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Interview with David K. Karem, May 20, 2004

Part of Kentucky Legislature Oral History Project

Interview with David K. Karem, May 20, 2004
David K. Karem; interviewee. Eric Moyen; interviewer.
oral histories
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Karem discusses a wide variety of topics including education reform, workmen’s comp, redistricting, Democratic defections and the rise of the Republican Party. He discusses the gubernatorial styles of Wilkinson, Brown, Collins, Jones and Patton. He contrasts the governing philosophies of the Republican and Democratic parties. He reflects on Kentucky’s economic development from the late twentieth through the early twenty-first century, highlighting the effort to bring Toyota to Kentucky. Other topics include regional tension within the legislature, the evolution of higher education, Karem’s work on the Curriculum Committee during the education reform process and BOPTROT. Note: strong language.
Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History, University of Kentucky Libraries
University of Kentucky
Kentucky. Governor (1979-1983 : Brown), Kentucky. Governor (1987-1991 : Wilkinson), Kentucky. Governor (1995-2003 : Patton), Educational change., Apportionment (Election law), Brown, John Y. (John Young) Jr., 1933-, Workers’ compensation, Powers, Georgia Davis, 1923-, Collins, Martha Layne, Wilkinson, Wallace G., education reform, “Red Book”, Patton, Paul E., 1937-, redistricting, Saunders, Larry, Blevins, Walter, Williams, David, Democratic defections, Seum, Dan, Leeper, Bob, Republican Party, Democratic Party, Economic development, golden triangle, regional factionalism, Toyota, 1985 special session, Friend, Kelsey, Carville, James, Bailey, Benny Ray, Curriculum Committee, Jones, Brereton, Rose, John “Eck”, Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA), workmen's comp legislation, House (1972-1974, 34th district), Senate (1976-2004, 35th district), Senate Majority Caucus Chair, 1980-1992 -- Senate Majority Floor Leader, 1994-1998 -- Senate Minority Floor Leader, 2000-2002, Jefferson County (Ky.)
Kentucky Legislature Oral History Project
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