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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1910-02-may31.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUES OF T1E BOARD OF TUSTEES - Regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of State University of Kentucky, held at the office of the President, Gymnasium Building, Lexington, Kentucky, beginning May 31st, 1910, at 10-30 A.M. In the absence of Governor Willson, upon motion of President Patterson, duly seconded and carried Mr. C. M. Clay was elected temporary chairman, and took the chair. The roll call showed the following: Present: Messrs. Atkinson, Carpenter, Clay, Edelen, Nichols, Patterson, Stoll, Terrell, Turner, White, Walker, Cox, Wathen end Regenstein, 14 Absent: Messrs. Willson, Smith, Davies, Barker, 4 There being a quorum present business was proceeded with. Upon motion of Mr. Walker duly seconded and carried all absentees were excused. At this point Prof. Lewis, of the Sue Bennett Memorial School, of London, Kentucky, came before the board and made a statement about the establishment of a branch school of the College of Agriculture, at said school, and asking the Board to make provisions by which such a school at London would be supplied from the University with an instructor in agriculture. After informal discussion between Prof. Lewis and the members of the Board, Mr. Stoll offered the following resolu- tion: Provided the suggestion of the Committee on Budget is adopted relative to the re-organization of the Agricultural College, I move that the question of co- operation with the Sue Bennett Memorial School, be referred to the executive Committee, with power to act. Said motion was duly seconded by Judge Terrell, and carried. Mxay 31, 1910