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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Mason County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

!" . M {. - 1 s IA .. . MASON COUNTY CIVILILN ORGANIZATIONS V , . r `__`"""""""`*""""""""`"""` v . AA AMERICAN LEGION, LESLIE H. ARTHUR PCST]%l5 (National American Legion), 0/6 "A Dr. V; E. Hines, l5 nest Second Street, Maysville. Founded 1921. Adjutant, T, Dr. TL E. Hines. Telephone 655. Term expires, 1942. ! Yembership: lOO. Open to veterans of World Ihr l, with an honorable dis~ y_ charge. t] I A Committees: None re orted. ! ""*"""""""*i , 1 ` , i EA Purpose: Preparedness and peace. Aid to service men_and their fwnilies. I r I . . . . . . . . . . he { Normal Civic Activities: Co-sponsor of all patriotic activities. makes don- atiors to Milk Fund, Tuberculosis Fund and Red Cross. 4 Defense Activities; Training for Auxiliary Police, Salvage Demolition Service, Q _ Interested in Air Raid`Wardcn Service, Civilian Aircraft "erning Service, Aux~ l A iliary Fire Protection, Motor Corps Service, Ambulance Service, Hospital and T Clinical Assistance, Red Cross Assistance, Operation of Canteens. I \ . . A Local Publications: None. ~ AMERICAN RED CROSS, MASON COUNTY CHAPTER (American Red Cross), Cochran Bldg. I Maysville. Founded 1915. Chairman, Wadsworth Clarke. Telephone 1156. Sec- l retary, Jean Roebuck, 555 Forest Avenue, Maysville. Terms exniredINovember, 1942. Membership: 500. Open to all annual contributors of one dollir or over. r Committees: Disaster, Thdsworth Clarke, 5rd Street, Maysville; First Aid, 1 ~w:t= F. . H W ' ' ` ` A C. r. hilgus, 12o East ord otreet, maysville. A Purpose: To act as liason office between the Army and homes of members of A A the Armed Forces. To provide emergency relief. i Normal Civic Activities: Aid to vactims of disaster. Cooperating with army A- officers in the matter of correspondence between soldiers and thcir ramilics. i Q Defense Activities; nagcd in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical Dressinpd, Discussion Leaders, Public Speaking. -Training for Salvage Demolition Service, _ First Aid, Preparation and Serving of Food,.Opcration of Cantecns. Interested Q in Auxiliary Police, Auxiliary Fire Protection, Ambulance Service, Hospital i and Clinical Assistance, Radio Cpcration and Repair. . A 1 A Local Publications: None. , L 1 _ A - . . A A LF