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4 > Image 4 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1989, no. 4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

` - GED Recognition AT&T Gives $1.1M in Computers State Superintendent of Public Instruction program and in providing teachers for the The American Telephone & Telegraph Co. john Brock cited the University of Kentucky GED training. He said the partnership be- has given the University of Kentucky $1.1 as an outstanding example of what an or- tween Fayette County schools and the Uni- million in computer resources. ganization can to doto encourage employee versity of Kentucky is the first of its kind in The computer giftwill be used forinstruc- participation in literacy and GED programs, the area of basic adult education. tion and research by students and faculty including giving employees time off from He said the arrangement is unusual in in the college of Engineering, including work to attend classes. another respect. It is generally understood the Center for Robotics and Manufactur- At a news conference at UK, Brock pre- thata university will provide helpto the local ing Systems, and the Department of Com- sented achievement awards to UK President school system, but in this case, the local puter Science. David Roselle and Payette County School school system is providing an essential serv- New electronic services which will be Superintendent Ronald \X/alton for their ice to the university. provided to students through the AT&T cooperative efforts in providing GED train- Brock said the programs are excellent gift will include electronic mail (the capabil- ing and literacy programs for UK employees. examples of how all levels of education are ity of sending messages to fellow students Brock especially recognized UK as the working to improve literacy in Kentucky. and faculty via computer); computer net- first university in the state to give employees working (linking one computer with another time off from their work to attend GED and " V lg y l for information exchange purposes), and T literacy classes. i scientific computation (solving mathemati- 'I`heGliDprogratnbeganatUKlastMarch. -. ay , _;_: S t V cal equations). V stx employees have earned GED certificates A M V gt l a; lh Q" AT&T l[ ltmsh f% and at least one of the students has now _ M {l' ;.a,.,,v;g; { for Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee, = enrolled in college courses at Lexington l _ it acknowledgesa"strongstrategicpartnership Community College. _ ,.V_l d l 4 . V with UK." Forty UK employees have participated in l Mt"f_`V E j _ 'VA Queen said AT&T made the contribution literacy training since that program began > through a University Equipment Donation ` three years ago. A total of 10% staff, faculty, w r An Program designed to "significantly impact students and Donovan Scholars have volun- yy { Qg..ij-1 ' the quality and delivery ofacademic instruc- teered and been trained as tutors in the tion at universities." reading program. J V, _ The AT&T officer praised UK for "the {TK President David Roselle said that V QV outstanding job the university has done in of those still employed at the university. utilizing and maintaining equipment previ- 9% percent of tlte GED participants and r ously donated by AT&T." AT&T computer Ul percent of the literacy program partici- V xg equipment gifts to UK in the past few years pants have continued to remain active in the ,r totaled more than 52.5 million. programs. ~, it { r jf _, l ,t~l The latest contribution will includeawide Several employees have received on-the- *" " ,,.. V I r variety of data networking equipment, work , job promotions as a resultoftheir successin ,.r"'""AW _ if l My- stations, and superminicomputer technol- the learning programs. if " ` ogy, said Alan Rose, AT&T senior data sales llrock ttrrrrttrert \*'alton for the school lilitfbitlt\1K*t:;Cqttt-*$**fl(*;] executive, data systems group. l , . . < . ' ' " Q ' _` * { _' ' i _ I , _ r systertrs role rrr tratrurtg tutors tot- the literacy ;"MQm\T;G',;;t_ ltxmgxcs (tk U UK will reeetve three 5152/lO0O's, afford- ttrrrv ttrtt tttrttr trtr rtrttrt tttrr tttrttr ttat is namet1),she mg 16 tilli<> iS<<>S t>=r S<><* =<* returned to Kentucky from her home in San Francisco, Calif, 600 IUg21l7yI<:S of internal storage per ma- ~ to share items from her family's estate with the University. Ching Among the gifts she brought were pieces ofsterling flatware In addition, AT&T will provide 36 6586 which ltatl heett tn the White fanttly hir over l()0 years. _ _ workstations, two 6286 workstations and appropriate STARGROUP data networking components to link the host 5B2/1000's together through a high-speed data network. t An assorttnent ofhigh level programming languages is also being donated. i JKY.-\|.l`\lNl`S #