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9 > Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Mason County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

Q w v5 - I, tg Boy Scouts of America, Northern Kentucky Council (ContinuedO lib Purpose: To~train boys in character building, first aid, and citizenship. C- lEnt;pivic Activities: Cooperate with civic enterprises of public interest. rj DefenseQActivities: Interested in Collection of Scrap Metals and Other hotels, is Collecting Books. } Local Fublications: None. _ EUSINQSS ALJ IRCFESQIOLAL '.`, OEQ*'S CLUB (Kentucky Federation of Business and Professional Honcn*s Clubs), c/o Ethel Griffin, l45 East Third Street, Lats- | ville. Founded 103l. rresident, Ethel Griffin. Telephone 269-J. Secretary, i` Bess Hauer, l&O Zbst Ihird Street. Telephone 456. Terns expire June, 1945. I Hentership; $5. Cpcn to business and professional women. _ Comni tees: Health, Mildred =_~ Ellis, Forest Avenue; International Relations, ` i Doris Yan Uinkle, Tbst Second Street; Public Affairs, Lillian Hardyman, ' Forest Avenue, all of Maysville. Purpcse:>To further better business standards for women engaged in business C _ and tic professions. Also general public welfare. I Normal Civic ActivitiesE Built andneintsins Tuberculosis Cabin. Cooperates i vnth.;:lh fund for underprivileged children. Assisted Cancer Control and Red E Cross drives. L l _ B . . . . , , . N . 1 v . . . , _. 5 Lercnse Activities; Interested in sewing ana rrepuration Ol Surgical Lrcssings, { 1 =*** *:1 :* . . _ i ned Cross Assistance, Eirst Aid, Collecting Books. E Local Publications: None. ` ,__ I I- . '. I I . I iQ CENTRAL GRAOYD GCHOCIU PALEETTnACHEK AGeCCl1T1CU (State and National Conv i _,l grceses of P. T. A.), c/o Irs.'Goorgo Duley, 157 nest Second Street. Ways- {_ ville~ Founded 19ZG. President, hrs. Ceorgc Dulcy. Term expires June, IOAE. e Nemborship; 20. Open to parent or teacher attending school. p Committees} Tone reported. _ Furposc To maintain closer relations lotwccn the hmwc, school and church. . Normal Civic Activities: Materiel cid to underprivileged school children. It Defense Activities; Interested in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical Dress- ii ings, Child Care. _ . I local Publications; fone. A ` ` V i .