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6 > Image 6 of The Cats' Pause, "December 27, 1986"

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&7i (oats' &am& [Continued From Page 4] MASON COUNTY (SO) (B- ft-a rb a pf tp Ftheuben Bluford.. 0-0 0-0 3 0 10 Deron Feldhaus...... 6-15 5-9 18 1 3 17 Robert Lofton...... 2-7 0-3 6 10 4 Chad Fletcher..... 6-10 3-4 2 1 1 15 Jerry Butler......... 2-8 6-10 1 9 4 10 Scori Morgan ..... 2-3 0-0 2 2 14 Rodney Jackson 0-0 0-0 0 0 10 Brian Simpson....... 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 Team 1 33 1411 50 Totalt 18-43 14-26 BHYAN STATION (49) fr-a R-a rb a pt tp Mark Scruggs 0-1 0-0 10 4 0 Craig Brooks 3-7 2-2 8 0 2 8 Robert Higgins 2-7 2-2 14 1 1 6 CliH Davis 5-11 0-0 4 1 5 10 Michael Allen........ 6-19 2-4 3 1 5 14 Larry Brown ...... 2-2 0-0 0 0 0 4 John Harris..... 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 Donnie Thurman 3-6 1-1 3 0 3 7 Team 2 ToUli 21-53 7-9 35 3 20 49 S 18 10 1650 12 12 11 1449 Field-goal shooting Mason Co. 41 9. Bryan Siaton, 39 6 Free-throw shooting Mason Co. 53 8.. Bryan Station. 77 8 Technicals none Turn- overs Mason Co . 17. Bryan Station. 16. Officials Chuck Morgan, Joe Thompson No. 1 Marion Upset By Lafayette, 78-74 Lexington Lafayette upset the nation's No. 1 prep team (as rated by USA Today'). Marion, Ind.. 78-74 before 8,127 fans at Rupp Arena. Prince Stewart was one of five Generals listed in double figures. He scored 18 points, while dishing out five assists. Future Indiana Hoosiers Jay Edwards and Lyndon Jones scored 21 and 19 points respectively. Holding an eight-point lead at intermission (43-35) the Lexington team found itself leading by only two after three periods. However, the underdog Generals held on for the victory as they outscored their counterparts 21-19 in the final eight minutes. Other double digit producers for the Generals were: Mike Gay (16), Darrell Hill (14), Morgan Burdette (14), and Marcus Hill (II). MARION (74) Nam*............... fg-a R-a rb a pi tp Kyle Persinger........ 5-11 2-3 12 5 4 12 Dane Keys...... 6-10 13 8 0 1 13 Eric Ewer ........ 1-1 1-4 4 0 2 3 Jay Edwards........ 10-21 1-3 7 1 4 21 Lyndon Jones........ 9-17 1-3 3 6 4 19 Sieve Walker........ 0-3 0-013 2 0 Enc Persinger........ 1-2 4-4 6 0 1 6 Team 5 Totafc 32-5 10-20 4* 1$ 11 74 LAFAYETTE (78) Nam............... tg-a R-a rb a pf tp Mike Gay........... 8-17 0-0 10 0 4 16 Morgan Burdette...... 7-10 0-3 6 2 "3 14 Willie Eames....... 0-1 1-21001 Prince Stewart........ 7-12 4-10 9 5 1 IB Tm Newsome........ 0-0 0-0 003 0 Keith Denton ........ -2-6 0-0 00 4 4 Marcus Hill........... 4-8 3-4 5 1 2 11 Darrell m........... 6-14 2-5 4 2 2 14 Team 3 Totata 34-48 10-24 38 10 1* 7* Marion.................... 18 18 20 If78 LatayCa.................. 21 n 18 2171 Field-goal shooting Marion, 49 2. Lafayelle. 50.0. Free-throw shooting Marion, 500.; Lafayette. 41 7 Technicals: Marion bench 2 Turnovers: Marion. 18. Lalayctte. 9 Officials Bumey Jenkins, Von Alton. [Continued On Page 26] Howser Walking Dogs Today. . . Maybe More On Bennett And Valentine Sobering thoughts of the season and things. The holiday season makes some of us sentimental and "home for the holidays" television commercials get me right here. How about you? It is a time of year when I am reminded of a few special people. Folks who make me humble, remind me, and some of you, of what's really important. Dick Howser is one of those special people. The Kansas City manager's struggle with brain cancer the past six months has been of particular interest and Howser's courage aside, it is the man's perspective on life that comes to Bob Watkins Cats' Pause Columnist mind this holiday seaso n because so many of us get caught up in distortions of what is really important. There are tangles here petty things (my team, your team), jealousies, hard feelings. But let's face it, anything this side of what Dick Howser is looking at this Christmas season is not all that important. "My health is right here," Howser told reporters last week, holding his hand high over his head. Lowering his hand to his waist, he added, "The rest of me is right here. You know what I've been through. If my health falters a bit, you're going to see me back off a little." But here comes the bottom line. Dick Howser was asked about his future plans. He looked at his watch. 'What's next for me? This afternoon," he said. "I'm serious. It's 1:30 now. What's next for me is going home, taking the dogs out for a walk, feeding them. People talk about three months from now, or six months from now. But who knows? We don't know about next Wednesday. Nobody does." But the object lesson Dick Howser would have each of us take to heart, I believe, is simply this: Life is too short, too uncertain to waste even a precious moment. So, with the holiday season in mind, go home and hug your kids, tell your spouse you love her or him. Telephone somebody you've had hard feelings toward lately and say "Merry Christmas, I'm thinking about you." Think about Dick Howser out there walking his dogs ... maybe. Winston Bennett The 6-7 team captain who will sit out the season is off his crutches now and says he's feeling fine. Interesting thing about Bennett, even in street clothes, just his presence on the Kentucky bench helps this team, gives it a kind of emotional stability. Bennett/Valentine During Van Vance's sports call-in program on WHAS-Radio, a caller raised a question about an item that was reported in this space two months ago. The incident involved former University of Louisville basketball player Robbie Valentine who told this reporter during a conversation Oct. 14 that he had chanced to meet Bennett in Louisville last summer and "I showed him my (NCAA championship) ring. And I told him 'Hey man, look at this. You're never going to have one of these. Never.' I enjoyed that." I asked Bennett about the Valentine incident last week. "It was a total fabrication. In fact, it kind of hurt me when I read it because Valentine and I never had a conversation like that. It didn't happen. I don't know why he would say something like that." Valentine's remarks of Oct. 14 were recorded by another reporter, Mark Mathis, sports editor of the Daily News in Bowling Green. Points, more points Points: Todd May, Kentucky Mr. Basketball in 1982, and UK signee who transferred to Wake Forest and then Pikeville College, continues to distinguish himself in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. This season the Pikeville College star leads the KIAC in scoring with a 42.9-points-per-game average. More points. Remember Harvey Grant? The junior-college standout in Kansas last season was apparently headed for Kentucky until he pleaded no contest to a shoplifting charge last spring. UK withdrew its scholarship offer and Grant signed with Oklahoma where, as of Dec. 15, he was averaging 15.2 points and a team-high 9.3 rebounds per game for the Sooners. Comment: Counting freshman Derrick Miller, UK has three forwards on its roster this season; Irv Thomas and Richard Madison are the other two. Meanwhile, forwards May and Grant are averaging 58.1 points per game. UK signee update What about this year's crop of Kentucky signees? John Pittman. As of last week the 7-1, 250-pounder from Rosenberg, Tex. was averaging 20.8 points and 15.7 rebounds for the Terry High Rangers (11-2). However, Pittman's ability to qualify under Prop 48 remains in doubt. Jonathan Davis. The 6-8er from Pensacola, Fla. was being described last week as being one of the most competitive seniors in the country. "Davis isn't cocky, but he certainly plays with a lot of self confidence. He's a team guy all the way and at times he can be one heckuva good player.," a source close to the Pensacola hoop scene said last week. Eric Manuel, Deron Feldhaus and Sean Sutton. More on them next week. Mike Scott Since Abatemarco was an assistant at North Carolina State until this season, he had a chance to see Mike Scott compete in the ACC, at Wake Forest. "Scott's a big, tough, mobile kid. a role player. He's a good passer. He's not a franchise, not a Dave Cowens or anthing. But he's better than Lock. He will help Kentucky." Scott is expected to begin working out with Kentucky after Christmas and will be eligible to play Jan. 17, one day before Kentucky's national television game against LSU at Rupp Arena. Footnote LSU will have a "Christmas present" for the Tigers visit to Rupp Arena, 6-8 Nikita Wilson, back from academic suspension. Robert Lock After a 12-points (six of seven from the field), two rebounds and two assists performance in a starting assignment against Rob Lock Lamar, UK's 6-10 center said being booed in his previous appearance at Rupp Arena (Texas Tech) was not the reason for his good game last Saturday. But... "Against Texas Tech I probably got what I deserved," Lock said. "I felt apprehensive about starting because I got booed, but it's a real good feeling, knowing coach Sutton had confidence to start me. "I knew I could play better than I have been and I proved it. Ed Davender: "The big fellow came through for us. The boos? He talked about it alot. We kidded him about it and I think he got tired of it. Rob worked hard all week in practice. He went out and showed what he could do." 'Mr. Football' Frank Jacobs, a blue chip linebacker/tight end from Newport Central Catholic looks to have emerged as the top candidate to win Kentucky's inaugural Mr. Football award. "He'd be my top choice," said veteran coach Larry 'Cotton' Adams of Corbin. "I've never seen a high school player with as much intensity And he goes both ways too." People... Kentucky connections. When Vanderbilt guard Barry Goheen swished a game winning shot against Penn last week it [Continued On Page 22]