicals: none. Turnovers: Baylor 12. Tales Creek 11 Ofhciate Mike Bus Tommy HaH Mason County Tops Bryan Station, 50-49 Deron Feldhaus pumped in a game-high 17 points as the Royals went on to upend Lexington Bryan Station, 50-49. Feldhaus, who will be attending the University of Kentucky next season, hit on six-of-15 shots from the field, while pouring in five-of-nine free throws. He also grabbed 18 rebounds. Once tied at 37-all, the visitors reeled off 10 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to take a commanding lead. Bryan Station, 3-4, was led by Michael Allen with 14 points. The eighth-ranked Royals improved their record to 6-1. UK's Shootist Is Gunning Down Foes Miller Learning About All Phases Of Game They ought to call him the Shootist. Through Eddie Sutton's law this Wildcat is licensed to gun down opponents without hesitation. Who is this sharpshooter? Derrick Miller, that's who. The same player whose 6-foot-6, 160-pound frame has been compared to Manute Bol, or such objects as a stringbean or toothpick is the same one who is a lethal weapon from 3-point range. Derrick Miller is the Kentucky Wildcats' Shootist. Prior to the UKIT, Miller, a freshman from Savannah, Ga., was hitting a team-leading 61.9 percent from the field. Included in his 13-of-21 trophy are six three-pointers which he bagged while tak- 12 Nick Nicholas Cats' Pause Columnist [Continued From Page 6] ing 11 shots on target. That's a mark of 54.5 percent from 19'9" range. "Every since I was little that was one of my strongest points, shooting the basketball," said Miller, whom like teammate Rex Chapman plays the game as would a solid veteran performer. "1 use to shoot a lot when I was little. I would spend a lot of time shooting. "That hurt me a little bit. Right now I'm a good ball handler and I'm fast for my size, but if I had worked on my defense as much as I had on my shooting I'd be a good (overall) ball player." A good shooter and modest, too. Everyone associated with basketball seems to believe the new three-point line has disarranged the college sport. Some say it's turning college hoops into pro ball, while others believe the bonus area should be pushed farther away from the cylinder. Supporters of Kentucky these days are not complaining, however. In Miller, UK's designated three-point bombardier, the Wildcats have a sensational shooter. I wonder what was going through his mind when he found out that a three-point shot would be added to the college game. . .and from 19' 9 of all places?" "The first thing that came to my mind was that it was going to give me the chance to play more than I thought I would play," Miller said. "I can shoot the three-point shot. That's my shot. I told myself I just had to prove it to Coach Sutton that I could shoot the three-point shot. "That's where I shoot the majority of my shots." A lot of people now are starting to suggest that Miller might be one of the best pure shooters ever to play for the 'Cats. If he continues to improve year-in-and-year-out they may be right. And if the three-point goal remains a part of college basketball, then Miller might go down in hoop history as the Wildcats' three-point king. After this season the three-point shot could be a thing of the past. The future of the 19' 9" line? It might be pushed back or it might be wiped out from college ball altogether. Would Vote "Yes" For Three-pointer If it's pushed back, "then that's fine with me," Miller said. "If they go International (20' 5") it would be just as close to me. It's the same shot. If they go pro three-pointer (23'9') then I can still hit that shot. But it would limit the number of perimeter shots the perimeter players can shoot on our team because it's so far out. But I can still shoot that shot." What if the decision was left entirely to him? What would Derrick Miller's choice be in regards to the fate of the 19'9" bonus shot (as if we didn't know)? "If I had to vote. . .1 would go International or leave it like it is now. I feel it puts a little fun in the game." To Miller, losing the three-point opportunity probably would be like losing a close friend. There's more to Derrick Miller than just a nice jumper. Sure, he still has a lot to learn about the collegiate ranks. Admittedly, Miller knows he has to improve his defensive skills. This is not to classify him as a bad defensive player. "He's learned his defense much quicker than we anticipated," noted Wildcat assistant Doug Barnes. "That's brought his whole level of play up to a level you can win with as a freshman. A lot of times freshmen will have one area of their game that's strong but their others will be so weak that it's hard to play'em. "He's always been able to shoot the ball well. It's amazing to me that he can shoot the ball that well as a freshman. He's done that ever since he's stepped on the court. What he has done is raise the other parts of his game, which enables us to play him. He's not only a plus with his shooting but he now doesn't hurt you with his defense." Barnes stressed three areas of Miller's game which need to be improved: 1) His ball handling lechnique, especially in pressure situations. 2) Hitting the defensive boards is an area in which he needs to advance. Basically, the important factor to upgrading his board play is blocking out his opponent. 3) And, learning to work for his shots without the basketball. Against Indiana, he watched one of the best players in the game at working for his shot without possessionSteve Alford. "Those are the phases in which he is working on every day," Barnes noted. "The great thing about Derrick is that he has worked on all of these phases and he's gotten better. "He's listening and he's gotten better at it. As long as he continues to do that then he'll someday be a great ballplayer." Miller's contributions already have succeeded beyond the call of duty. Everyone expected great things from Chapman. UK's other college rookie on the squad. The book on Miller was he possessed an excellent outside touch and was a hard worker Now. Derrick Miller also is considered to be an improved defensive player and a decent passer to boot. While Kentucky was com piling a 3-1 mark. Miller was averaging 16.5 minutes per contest During this period he was credited with five steals. Three-point Bombardier Derrick Miller All signs indicate Miller's defensive cycle is beginning to take shape. "The best thing I can do now is listen to Coach Sutton," said Miller. "I feel I'm playing pretty good defensively. I have menta breakdowns sometimes in the game. But Coach Sutton is a defen sive wizard, I'll just listen to him." Miller also needs a few hot tips to some local spots where ex Wildcat Melvin Turpin once dined at. Once he puts on some add ed beef and muscle, he could be an effective penetrator against SEC competition. Has Reason To Smile Nobody, meanwhile, can shoot the roundball like this kid. And this kid isn't acting like a kid, either. At Indiana's Assembly Hall with less than a minute remaining and UK trailing 67-64, a play was set to get Miller a three-point attempt. Chapman, though, was called for traveling and Indiana eventually prevailed, 71-66. Different from most freshmen. Miller is a cool as well as an easy going person. He scored 10 points against the Hoosiers while cashing in two three-pointers. Always smiling, he helps keep col lege basketball fun. With his downtown jumpers from three pointville Kentucky has added an important ingredient to its lineup. Overall, Miller is a person who keeps things in perspective. "Against Austin Peay I had a bad game." Miller said, in reference to UK's opener when he was held scoreless. "I said I can't get down on myself; I have to have fun when I go in. If 1 do have a bad game then I can't put my head down. Instead, I have to have a smile on my face." And if the three-point shot stays in college basketball, at least until 1990, Derrick Miller should be smiling for the rest of his college career. "Let me say this," said Barnes pausing for a moment, "if I was able to shoot the basketball like him, I would smile a lot, too